Aristotle thought that the octopus is a dumb animal but on the contrary, many are contradicting this claim and found that the octopus is one of the most intelligent sea creatures.  We can even see videos of the octopus that can open a screw top jar to get inside!  The octopus is an invertebrate creature but its EEG shows a pattern that is similar to a primate which is astounding and a mark of its intelligence as well.

An octopus symbolizes mystery, intelligence and diversity.  We see the octopus’ tentacles in Greek mythology through the severed head of Medusa.  While the Kraken is the legendary sea monster that is popular in Greenland and Norway.  Either way, the octopus has charmed many and if you know someone who shares the love and passion for octopus then we do strongly recommend for you to check out our listings of great octopus gifts that are inspired and themed by the cool animal below.

Cute Octopus Plush

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Having a bad day? Let this cute looking octopus plush cheer you up! Your favorite octopus is now a huggable plush that can cheer you up and brighten up your day even during your moodiest state. This cute octopus plush measures about eight inches tall and ten inches wide for that perfect cuddle! This cute octopus gift is filled with cotton thread that is very soft to touch.

Kawaii Octopus Plushie

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Octopus is just head and tentacles for some but for those who love this creature the mere sight of it can make one’s heart flutter. This Kawaii octopus plushie is the great gift idea for your octopus loving friend. Any octopus lover can put this plushie on their desk, on their bed or anywhere they wish to check out their favorite animal on earth! The Kawaii octopus plushie is handmade and you could visibly check the intricate details on it. You have the option to choose from Mit Brille and Ohne Brille too.

Octopus Toilet Paper Holder

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A nautical theme bathroom is achievable through this eye catchy and one of a kind octopus toilet paper holder. Who says that toilet paper holders are just boring and plain? Apparently, this octopus toilet paper holder will make you look at toilet papers differently after all! Enjoy the daring octopus on its classical and rustic version through this octopus toilet paper holder. This octopus toilet paper holder is created in astounding detail which measures eight and quarter inch wide and seven and half inch tall. This is a perfect house warming gift or a just because gift for the octopus follower you have on your list.

Octopus Whimsical Hanging Lamp

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Make your living room be an eye catchy one with this breath taking octopus whimsical hanging lamp. This octopus lamp will not only give you an aesthetic and nautical feel in your home but it is also a conversation starter for sure! This one of a kind lamp is made of poly resin in gold paint with noticeable vintage twisted electrical cord made of fabric. You can also put this octopus lamp in any part of the house that you wish to grace with the beauty of an octopus. By the way, this lamp is handmade and is made only by the seller so you can’t see this in stores around. The octopus is five and half inch tall while the tip to tip of the tentacle is twelve inches wide.

Octopus Night Lamp

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A dark room maybe scary for most of us especially for the kids. You can illuminate a dark room especially during the night through this octopus night lamp. The octopus night lamp is not your ordinary night lamp because aside from its noticeable octopus design, this night lamp changes its color automatically! The color change of this octopus night lamp is on a seven color changing mode that is not only good for illumination but also for entertaining the observer. These octopus gifts are connectable through USB port which gives you the convenience to plug it almost anywhere!

Octopus Mug

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It’s very hard to wake up in the morning especially if you not a morning person, just like me! Well, I get through the drooling part of waking up by thinking of my favorite aromatic coffee and as well as my favorite mug. Make any octopus lover be energized to drink their favorite beverage through this eye catchy octopus mug. As you could see, this mug is indeed a unique coffee mug which is perfectly designed for the octopus lover. This octopus mug is handmade, hand painted and is made with superb intricate details for your delight! This octopus coffee mug comes in green with a secondary color of blue but for those who love pink, then we have this pink octopus mug for you!

Octopus Hook

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Hanging our coat, hat or even our car keys on a hook is just a plain and ritual thing we do every day. You can change it by having six more hooks in a fashionable and entertaining way through this one of a kind octopus hook! This octopus hook houses six hooks for your convenience. Plus this octopus gives the octopus lover a boost with every sight of this charming piece! This octopus hook is a space saver too since it is only six inches wide and five inches high. Make hanging an easy task and make it stylish too through this octopus hook.

Double Pearl Octopus Tentacle Ring

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Rings are usually dressed in plain designs and if you are one of those who are looking for something unique then this double pearl octopus tentacle ring is the best one for you! This double pearl octopus tentacle ring is a handmade ring with a beautiful rendition of the octopus. This double pearl octopus tentacle ring is made in 0.925 sterling silver with a 20 mm wide top, the ring band measures two millimeters wide. This octopus ring can be bought in blackened silver and in a high polished version too.

Black, White and Teal Tentacle Earrings

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A pair of earrings is not just a piece of jewelry to beautify your ears but you can also use this as your fashion statement as well. This pair of teal tentacle earrings is an ombre version of octopus tentacles. It gives the impression of teal fake plugs too. This pair of teal tentacle earrings measures over two inches. You can even customize the color of this pair of earrings to your liking as well, just don’t hesitate to contact to seller for more information. You can wear this pair of tentacle earrings on parties, on a daily basis or as you like! Those with allergies can also wear this pair of earrings too since it is hypoallergenic because the fake gauges are made from surgical steel posts.

Octopus Vintage Necklace

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The octopus is such an eye catchy creature maybe because of its huge head and the long tentacles but its beauty is indeed a mesmerizing sight to see. The charming façade of the octopus is captured in this vintage necklace. This octopus vintage necklace is a handcrafted jewelry that is set in a thirty millimeter black bezel made of metal which uses a printed octopus photo captured in a glass for enhancement. The chain measures up to twenty four inches and this is in black color. You can wear this in almost any outfit you may have, to give that octopus touch on your wardrobe!

Octopus Necktie

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The office is not the place for wearing bold outfits and the like since it is a workplace, decent attire or formal wear are expected from the employees. Although you are working in the office, you can still add a touch of the beauty of an octopus through this octopus necktie. Your office suit could have a nautical feel through this tie! You can choose from various colors from the list to match your favorite suit for the day. This can be a fantastic octopus gift idea too for those whom you would like to surprise and for those whom you know loves the kraken just like you!

Octopus Scarf

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The deep blue sea is the house of the sea creatures that gives us the breath taking admiration of nature with every glimpse. One of which that captured many hearts is the sophisticated looking octopus. You can be haunted by the long tentacles and big head of this cephalopod. And to give you the feel of being wrapped around its tentacles is by putting this octopus scarf on your neck and shoulder. This octopus scarf is an adorable scarf that you don’t get to see every day. This one of a kind scarf features the beauty of the octopus. This octopus scarf is made of polyester and is seventy inches long. The octopus print is done flawlessly on this scarf and the very soft material this scarf has given the wearer extra enjoyment and cuddle feels as well. Scarves like these make great octopus gifts for the fashion-inclined.

More Octopus Gifts

Octopus Hair Barrette

Give your hair a different kind of aesthetic through this octopus hair barrette.  This octopus hair barrette is inspired by the steampunk pirate octopus.  The nautical and piratical theme of the steampunk world is captured on this one of a kind hair barrette.  You can enjoy this different kind of hair barrette and be a head turner as you wear it too!  This octopus hair barrette measures six and quarter inch wide and over four inches tall with a hair stick that stands proud at seven inches.  This antique color of this octopus barrette gives it an extra rustic feel too.

Octopus Yoga Pants

Who says that yoga pants should be boring and plain?  You can make a difference by wearing this octopus yoga pants.  You can show your love for your favorite creature through this uniquely designed pair of yoga pants.  This pair of yoga pants gives you the nautical feel even as you exercise and flex your muscles.  This one of a kind pair of yoga pants is a charming addition to your fitness wardrobe and gives you the feeling of being close to your favorite octopus as well.  The octopus yoga pants comes in different sizes from small to extra-large.