The otter is a semi aquatic animal that is often seen eating fish.  For the Native Americans, they believe that the otter is a symbol of initiation because of its fluid movement.  For the Asian legends, they believe that the otter is symbol of high sexual drive.   For the otter fanatic out there, they may care less with the meaning it unfolds but just with the mere sight of it makes them happy.  You can never go out of style with the otter!   We found some incredible finds below that you would surely enjoy!  Check out our listing of handpicked otter gifts that will wow any otter lover out there!

Sea Otter Plush

An Otter Gift for Kids and Adults, Too!

Having a bad day?  Let this sea otter plush brighten up your gloomy day with its charm.  This sea otter plush is made with realistic styling that captures the charming beauty of a sea otter.  This one of a kind plush is made with high quality materials.  You can hug it all you want or just display it on your room or even in your desk.

Rolly Pet Plush

This Rolly Pet is only five inch high but it can melt your heart into pieces with its cuteness.

This Rolly pet otter plush is very soft and ideal for cuddling and is the perfect gift for any otter lover out there!



Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be An Otter

Keep it real and always be yourself unless you can be an otter!

This funny shirt speaks out on how you should be real unless you can be this amazing otter!  This funny otter shirt is made with one hundred percent cotton and comes in various sizes and colors to choose from.

You can wear this comfortably on a daily basis or on casual days at work and let them know your love for otters!

Significant Otter Socks

Otterly A Punny Pair of Socks!

Show your significant other the love you have for them by gracing their feet with this cozy and fashionable significant otter socks.

This pair of otter socks is made with the finest materials of cotton, lycra and nylon.  This pair of otter socks comes in various sizes that will fit women’s size from six to ten.

Cute Otter Shirt

Keep it simple and cute just like the infamous otter.  This cute otter shirt is just plain but is oozing with cuteness.  This cute otter shirt is made with the mix of cotton, polyester and rayon which gives a comfortable feeling when worn.

You can also wear it on a matchy kind like day with your baby by letting your baby doll wear this Cute Otter in Blue.

Otter Coin Purse

You don’t have to let your loose change and small items get lost along the way by keeping them in this cute otter coin purse.  This one of a kind otter coin purse is made with pure merino wool with black jewelry beads as the dazzling eyes of your favorite otter.  The lock is made with a kiss clasp that is carefully stitched on this beautiful otter coin purse.

Otter Charm Necklace

Be inspired and keep your favorite creature close to your heart everyday with this otter charm necklace.  This otter charm necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry which features your favorite otter.

This otter charm necklace also comes with a monogram of your recipient’s initial to make it more personalized.  You can choose the length of the necklace from sixteen inches up to twenty four inches.

Otter Necklace

This Shagwear’s Woodland inspiration necklace is themed with your favorite spirit animal which is no other than the great otter.  This is the perfect jewelry for any otter lover out there!

This otter necklace comes with an inspirational quote which says: “take time in your life to play” a simple quote that we often forget due to the hectic life schedule that we have on a daily basis.

This otter necklace is one hundred percent lead free and is perfect to use even on a daily manner.

Otter Earrings

Simplicity is beauty.  This saying is indeed real and is making actually a comeback in this era of the fashion industry.  Talk about jewelries, check out this simple yet rocking otter earrings.  This pair of otter earrings is simple yet eye catchy.  It can instantly draw you compliments and more!  This pair of otter earring is made with shrink plastic and the hook is mainly made of surgical steel which makes it safe to wear even with the most sensitive skin.  This pair of otter earrings comes in a gift box which makes it gift giving ready anytime!

Otter Cuff Bracelet

Be bold like an otter with this otter cuff bracelet.  This otter cuff bracelet is made with black otters in a silver background.  You can even put a secret message inscription inside the cuff bracelet as you like!  This otter cuff bracelet is perfect for your daily wear or even in cocktail dresses too.   The metal used in this cuff bracelet is hypoallergenic which is perfect with the most sensitive skin.  It even comes with a gift box when bought which makes it ready for gift giving anytime and anywhere!

Otter Jewelry Dish

You can now organize and keep your jewelries intact with this otter jewelry dish.  This otter jewelry dish is a beautiful ensemble of a cute otter laying down peacefully.

This otter jewelry dish is made of air dry clay that is carefully painted by hands.  This would be a perfect surprise for any otter lover out there!

Otter Cushion

Have a new snuggle buddy on your favorite couch with this otter cushion.    This otter cushion features your favorite spirit animal which is no other than the otter!

This otter cushion is one of a kind because it is made with super soft Vegan Suede.  You can easily fall in love with this cushion and any otter lover would adore this too!

I Love You Like No Otter!

You love your other half so much that you want to show it every day!

You can remind the love of your life with your great love through this ceramic otter mug.  This ceramic otter mug has the inscription of: I love you like no otter!

This also features two otters kissing which is such a precious sight to see, indeed!

Otter Pint Glass

Check out this otter pint glass, this would surely make your dishes look outrageously cool because of its otter design.  This otter pint glass is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a breeze!  This otter pint glass can accommodate up to sixteen ounce of your favorite cold beverage anytime you want it!