Madagascar is one of the best films that I could remember have featured this cute creature that we call penguin.  In the film, we could remember that there are four penguins who are smart enough to devise a plan to escape the Central Park Zoo so they could return to Antarctica.

Obviously, there were twists and turns and they were actually sort of the villain in the film but because of their cuteness, wittiness and evil schemes they have become lovable and even had their own film last 2014 entitled Penguins of Madagascar.  Films may be far from reality but penguins are also used to symbolize many characteristics because of their interesting features.

First of all, whenever we see a penguin it would remind us of someone wearing a suit and because of that we could say that a penguin can also symbolize elegance and sophistication.

Next, a penguin is a bird that can’t fly but although flying is not their thing it would not stop them from seeing things in new ways.  They tumble in the water happily and because of that we can say that penguins also symbolizes hope and for us to take that quantum leap of trust that we can make it no matter what.

If penguin is your favorite animal then you can have fun checking out these 12 penguin gifts from the list that we have prepared below.

Penguins in Love

Penguin Gifts for Valentine’s Day

When we talk about love, we can take some life lessons from the penguins.  Penguins are monogamous creatures.  The make penguin looks for the most beautiful pebble and gift it to the one they love.  Penguins celebrate whenever they see the one they love.  They dance and sing for each other to show their love.  This penguin art print show a pair of penguins who seem to hold hands and are in love.  You can gift this to your significant other to show that your love is just like how penguins are: truthful, monogamous and full of celebrations.  This penguin art print is a printed picture of penguins which is printed directly on an antique book paper which is really old since it was published around the 1800s.

Penguin Pebble Deluxe

Popping the big question to the one you love takes a lot of guts.  If you are not yet ready to pop the question to your muse but you can’t help but express your undying love to her then this penguin pebble deluxe would be a one of a kind way to show how much you care.  Penguins do gather during mating season and search for the right one to give the most beautiful pebble to.  Show your loved one that she or he is the right one for you by gifting this penguin pebble deluxe.  You can imprint the name of your loved one on the pebble.  You can also use this pebble as a prelude to your proposal as well.

Penguin Print Pillowcases

Bedroom Penguin Gifts

The spirit of penguins are is well represented in this interesting black and white themed penguin print pillowcases.  The set includes two cotton poplin pillowcases of 50 by 75 cm in size.  These pillowcases are made from cotton which makes it soft to touch and comfy to rest your head onto.

DIY Penguin Color Paper Lamp

Beautify your desk with this one of a kind penguin color paper lamp.  This penguin color lamp is handmade from high quality paper and with great penguin details.  Surprise your friends or office mates with your one of a kind desk lamp while showing off your crafting skills in this DIY penguin color lamp.  This crafting kit contains easy to follow procedure with a guide model to follow.  It comes with a variety of colors to choose from.  The crafting kit also includes a light bulb socket, some electrical cable with switch and a plug.  The bulb itself is not included and LED bulbs are most recommended to use.

Penguin Stud Earrings

Penguins are cute creatures that can make your ears glow more through this pair of penguin stud earrings.  This pair of penguin earrings are lovely looking penguins created using polymer clay.  You can wear this on a daily basis to show your much love for the friendly looking penguin.

Silver Penguin Ring

Penguin Jewelry as Present

This silver penguin ring band can show how much you care because as we know a penguin has a remarkable reputation when it comes to love and affection.  This penguin ring band measures 2mm wide while the penguin design measures 6 by 11 mm.  This is a stacking ring so other rings can be placed on top of it easily.  The silver penguin ring is hand crafted and comes with a sweet gift box when bought.

Penguin Infinity Loop

Penguin Fashion Gift for Women!

A scarf can add some sophistication to one’s outfit and to add some elegance why not put a penguin as a design?

This penguin infinity loop is a beautiful designed scarf that showcases the beauty of this mystical bird from the Antarctic region.

This scarf is made from polyester material that is very soft and lightweight.

Anyone gifted with this penguin infinity loop would be delighted to touch it and wrap it on one’s neck to add some zest on their outfit.

Funny Penguin Shirt

Funny Penguin Gifts for Kids and Kids at Heart!

It’s a known fact that being our own version is the best way to get through this lifetime.   This cool and funny shirt says that you should always be yourself unless you can be a penguin.  Well, come to think of it, yeah a penguin is a pretty cool alter ego for a change!  This shirt is made from 100 percent cotton and comes in different sizes and colors to choose from.  This would be a perfect gift for anyone who loves penguins so much!

Penguin Coffee Mug

To chill around is a nice leisure activity that we can do.  If you know someone who is fond of chilling out just like a penguin then this penguin coffee mug would be a great gift idea after all!

Chilling out means conserving one’s energy for some upcoming stressful and vigorous activity just like what penguins usually do!  This would be great for coffee lovers and penguin fans too!

Penguin Coloring Book For Adults

Cute Penguin Present for the Adults!

Life is full of stressors and you can’t always rely on desserts to pull you through since you would regret the added unwanted pounds afterwards.  A therapist can help if you got it over your head but we got a cheaper alternative and that is destressing through this penguin coloring book for adults.  This penguin coloring book for adults is an eighty two paged book filled with charming illustrations of penguins by various artists.  You can relieve your stress by adding some colors to the beautiful penguins at every page of this book.

Chez Max Penguin Thermos Water Bottle

Water is essential, we need it to hydrate our whole body not just to quench our thirst.  Kids are not big fans of water especially if it’s not cold to drink anymore.  Keep your kid’s water in perfect temperature as they like it best through this Chez Max penguin thermos water bottle.  The vacuum designed bottle makes the temperature of the water inside to last longer.  Plus the charming design of the penguin on this water bottle makes it appealing to the kids to drink more often.

Penny Penguin Flopsie

Penny penguin flopsie is a twelve inch plush toy that is too adorable to look at and too comfy to cuddle.  This would be a great cuddle buddy for the kids and even the young at heart!