There is creative gift wrapping and there’s outlandishly creative gift wrapping. If you are thinking of wrapping your gift in the most ridiculous manner ever, take some inspiration from these 10 people who got carried away in wrapping their gifts.

10. This person used a really large box for such a small gift.

Giant Gift Box and More Ourageous Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hahaha! I can only imagine the look in the recipient’s eyes when he sees his gift. To make this even more interesting, make the item heavier by adding some pieces of pillows inside. This also cushions the gift if you want to try this when you want to gift an electronic gadget. via Reddit user tmotom.

9. This one wrapped the gift card into a cat!

Wrapping Gift Card into a Cat and More Outrageous Gift Wrapping Ideas

Oh no! My little sister wrapped Fuzzles! Via Reddit user LordSatin.

8. This person was good at penguin origami gift wrapping.

Penguin Wrapping and More Ourageous Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wife will be very surprised the content was something electronic and flat and can be used to look at pictures of cats. (Hey that rhymed!) Via Reddit user na4iron1.

7. He got a bit more creative than usual and made a house for the gift.

House and More Ourageous Gift Wrapping Ideas 2

Now this is very creative! You can make a gift house to house your gift in. It looks cool and it can be re-used for another gift! Via Reddit user rainbowdashlovebacon.

6. How About a Santa Made of Gift Boxes?

Santa Gift Wrapping and More Outrageous Gift Wrapping Ideas

Too cool, too cool! Any adult who receives such gift will return to being a child! Via Reddit user mathius6

5. Who said cold, hard cash is a very boring gift?

Cold Hard Cash and More Outrageous Gift Wrapping Ideas

This person took cold, hard cash literally to the next level! Makes me want to encase my next cash gift in ice for the LULz next time I want to give money as a gift! Via Give Money Creatively

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4. Can you guess what fruit this is?

Cross and More Ourageous Gift Wrapping Ideas

This actually looks super cute! I think a pineapple (who would have guessed?) wrapped like this could be a very nice white elephant gift. What do you think? Via Reddit user luckypotato4.

3. Gifting a car to your college grad? They will never guess what your gift is.

Wrapped Car and More Outrageous Gift Wrapping Ideas

Some folks will give their college graduate a nice car to start their new life. If you are one of those parents (can you please adopt me?) you can wrap that car like the picture above. They will never guess what it is!

2. This person deserves props for making a chair gift to disguise an iPhone!

Wrapping iPhone into a Chair and More Ourageous Gift Wrapping Ideas
Oooh! nobody will suspect a thing if you did this the net time you gift something of high value! Via Reddit user thattonydanza.

1. Lastly, who would have thought wrapping a real live pet cat is possible?

This inspires me to wrap my gift for my niece, which is a guinea pig! Just kidding.