Hey man! I know you are looking for a customized V-day present for your lovely woman. Luckily, I have a list of the best personalized Valentines day gifts for her!

Personalized Shorts

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Lounge shorts are sexy! You know what is sexier? Lounge shirts that say your name. Yep, you can give your lovely lady a lounge short that says "I Love (Your Name)". She can wear these while lazing in the living room or while sleeping! This is made of cotton, so it very comfy!

Double Heart Necklace

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Such a pretty necklace! It is very girly and dainty. Your birthstones and your names can be added on each of the hearts for that declaration of an everlasting love. This is a really nice personalized jewellery present for your woman.

Custom Heart Bracelet

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Another jewellery you can customize for your girl! This bracelet features a super nice gemstone heart. It also has a charm that you can customize the engraving. You can use her initial on the front then your wedding date, her birthday or any significant date on the back of the said charm. Made in Italy!

Two Hearts One Love Couple's Ring

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Why not give her a ring with your names on it? This ring totally looks cute with the two gem hearts decorating the ring. This is for married and engaged couples, though. If you are dating, it is best to avoid rings because rings are always a signal for a proposal for marriage, unless you want to propose to her on V-day, which is totally fine.

Mr. and Mrs. Wine Glasses

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Because this set of wine glasses say "Mr" and "Mrs", this item is for married couples only. You can present these when you present your Valentine's night wine at home. maybe with a bathtub filled with nice bubble bath, some rose petals and scented candles. Romantic!

Heart in the Sand Frame

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This is a nice picture frame where you can put your happiest photo. The background is heart drawing on the sand, with your names written on the beach shore. It looks like you took the photo itself and wrote your names on the heart drawing. This is a cute picture frame you can display on your bedroom wall.

Custom Love Song

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This is a really nice experience gift. The guy from Songs from Scratch will need information about your woman and your relationship and he will transform those information into a song, words and instruments and everything! Just feed him info, add some specifics (pronunciation of names, the tempo of your song, etc.) and he will make the song! Awesome!

Personalized Teddy bear

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Push toys tend to cease to be children's toys when given by a man to woman. Why not give her a cute teddy bear with her name on it? She will be reminded of you when she hugs it at night. Get the large huggable ones.

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