Looking for PhD graduation gifts for your proud doctorate graduate? Here is a list of presents that shout, “CONGRATULATIONS!”.

Gifting is an inseparable part of our social fabric, and gifts play a vital role in our lives. Regardless of the occasion, the ultimate goal of giving gifts is to express your innermost thoughts and feelings to the receiver.

Do you have a friend or relative who has just graduated with a Ph.D. degree, and you want to gift them something as unique and mind-blowing as getting a Ph.D. degree? If yes, then this article can prove to be a guardian angel for you!

Scholars work like a Trojan for years just for having ‘Doctor’ added to their names. Earning a Ph.D. is an accomplishment incredibly worthy of extravagant celebration. Be a part of a Doctor’s exhilaration by presenting a thoughtful and memorable gift. Let’s check out some exclusive PhD graduation gifts options.


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Champagne has become a symbol of celebrating success. So, if you’re wondering what to get your beloved one for a graduation present, then this Champagne makes the ideal gift.

Popping the cork and toasting with this non-alcoholic sparkling white wine gives a royal experience. Its refreshing taste and fine lively bubbles of long duration contribute to the incredible sensory experience.

This wine is produced with the brut method and is carefully dealcoholized, making it a magnificent and versatile product with 0% alcohol. So, you can give it even to a teetotaler.

Amazon Gift Card

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Shop whatever you like without worrying about the bill amount! Yes, your Ph.D. graduate is going to feel the same with these gift cards. It allows the person to buy what they need or like, and it gives you the satisfaction of presenting a meaningful gift.

An Amazon Gift Card is simple for both the person gifting and the person receiving it. Buying this Gift card online is a simple process and hardly takes any effort. Moreover, they are not limited to sales during the festive and holiday seasons; they work all around the year.

This particular Amazon gift card comes in a graduation cap style box, making it a festive PhD graduation gifts.

A Nobility Portrait of Them

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Here is a PhD graduation gifts that stands out from every other and is a perfect fit for celebrating the milestone – A Noble Portrait. One’s portrait gifted by someone is the best form of compliment.

The graduation ceremony holds special memories, and a picture of a graduate in academic dress holding a degree captures those memories. You can immortalize the Ph.D. graduation picture like royalty with the help of a unique and personalized portrait painting. A portrait is a gift of love with legacy, not to mention the hilarity of it!

A Caricature Portrait of Them

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Who doesn’t want to see their reflection on a canvas?! It makes them feel special. And what if it has some fun element in it? The reaction on their faces will tell it all. It is the best gift you can give to people, and they will cherish it all their lives.

A customized caricature featuring people’s hobbies, professions, and personal attributes, will make a thoughtful and the most unique gift of all time. You can portray people’s personalities, interests, and habits (either funny or sentimental) humorously.

It’s a keepsake of affection and also a décor item. The receiver will be impressed and touched by your thoughtfulness if you present a personalized caricature cartoon.

This is probably one of the best PhD graduation gifts.

Business Card Holder

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No more creased or dirty cards! Give this high-quality PU leather business card holder to the recent graduate to keep the cards more organized and in a good condition. It is a highly stylish and professional accessory that will get the person more compliments.

It has a rich luster with built-in magnetic closure that is easy to open and close. This minimal card-holder is handy and does an equally great job even if one wants to stack the cards on the office table. The receiver of this gift would be impressed by the particularity that you maintain at a professional level.

"PHinisheD" PHD Mug

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Most people like to begin their day with a hot beverage, and that hot beverage has to go into a mug. In fact, Mugs are used throughout the day, from morning breakfast to evening break time. Just imagine how that special person would feel when drinking from a mug having his name and graduation date printed on it? It would make such a great start to their day!

It is a high-quality ceramic mug with amazing print quality that will never fade away. The size is also absolutely perfect. Moreover, it is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. By presenting this personalized mug, you’re telling someone that you have thought about their choice.

"Going Places" Necklace

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A compass symbolizes motivation and inspiration and shows you the way to follow your path. While the symbol is excellent for travelers, it is also an excellent symbol to give as a graduation gift to signify finding one’s future path.

A necklace is one of the most popular items to gift to a woman. This beautiful minimalist ‘Going Places’ necklace is the ideal way to incorporate the symbolism of compass into jewelry with style and elegance. The chain and pendant are made of sterling silver with a spring-ring closure.

Gourmet Gift Basket

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As they say “Food is the fastest way to the heart”. Surprise the foodie with a curated gift basket that lets you choose by region, diet, and food type. These Gourmet Baskets offer a range of care packages, including teas, soups, chocolates, baked goods, and alcohol. You may order a custom basket with a personalized message, or just choose from a selection of pre-arranged options.

These gift baskets feel personal and thoughtful present like they were curated especially for that special someone. It is an amazing and unique idea to make someone’s day great.

PhD Keychain

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Don’t miss the personalized keychains! Whether you have a smart key or a standard key, you need a key ring. Just peek into these personalized keychains for the recently graduated.

This unique handmade keychain is a perfect gift for a Ph.D. graduate. It has three discs made of copper, brass, and aluminum. You can add the name and degree of the person along with an inspirational message on these discs. That is why they are here to stay and are very useful too.

"Not That Kind of Doctor" Shirt

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Given the professional title Dr., there’s no way to differentiate between the holder of a philosophical doctorate and a medical doctor. It creates confusion, so, this ‘Not that kind of Doctor’ shirt is a way to acknowledge the profession and expertise cheerfully.

It is a lightweight, double-needle sleeved, and bottom hem shirt available in various solid colors. Your doctorate friend would have fun wearing this unique apparel, and your efforts wouldn’t go unnoticed.

This is a cute and funny PhD graduation gifts for any gender.

PhD Folded Book Art

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If you are thinking of buying a book for your Ph.D. graduate, give a little extra with the book. This unique and interesting piece of art is crafted by meticulously folding each page of the book to create a design. You can provide characters you would like folded.

Putting your head in such a unique present will show them that you have taken the trouble to go out of your way and create a meaningful present instead of visiting your nearest gift shop and get something clichéd.

"She Believed She Could… So She Did" Necklace

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Shop the style, modernity, elegance, and glamour with this beautiful necklace. This striking necklace is perfect to pair with your everyday attire or add elegance to your special outfit. The recipient will admire your expert and timeless taste.

This lovely handmade necklace is available in two materials: 14K gold filled and sterling silver. Necklace length is also adjustable from 16″ to 18″. You have the option to personalize a message card along with the necklace.

"PHinished" Shirt

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A funny humor doctoral graduation t-shirt makes a good gift for t-shirt lovers to boast of their personality. Salute their bright future and commemorate an important milestone in their life with this funky shirt. The graduate will love this high-quality PHinisheD shirt. You can choose the color and size as per your requirements.

Wall Art Map of Their Map

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A laser-cut wooden city map made of top-quality birch plywood is a stylish and original thing for a present for any occasion. So versatile and unique, it is the most beautiful element of décor and creates a statement about your style.

These maps can depict aerial views of towns and cities by accurately mapping out streets, parks, bridges, and rivers. Your beloved graduate will love this handsome keepsake. You can order the perfect custom map of any city or town of your choice.

Modern Flip Clock

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A unique clock is an excellent way to commemorate a special event in someone’s life. After many stressful years of academia, the adult graduate in your life has reached the pinnacle of success. This timepiece is a symbolic and metaphorical gift to recognize this unique moment in a Ph.D. graduate life.

This battery-powered flip clock frame is made of 304 stainless steel, which is fashionable and durable. The 12 hour AM/PM clock has a flip-down minute and hour display, which is easy to read, and makes it suitable for the living room, study, kitchen, and office, etc.

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