Plush slippers should never be just for children. Grown ups should have fun lounging around the room on lazy days when they do not have to work! Here are some crazy, cute and comfy plush slippers for adults.

Unicorn Plush Slippers

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"Be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn." - Gandhi

The same applies to slippers! Unicorns are the best. You bet unicorn stuff are the most beautiful. Why not wear these fancy unicorn slippers? They are very comfy and they make your feet feel magical!

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Freudian Slippers

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A Freudian slip is a blurted out word about your subconscious thoughts, especially sexual. A Freudian Slipper however is when you wear the famous Sigmund Freud on your feet! Psychologists and Psychology students will find joy in wearing the iconic psychoanalyst on their feet. So soft and cute and clever... oh look, Freud's tongue wiggles when you wiggle your feet, too!

Pokeball Slippers

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Ash uses a Pokeball!
Oh no! Ash hits Tauros with a pair of slippers!
Tauros ran away!

Ok, that scene might not really happen in Pokemon games, but this super nice Pokeball slippers are something a Pokemon Master should always wear when they are at home. Got someone who loves Pokemon so much? Go get them these cool comfy plush slippers!

I have also fund these Pokemon plush slippers:


Lego Plush Slippers

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Lego Slippers? That sounds painful! Ouch! But looking at it, it is a plush slipper, in the form of a Lego. Boys and gentlemen, this is THE pair of slippers for you. They are cool and comfy and it reflects your childhood. Heck, even Harry Styles was seen wearing one. (No kidding... actually, the feet in the picture are his feet. 1D fans, this is also for you!)

Stepping on a Lego has never been comfy. Until now!

Shark Plush Slippers

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When you walk wearing these shark slippers, they make the Jaws shark theme.... or maybe not. Maybe that was my imagination when I tested out these. Anyways, they look so nice and soft and cute. Who would have thought that you can wear a fierce hunter in your feet? They do not bite, I promise!

Dun dun dun dun.... There goes that Jaws theme again!

Narwhal Slippers

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Speaking of sea critters, you can also put these unicorns of the sea on your feet too! They are just too cute... and that smile can brighten anyone's day. These narwhal plush slippers are also warming, and comes with detachable USB hubs that you can plug into your computer or wall outlet to heat up tired cold feet! Cute, comfy and warming! What could you ask for?

Red Yoshi Plush Slippers

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Mario and Luigi ride Yoshi, you put them on your feet! The small dinosaurs of the Super Mario Bros. series also have a plush slipper form and this fire red Yoshi (They spit fireball! Cool!) could the be the coolest of the bunch of Yoshi slippers in Amazon.

Chewbacca Plush Slippers

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This ia a really nice gift idea for a Star Wars geek. Imagine, wearing Chewey on your feet? Too cute.

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Hey I found more Star Wars Plush slippers.. check these out.. so cute and geeky!

VaderStormtrooperBobba Fett

Poop Emoji

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Oh my god! This looks awesome! If you do not know yet, the poop emoji is my favorite emoji ever. My wife knows,.. I send her one everyday! Well, maybe I should buy her these comfy poop emoji slippers so she will be reminded how much I love her, eh?

But I digress. This poop emoji looks very cute and comfy! They are funny and your sleep over buddies will talk about your cute/funny/disgusting slippers!

Dinosaur Feet Slippers

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When wearing these, you can pretend you live in the Jurassic era while you get up from bed to have a midnight snack by hunting in the forest fridge. Guys who like comfy wearables: this is for you... they are soft and cute, but not too girly. And it is a big hit to the ladies! It is like pheromones in slippers form.