On the ninth year of marriage, couples usually give each other pottery presents. This is a traditional practice and giving themed presents to each other has a symbolic meaning. In case of pottery, something that’s weak is melded and shaped through the years, much like turning a piece of mud into a beautiful pot.

If you are a man looking for pottery wedding anniversary gifts for her, then look no further. Here are some ideas that fit the theme. Note that although you can find ideas here, this list is for wives. If you are looking for a gift for your man, check this article.

Here are some ideas for pottery wedding anniversary gifts for her:

Pottery Anniversary Gifts: Vases are a nice gift for her!

1. Let us start with the obvious: A decorative vase. You can get her these antique-looking, cracked-looking decorative vases.

2. A lamp with a base made of clay. This is a little something she can use when she want s to read beside you on the bed.

3. Pottery making kit. This is not the kid’s toy you see everywhere. This is the professional quality kind! This can create a nice bonding activity for the both of you!

4. Throw in the book, “Potter’s Bible“, too.

Pottery rose. This is one of the series of themed anniversary roses.

5. A pottery rose. Yes, such thing exists!

6. Ceramic statue. Something cool and decorative, like an elephant statue.

7. How about an anniversary plate? This looks super nice!

8. Clay woodwind instruments like a flute or an ocarina.

9. Clay dolls. No, these are not for playing but rater decorative ones. Your wife can put them at her work desk and be reminded of you.

10. Horsehair pots look really nice. You should take a look at them. Here is one from Etsy.

Real life face vase, a replica of the illusion of Rubin.

11. The fun filled Face Vase. Have you seen that face/vase illusion by Edgar Rubin? This makes it come to life.

12. This pair of beautiful clay wine cups. Very unusual looking but super gorgeous!

13. Clay candle holders…

14. or clay oil burners.

15. How about an old style clay oil lamp? You know the kind of lamp that mythical Genies are imprisoned in? Yep, that kind of lamp. they still make them!

16. Fondue for two set. making your first fondue on this is also quite romantic!

17. How about clay jewellery? I found these super cute clay earrings at Etsy.

18. You can also give her pottery bracelet. This looks beautiful and she can wear this on her casual days.

Decorative platter, one of the best pottery wedding anniversary gifts for her.

19. How about this decorative oval platter? Very beautiful indeed!

20. A cute cookie jar! Choose the ones made out of clay.

21. How about a clay trinket box? She use this to store all her keys, small jewellery, even coins.

22. A terra cotta bird bath. Especially if your wife loves looking at birds.

23. Earthen sugar and salt containers. They look so nice and they are eco-chic too.


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