Are you celebrating you 9th year anniversary? Congratulations! Traditionally couples give each other presents made of pottery on their ninth anniversary. Got any ideas? I have a few here.

Here are some pottery wedding anniversary gifts for him. Please take note that while you can get ideas for women in this article, this article is made to discover presents for the husbands. If you are a man looking for a gift for his wife, you should check out this article.

Clay wine goblets.

1. Clay wine goblets. These look unusually but really cool. And yes, you can actually drink from it! It won’t taste like dirt. :)

2. A clay sculpture. Look for an abstract sculpture, like dragons, warriors or a group of people, like this super unique musicians sculpture.

3. How about a decorative miniature potted plant? Something that he can put on his office desk. It looks nice and it purifies the air! Get him a cactus plant because it cactuses require the very little care.

4. How about some clay decors like a small clay pot or a clay animal figurine?

5. You can also get him is nice-looking clay flask. this is for decoration only and he cannot store is liquor here.

6. Here is an experience idea: Why not surprise your man to a trip to China, to the Terra Cotta Army? This tourist attraction houses more than 8,000 life-size terra cotta sculptures of soldiers, each having different details and poses.

Terra Cotta Army

A trip to see the Terra Cotta Army? That is a grand 9th year wedding anniversary gift!

7. How about a set of ceramic chess pieces? These look stunning… the downside is that there is no board for these.

Clay ocarina is a cool geeky pottery gift for your 9th wedding anniversary.

8. How about an ocarina? Your man will love this especially if he is a gamer geek, as this instrument is used in Zelda games.

9. If your husband smokes, you might want to give him this clay smoking pipe. So cool.

10. Pottery wheel for making clay pots. You both will have a fun time making this.

11. How about this super cute personal fondue mug? Perfect for solo or sharing!

12. Chinese clay tea set.

13. A cool heat changing mug. For my geekiest picks, you can check out this article.

Earthen shaving cup.

14. Pottery shaving mug, just like the one in the picture. This is a little something your man can use while he is shaving!

15. A large cookie jar for him to store his munchies.

16. 9th anniversary plate. You can grab one at Zazzle. You can even customize it further in the site. Perfect for those who love to customize their gifts.

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