When we need to sue someone (which, admit it, happens quite often) we got to your trusty lawyer. If you have a lawyer who just won you a case and want to thank them or had someone get promoted to judge or have a law student graduate and pass the board exams, you might want to give them a thoughtful present. Check out this list of nine great gift ideas for lawyers.

These gift ideas are funny, useful and classy. Your lawyer will be happy!

Law School in a Box

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This funny cards set is a crash course in law. It is much like a tongue-in-cheek university law course! It has mini textbook, ‘heroes of the courtroom” and “you be the judge” cards. It also a mini bar exam and a faux diploma! This is a great gift idea for the law student or a lawyer. So cool!

Book of Lawyer Cartoons

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Your lawyer friend will definitely be attracted to this very funny book. Because most lawyer humour requires visuals (maybe that was the reason they used cartoonists not photographers in courtrooms) this cartoon book is perfect for your lawyer. This can be read in one sitting, but re-reading is always fun after a while. This can also be a good coffee table book at a lawyer’s house.

Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug

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This is a great gift idea for the legally opinionated, like your lawyer! The mug has the Bill of Rights written all over it, but like congress, hot water makes these bills go away… slowly… No really just like magic, but like congress! This mug can contain 10 ounces of coffee to make your lawyer do legal stuff faster with more energy.

Legal Decision Paperweight

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When deciding for legal moves gets tough, do what is considered to be the wisest: ask mom! Well, at least it is what this funny decision making paperweight is for. It is the magic 8 ball for lawyers! This is a great gag gift idea for lawyers who are in the higher, deciding position. This fun gift idea spins smoothly and has quite a few decisions available: the infamous “ask mom”, guilty, not guilty, plea bargain, lie and so much more! Fun!

Law Scales Clock

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One of the symbols of law: the scales. While most of similar product are just paperweights, this law scales is also a clock. This weighted clock can both act as a décor, a cock and as a paperweight. This is perfect for lawyers who have quite a few paper works on their hands. Take note that this law scales clock measure 3 inches across and 3 inches high.

Legal Sticky Notes

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Now I know why lawyers are so unorganized. Who want to make everything efficient when you are earning around 500 buck an hour right? This Legal Sticky Notes might or might not help your lawyer friend get organized. But one thing is for sure, this set of sticky notes have quite a few sticky notes for all types of sticky legal situations.

Lawsuit Board Game

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Lawsuit is a law-themed board game. When his family is bored, your lawyer friend can whip this one out and play board game. This legal themed game is a perfect representation of his profession and he can even teach his kids a thing or two while playing. Training for the next generation of lawyers, perhaps?

Lady Justice Statue

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This Lady Justice Figurine is beautiful and detailed and it measures a foot high. This is a great table top decoration for the lawyer’s desk. This is a great gift idea for someone who just graduated from law school or someone who just passed the bar exams to inspire them to strive to progress some more. This is inexpensive but does not look cheap at all.

"Talk is Cheap…" Shirt

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If you ever had a consultation job with a lawyer, you will relate to this. This super funny shirt that says “Talk is cheap, until you have to talk to a lawyer” is super funny because it is based on truth. Your lawyer friend will surely snort out a laugh or two when he sees the punch line of this statement shirt. This shirt is made of comfy cotton and can come in different colour and sizes for both men and women.

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