Being a mom is a full time job, no day offs given and no certain time frame or binding agreement up to when you will be a mom to your child.  It is exhausting and stressful but mom is indeed a super mom!  On Mother’s Day, try to let mom loosen up and have some R and Rs.  These gifts are, however also appropriate for her birthday or just because you want mom to relax! She has done a good job and a little me time for her would be highly appreciated.

After you are done with this list, you can check out the stocking stuffers for rest and relaxation. I know those are for Christmas, but they are actually applicable for any occasion.

You can never go wrong with any of our relaxing gifts for mom below:

100% Natural Cotton Washcloths

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The 100% natural cotton washcloths would be perfect to touch and is very soft and supple on the skin. Mom would feel rejuvenated with every use. It comes in packs of 24.

Plush Slippers

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Tired feet and overworked legs are very common to busy moms. If you want mom to relax on mother’s day or in any special occasion, it would be a great idea to give her plush slippers. This pair of plush slippers are very soft to the feet plus the cute and charming unicorn design would certainly brighten up her day every time she sees them.

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Cotton Kimono Robe

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Whenever we are home, we always love to wear clothes that are lose for us to relax. Sometimes we just like to wear undies and cover with a robe throughout the day, especially if we are not expecting any visitors.

Moms are fond of this habit. On Mother’s Day why not gift mom a beautiful cotton kimono robe. This is so comfortable to wear plus the design is also superb, she would somehow feel like a Japanese geisha a home with this robe.

Mommy Needs Sleep Shirt

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As the tag of the shirt suggests, mommy needs sleep! She can get some snooze easily by wearing this comfortable sleepshirt. No need to tell mom to relax, she knows how she could do so by taking some sweet long hours of sleep.

Bath Bombs

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Going to the spa is relaxing indeed but mom can’t go to the spa every day because of her mommy duties plus work or school. Well, you can let mom to relax by gifting her these fabulous bath bombs. She can detoxify and feel rejuvenated with every bath time as she just let a bath bomb diffuse its aromas as it melts.

Microwave Rice Bags

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Mom is very active at home, at home and wherever she goes. At the end of the day, when her energy is drained, pain comes next. You can help mom to relax and let her pain go away by giving her some microwave rice bags. These bags are perfect to let mom take care of her aching back, neck or any other body part. With its instant warmth, pain would certainly go away and mom would certainly be relaxed.

Meditation Audio

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Meditation audio like calm and healing music soothes the tired spirit. It gives the listener a relaxing feeling that would feel like a full night of deep sleep. You can gift mom to relax on mother’ day, this gift idea can also be given in any special occasion it might entail since we all know that mom needs to relax every once in a while.

Knitting KIt

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Every day is a struggle for a mom. She is the major shock absorber in the family and that there plenty of ideas running around her head. Let mom to relax on mother’s day by gifting her a knitting kit for her to clear up her head. After finishing this easy to make knitting kit, she would learn a new hobby and have a gorgeous scarf too!

Tea Samplers

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Nothing beats the warm and relaxing aroma of your favorite tea. It relaxes your tired soul with every sip. Surprise mom on mother’s day by giving her a box full of her favorite tea flavors and blends. This world of tea is comprised of 15 tea bags, three of each blend: Bombay Chai, African Solstice, Sencha, Estate Darjeeling, and Moroccan Mint. Mom would certainly be relaxed after trying each of these tea bags. Better gift this package of world of teas together with a beautiful ceramic cup with tea infuser. Mom would definitely have a spa like feeling with every sip!

Magazine Subscription

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I remember my mom as being my main source of showbiz gossips and trends. Moms are fond of the entertainment industry and personally my mom gets her scoops from her magazines. On mother’s day, help mom to relax and surprise her with a magazine subscription of her favorite magazine. As we know, magazines are like the female’s bible because it has almost everything that we would want to read from gossips, latest fad diet, best exercise, money making tips, sex advice and more.

A Nice Massage

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When it comes to relaxation, we must admit that the first thing that would come to mind is to have a massage. On mother’s day, treat mom on the spa and let her to relax by gifting her this deep tissue massage experience. Every aching muscle of her would be given enough therapy and she would be totally relaxed after the session.