Are you looking for the perfect gift for a retiring woman that is close to you? Maybe it is for your mother, sister, friend, or a co-worker, but we all know that a retirement gift for them must be extra special, because we owe these women so much. They are probably the ones that has to juggle careers with pregnancy during the heights of their careers and for them to reach this far in life is an awesome feat that deserves a lot of appreciations and love.

After all, what would we do without them? The women who have managed to raise children while contributing in whatever form for the careers that they have, which means double service for the society that they live in, so scroll down below and see the gift that would let them know just how much they are worth for you!

Here are our suggestions for retirement gifts for women.

Retirement Tiara

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Every woman is a queen in their own right and for someone who is retiring; it would be both funny and flattering to receive a crown of some kind, especially during party during your send-off. It would be amazing to have her crowned right in front of everybody whom she served and worked with for most of her life. Also, it would trigger a lot of picture taking that you can post in your instagram and cause a lot of good natured laughter that would make any retirement party a moment to remember! Such a fun retirement gifts for women.

"I'm retired" Sash

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Together with a crown, you cannot miss this chance to give her a sash that is apt for the occasion. Not only would she laugh at receiving a crown and sash, it would surprise her because it’s so unique to get a sash as simple gift, but it would certainly add to her delight and the delight of everyone that is sending her off during the retirement party. Also, you are giving her the chance to feel like a beauty queen and the thing is, she totally deserves the award and so much more for all of her efforts in her career that probably propelled an entire company forward.

Retirement Mug

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It’s so usual and common to give someone a mug for almost any occasion but although it may seem clichéd, you should still get her this statement mug among other gifts and surprises, because she would be spending more time at home now and every little bits of reminder from her career would surely put a smile on her face. Whenever she is drinking a cup of coffee in the morning until sipping water late night, she would be reminded that she is deeply appreciated and that she definitely left a mark behind.

"I'm Retired, You're Not" Shirt

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Retirement is something to be proud of, because it is an indication that you have done so much work in life and achieved great success in your chosen field so now you are resting and letting the younger generation take over. So let her announce to the work that she is a retired lady with this shirt that has soft fabric and beautiful colors. Yes, there are different colors available so you can choose one to suit her personality or her favorite color. She can even wear this anywhere such as for a comfortable travel, while chilling at home, or getting a good night’s sleep.

Abalone Leaf Pendant

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Every woman loves jewelry even if they don’t wear as much. Something so pretty and meaningful would definitely touch her heart and she would not only be receiving a necklace, since it comes with a greeting card that reads: “A Season of Joy. As you end one season and begin anew, keep your sight on joy, and focus on YOU. May you find joy and happiness in all that you pursue." Make sure to give her a tight hug when you are with her as she opens the gift because she might start getting a little teary-eyed. Oops!

Vera Wang's Princess Perfume

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Well, tell her that even with age, she should never lose touch with the princess that lives inside her, the person who has a lot of hopes and dreams, because even with retirement, there is so much she can do in order to make her time worthwhile. Also the fruit, floral scent would be rejuvenating and would make her feel younger all over again. Perfumes make awesome retirement gifts for women. Super useful too!

Recharging Lotion

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After juggling career and building family, you might be seeing her with exhausted circles under her eyes and all the work might be leaving her skin a little dehydrated. After all, she might not have the time to eat healthy food when she can just have fast food and all because she is taking care of us, she barely has the time to exercise. So, give her this recharging lotion that would immediately hydrate her skin due to its “molecular age-less complex” using the Aqua Tron technology.

Wheeled Luggage

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Women almost always have a purse in their hands no matter how many bags they already have, because how can she ever put down those beauty essentials, right? They are also used to fixing things so their hands are almost never free such as fixing your dad’s collar, petting that fluffy dog or cat, and carrying a cute toddler that has lost its way in the airport. So for less hassle and worry for her, give her a wheeled luggage for all of her future travels because retirement means exploring places and kicking off that bucket list!

Everlasting Rose

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Women love flowers. It’s actually unexplainable how females are drawn to flowers of almost any kind, maybe because it has been drilled to them since childhood that flowers are a special gift for women, something that belongs to them in some way, and no matter the age, women feel touched when given a flower. But it would be better to give her a rose that would never die, just like this silver metal rose that is even packaged with silver-colored tin capsule!

Shawl Wrap For Women

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Since she might have a lot of travel plans in motion, she would appreciate receiving a scarf as a retirement gift, because it’s going to serve her a lot of use such as to abate the cold, counter the wind, and simply as an accessory so that she would always be picture-ready and instagramable! Also, because this is quite lightweight, she can even wear it even in warm places.

Handcrafted Embossed Leather Journal

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Sometimes, the possession of diary is associated with the female population, but most often than not, this is quite true. Women, in general, loves to write about their experience sin a detailed manner and are more nostalgic than the other gender, but this makes all the more charming, because you know that every memory is treasured in their hearts. Thus, you might want to get her a handcrafted journal so that she could record her experiences after retirement and all of the adventures that has yet to come in her life.

Polaroid Camera

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This would be a perfect partner gift with the leather journal, since she can paste Polaroid pictures in the journal minutes after taking it. This means that memories are very much kept safe and the adventures she is experiencing would not only remain in her mind and heart, but also recorded down like a legacy, something that immortalizes her and her life forever. Vacation essentials make the most symbolic retirement gifts for women.

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