Oh man! I know how you feel! Women would want to receive something very romantic for Valentines day but  men usually have no idea what to give. Worry not, buddies. I have listed twelve super romantic Valentines day gifts for her. Enjoy!

A Bouquet of Flowers

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I know! This is a classic, but still very effective. The secret to getting a cheaper bouquet of flowers in Valentines day is to find a reputable florist online then preorder at least half a month before the event. It can save you half the price of the flowers. Anywho, you should get a bouquet of fresh fragrant flowers: wildflowers, stargazers, white lilies. Roses are a classic choice, but they do not have nice natural scent unlike the flowers I mentioned. The first thing she will do when you give the bouquet is smell it, so might as well make the experience more pleasurable.

With the flowers, you can add...

Chocolate Truffles

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You can add chocolates to your flowers! This is the tried-and-tested one-two punch that makes the ladies swoon. Get an old fashioned heart shaped boxed truffles. If you are a chocolate lover too, this is a gift what will give back because she will share this will you!

Breakfast in Bed

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Getting up early and preparing a sumptuous breakfast for your significant other: it speaks of true love! For Valentine's day, why not wake up earlier than usual and prepare a nice breakfast for her? Maybe use the waffle maker on the picture to create heart shaped waffles with strawberry syrup, some heart shaped bacon, sunny side up eggs and some coffee? This will brighten her day, ready and anticipating your Valentine's evening date.

120 Languages "I Love You" Necklace

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This gorgeous necklace is so creative! On a quick look, it is a necklace with a blue gem and a yellow heart. Cute! This however holds a really cool secret. You can use included magnifying glass to see that the gem has a bunch of "I Love You" in 120 different languages! Now that is romantic.

Gorgeous Dangling Gem Earrings

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A really nice set of drop earrings that she can wear on formal occasions, especially cocktail events. Ask her to wear these on your romantic Valentine's Day dinner! These gorgeous earrings will be a nice addition to her jewellery collection.

Large Jewellery Box (Add a Love Letter Inside!)

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Add this if you have given her lots of jewellery in the past. Add a handwritten love letter to her inside, but do not tell her about it. You will score more romantic points if she finds the letter days after Valentine's day!

Firefly in a Jar

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Super nice looking especially when you present a few at night. Here is an idea: buy ten to twelve of these and then invite her to a candle lit dinner, decorated with these firefly jars and some romantic mini-lights. She will love it!

Couple's Shirts (Don't Go Bacon My Heart, I Couldn't If I Fried)

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Why not buy a couple's shirts? This is especially nice if you both go on a day event such as a hot air balloon ride (to be mentioned later) or a picnic for Valentine's day. I actually laughed at how cute and funny this pair of couples shirts is. This shows a bacon and fried egg on each of the shirts, with the text, "Don't Go Bacon My Heart" and "I Couldn't If I Fried" you sang that, didn't you? I sang too.

Experience Valentines Gift: Massage for Couples

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A trip to the spa... every woman's dream. Women expect to be romanced and pampered on Valentine's day and this does exactly that. You might enjoy it too if they offer couple's massage. I am a guy and do enjoy massage if they do a Swedish on my back.

Experience Valentines Gift: Gondola Ride for Two

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There is something about the river and the boat that makes it so romantic! The experience becomes oven more special when the boatman sings.

Experience Valentines Gift: Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two

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Going up in the air, just the two of you (well, three, including the man who propels the balloon) and seeing the view from above... so romantic! She will also feel jittery because of the adrenaline rush, it is like your first date over again!

DIY Valentines Gifts for Her: Heart Strings

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For a DIY gift, you can stick a bunch of nails on a heart shape and attach strings to different points of the nails. The end result is a stunning piece of art that you made for your lovely woman. This video on how to make this beautiful DIY Valentine's Day gift for her.

More Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Her!

You can also give her sexy valentines gifts. Also, the concept of five senses gifts is becoming a trend. Check out this five senses gift ideas for her.