How to save money on a birthday party without skimping on the fun? Here are some ideas.

Yay! It’s that time of the year again and all the spotlights of the entire city are focused on you and your birthday hat, but after the big ends and the hype comes down, are you sure that you would not be weighed down by regrets because, maybe, just maybe you got carried away?

Birthdays only happen once a year (unless you want to celebrate 365 days?) and sometimes, we do get carried away, because we want our celebration to be grand and special and simply different from what we think as ordinary days.

However, money does not come easy either, unless you are part of the Royal Family or the children of Bill Gates, so if you aren’t, then you better watch out all of that money that you keep pulling out of your pocket without a thought for the consequences later on.

There are even times that it’s not our birthday that we are planning, but the birthdays of a close friend, a family member, a pet, or our children, and we go all out because gee, we love them to death and they deserve an awesome day. But hold that credit card, because there are ways for you to save money and have an awesome day! You’re doubtful? Check out the ideas listed below!

Plan it Way Ahead

What? You’re not good at planning? Well, it’s not really rocket science contrary to what you think, so whether you are the celebrant or you are just the one in charge of the party for the celebrant, having a well-thought-out plan can help you save a lot of money on birthday parties.


Well, first if you are planning then it means that you are going to do some research, thus you would be able to compare the prices and the advantages of each type of celebration.

Second, planning does not make you anxious enough to just order anything you see around or whatever comes first to your mind, because you got time to think about it, so impulsive buying is totally out. When the birthday is tomorrow, you are in a state of panic so you would be throwing money around just to get it done and so you would have more expenses.

Lastly, it costs less when you are going to make a booking because discounts are applicable when the date is not tomorrow. For example, you choose an out of town, you can book at the year-end sale because that hotel would cost almost 70% less than when the date is just around the corner.

List Down Your Budget

So maybe you have written down the plan and you are so amazed because you are far too awesome at planning a birthday, you almost want to make it a career. But take a look at the budget, did you really manage to save or do you just think so?

Thus, it is probably wise to list down a budget. Get a notebook, set your maximum limit of spending, and list down the materials you needed based on your plan, then beside it, list down the prices.

Once you are already buying all of these or paying off people for whatever you need, check it off and then lists down additional expenditures as well, such as the factors involved in getting these materials, including gas, tips, and so on. It is going to help you a lot in saving money on birthday expenses.

Set a Simple Birthday Theme

Come on, you won’t be able to save money on birthday parties if you want to go all out in a Game of Thrones-themed birthday! Just imagine the cake that you need to get for that, it has to be elaborate and customized and so it would cost a whole lot more than the ordinary cake.

Also, the costumes would cost you monumental bleeding out. Your bank account would have a heart attack at hearing that you have chosen an ambitious party theme.

So please keep it simple, something that is achievable with the budget that you have, because it would just make you sad if it all ends up in failure because you got no more money to back it up.

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Handmade Decorations

So maybe it’s safe to say that a Frozen-themed birthday is going to cost less than the Game of Thrones one and whoever is seating at the back judging the adult birthday celebrant with a Frozen-themed birthday can totally go now because everyone deserves a Disney party no matter the age!

Okay, so don’t go to the nearest cosplay house or animation center in order to rent for the decorations, because you can just create one.

Be resourceful! It’s just snow so you can get those cotton balls, get some silver glitters, and then hang them all around the event’s place because the process of decorating the venue is as fun as the party itself. Try it!

Don’t Invite the Whole Country

So maybe you have millions of friends all over the country or the celebrant is a people winner, but you cannot invite everyone! Just send out invitations to those who are closest to you, not those who are merely an acquaintance or someone you meet for coffee like last year. And please this is not the time for you to be heartbroken so avoid inviting all of your past relationship partners.

Keep it simple: make this your motto. If you invite a hundred and more people then it means that you need to spend more in the venue since it has to accommodate them all. Consequently, you have to increase the amount of food serving or you run the risk of some people not getting to eat.

That’s certainly problematic, so just opt for an intimate birthday celebration. It would save money on birthday parties and keep you away from stress.

Save Money on Birthday by Skipping the Catering

Yes, maybe it would be less hassle to just contact and schedule a catering of food, which might even include the table arrangement for your birthday celebration, but it would surely cost a whole lot more.

Plus, you need to give a tip to the member of the catering crew because they would be serving you.

So just cook your own food at home and ask some friends or relatives to come over and help you with the food preparations, as this would be more fun and provides more bonding time together.

No to Overflowing Food

What is the number rule in birthday parties? Don’t get carried away!

Sure, we all know that food is life, but there is no need to buy so much and prepare meals for the whole country. Not only would this mean a lot of money not-so-well-spent, but also a lot of excess food that might get worse before you can eat it. So just cook enough food and do a good estimation of your serving needs depending on your guest list, a few extra won’t hurt, but a whole lot of excessiveness is a no-no.

You Can Totally Repeat Clothes

You don’t need new clothes, much less designer ones. There are a lot of neglected clothes inside your wardrobe, hunt for that dress or polo you said you would never wear again like five years ago. Just wear that one and then pair it up with your most comfortable shoes. No one is judging because it’s just clothes! Simple is the new sexy and layering clothes definitely the best way to go.

Keep it simple and you will save money on birthday wardrobes.

Road trip, anyone?

Parties are fun, but it would cost really more and need a lot of preparations and sometimes, things don’t always go with your plans. Thus, you ended up in tears due to frustration because it’s your birthday and yet things are going the wrong way.

So if you want to, skip the party, and just go on a road trip with your best buddies or your family! After all, going away from the place you have always been can be liberating and road trips are super relaxing, intimate as it provides loads of bonding time and of course, all you need is the car and some gas.

You Can Just Opt for a Movie Night

Maybe you don’t even have the money for the gas, but you don’t need to wallow in self-pity, because you can just stay at home with your best friends or go back to your family home and set up for the movie night. This time, all really need is good movies, endless bowls of popcorn, and a lot of love from your company.

Told you, simple is the key to an amazing birthday celebration!

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