Celebrating your seventh year anniversary soon? Yay! You might want to give your spouse a themed gift idea. Gift ideas made of wool or copper are traditionally given to the spouse traditionally.

If all else fails, we will also recommend other gift ideas that are not themed, but sweet as well.

Here are my suggestion for your seventh anniversary gift ideas.

Oh look, I also made in depth gift ideas:

Copper Couple's Mug

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Copper is meant to symbolize prosperity and good fortune. This is one of the ideas of seventh year anniversary. This super cute copper pair of mugs is a nice gift idea for a couple celebrating your seventh year of marriage. Copper is traditionally used to hold cold beverages because of its ability to insulate heat out, keeping drinks cool longer. These copper mugs look so top-of-the-line and are frequently seen in themed restaurants because of their cute and rustic look.

Copper Gift for Him: Copper Pocket Watch

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If your hubby is someone who gets allergies when wearing watches (something that many men get), you might want to give him a timepiece that looks equally good but will not ruin his skin. A pocket watch is something that comes in mind. A copper pocket watch does not only looks vintage and rustic, it looks classy too. Try buying him one of these steampunk pocket watch and you might have him start his own collection!

Copper Gifts for Her: Copper Earrings

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A pair of copper earrings is a great 7th anniversary gift idea for the wife. These copper dangling earring will look great on your anniversary date, so try to give it to her on advance. Women have a huge appetite for fashion items and she will appreciate your taste in jewellery. She will look gorgeous wearing these!

Wool Rose

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Following the tradition of giving themed roses, your wife will be expecting that she receives a wool rose this year. Do not disappoint her! This wool rose will look good on a desk or bed side table. Your wife will enjoy looking at this high quality decor for a year until you give her next year's themed rose.

Alpaca Throw Scarf

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Since wool is another themed gift idea, you can give your spouse a woolen scarf. An alpaca scarf is something that is comfy and will warm your significant other during the super cold winter nights. This is unisex and can be given to either sex.


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A unique wool gift idea are these jerga/barja hoodies that are so lively printed and very warm. Originally from Mexico, these unique hoodies are so beautiful plus these have a slimming effect. Your spouse will love these warm clothes he/she received from Y-O-U. These look a bit psychedellic, don't you think?

7th Anniversary Wedding Plate

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This looks great! It can be given to a couple (who celebrates their anniversary) or to your spouse. This decorative plate will look good on the fireplace mantle. The plate is made of high quality porcelain and will not taint overtime. It is still very much fragile, though, so be careful!

Dinner Cruise

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So Romantic! I know this is really cheesy and this is a cliche, but this works! Take your honey to a dinner cruise where you both savor the romantic moonlight while eating a delicious four-course dinner, complete witha DJ. You both can dance after the dinner, too.

Tandem Skydiving

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If you both on the adventurous side, you might want to get this tandem skydiving. Do not worry if you both are first timers. The instructors are certified by United States Parachute Association and are professionals who instructed recreational skydivers for years. The free fall, the lazy floating in the air plus the scenery are a perfect combination to induce adrenaline rush and a loving feeling.

DIY Gift Idea for 7th Anniversary: Pennies With Significant Dates

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Pennies are used to be part of DIY copper gifts for anniversaries, but since they are not anymore, you can opt to choose foreign coins or paint the coins copper. Anyway, the idea is to choose seven coins that have dates that are significant to the both of you (birthdays, first dates, wedding day) then stick each into a cardboard, forming the figure 7. Add a dedication, and frame it in a copper-colored picture frame. The outcome will be like in the image. You can check out the original blog for the idea at Crafting by Candlelight.