Hey dude! Are you looking for some Valentine’s Day gifts that will seduce your wife or girlfriend this Valentine’s day? Here are some sexy Valentines Day gifts for her!

Silk Chemise

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Okay, I know you want her to bare it all and wear one of those super see-through lace chemises. However, this is a gift for her, not for you. You want to make her feel sensual and sexy… not like a piece of meat. She will buy one and wear it for herself if she wants to dress up for you, believe me. In the meanwhile, you can tide yourself over with a nice silk chemise. It looks so sexy without being too sexy that it looks like a gift for yourself.

Massage Oil Candle

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This is a really sexy gift for her. First of all, it is a deliciously smelling scented candle. It relaxes her and it emits a sensual dim light. After it is melted, you can carefully pour some melted wax onto your palm for use as a warm massage oil. Your lady will be primed for some naughty time after getting that ever-so-relaxing massage!

Edible Massage Oil

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If you do not want to go for massage oil scented candles, you can go for these edible massage oils. As the name states, this is a massage oil you can eat. These are even flavored, too. You can give your Greek Goddess a delicious massage so when she is covered in oil, you can lick her deliciousness off. Awesome!

Edible Body Paint

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Are you artsy? You can use her body as a canvass for your work of art then you can eat the paint you used on her. Do not worry, though, this body paint is edible. You will have lots of fun drawing colorful things on your bodies then licking them off!

Sexy Smelling Cologne

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The sense of smell is a super sexy route. Women love nice-smelling things, so it only follows that you should give her a great-smelling cologne. With Eau So Sexy Cologne she will smell seductive for you and she will feel super sexy. A win-win!

Honey Dust

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Makes her skin shimmer a bit and smells great! It is also edible. You can lick off the sweet honey dust from her body and you can actually use the feather brush as something to titillate her skin during foreplay.

Leather Handcuffs

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Maybe you an dress up as a police officer and then arrest her using these leather handcuffs. These handcuffs are quite comfy and won’t strain her wrists as you restrain her. (Hey, that rhymed!) Good for spicing up the vanilla sex you have been doing for a while.

Lelo Tiani 3 Couple's Vibrator

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What a way to spice up the bedroom! This vibrates internally and externally, giving you both pleasure during intimate sessions behind closed doors.

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