Oh, you naughty girl! You want to surprise him with a sexy Valentines day gifts for him? Then you are definitely on the right page! I have compiled ten naughty V-day gifts you can give your man. Here are some sexy Valentines Day gifts for him!

Sexy Coupons

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Could be one of the most common sexy valentines day gifts for him, but this is one of the most effective. Sexy coupons are like an access pass to sexual favors (from you, of course!) whenever he wants it. In this coupon booklet, you guy can command you for a quickie, to do some dress up and role play or a love-making session in front of the mirror.

Foreplay Football

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This super fun board game for couples in the bedroom. This football-themed couple’s board game includes rolling dice to advance in the game to get a touchdown. This spices the bedroom on your Valentine’s day. Game on, girl!

Gift Ribbon Lingerie

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You are his sexy Valentine’s Day gift! You can excuse yourself while you get your Valentine’s Day gift for him. Then show up wearing this super naughty outfit. Watch his jaw drop to the floor.

Sexy Nurse Costume

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You are going to wear this, girl! For a bit of naughty role-playing. After your Valentine’s date, you dress up like this and pretend you are “treating” your man. Role-playing is a fun way to spice up your relationship behind closed doors!

Sexy Policewoman Costume

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If you do not want “treat” your man… maybe you can arrest him? Put a hair in the bedroom and tie him up. Maybe “interrogate” him. Also, buy a prop… something like…

Sexy Handcuffs

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… handcuffs! With the sexy policewoman costume, this is the best sexy prop that you can use on your man on your Valentine’s night. This is a great way to subdue that criminal! Crime: being too frickin’ hot!

Body Massage Candle

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These romantic and seductive candles hold a very sexy secret. While they smell nice, they become massage oils when melted. Perfect for setting up the dim lights during a post-dinner wine and then it becomes something to relax and seduce your man when you are both tipsy.

"Ring for Sex" Bell

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This handy dandy bell is a nice way to tell him “I am a slave for you”.

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