The shark is one of the most dreaded creatures in large bodies of water.  Often we see this creature terrorizing swimmers on films and creating hysteria such as what we noticed in the movie Jaws.  Although fierce and ferocious as it may seem, a shark’s eyesight is actually not as sharp as what we think.  Sharks do circle their prey in order to comprehend fully what they see.  However, once the shark is certain nothing could stop it from attacking.  A shark’s circling gesture around its prey can remind us of the abundance of opportunities around us but in order to succeed, we must move forward and do something about it.

In Japan, they have a storm god that they call Shark man who is known to be fierce.  In China, they also have a similar god as the Shark man and they do paint the image of this god in airplanes of fighter pilots which serves as an amulet.  The Celts consider the dorsal fin of the shark as a symbol of survival and good harvest.  When we dream of sharks, ancestors interprets this as warnings because it may signify personal aggressiveness or of someone close to us.  Either way, the best way to combat such is through personal awareness and comprehension.  Although there are plenty of symbolisms that a shark has, this creature is really quite interesting and most people do consider this as their animal counterpart.  If you are thinking of getting a gift that features this strong creature then you need to check out our prepared list of twelve shark gift ideas from the items below.

Shark Tooth Necklace

Beautiful Wearable Shark Gifts!

In ancient Hawaii, people believe that the shark’s tooth can keep anyone who wears it to be safe from sea dangers.  This belief came from a myth that a young warrior who had a battle with a sea god, came back victorious and was seen wearing a necklace with a shark’s tooth.  Since then, the Hawaiian people believed that the shark tooth will keep anyone safe even from shark attacks.  Although, this is just a myth the shark’s tooth has long became a fashion statement.  We can see variations of designs and colors and this 14k gold filled shark tooth necklace is just plain superb.  You can wear it in almost any wardrobe and occasion it may entail since it is in gold color.  Let this shark tooth necklace be your fashion statement and you’re lucky charm!

Shark Funny Earrings

Shark Jewelry for the Ladies

Whenever we get to swim in the sea, we are always reminded to be careful and to watch out for sharks.  As we know, sharks are really fierce and blood thirsty and people already panic when its dorsal fin is seen even from afar.

Check out this funny pair of earrings which shows someone swimming in the water while the other one has the dorsal fin of the dreaded shark.

Cute Great White Shark Earrings

Earrings can be comic and bring your ears a different look.  If you want something out of the ordinary then this pair of great white shark earrings would work best for you.  This pair of earrings features a great white shark with its mouth wide open.  When worn, it seems like the great white shark is starting to devour you.  The great white shark is made of polymer clay and is handmade to perfection.  This great white shark earrings is made from China but ships worldwide.  The base of the earrings is made of mixed metal that is comfortable when worn.  This would be a great earrings that can be worn on a daily grind and would be conversation starter at any time!

Shark Bracelet

Antique looking silver tone shark charm is beautifully featured in this two toned blue bracelet.  This two toned bracelet is made of light and dark blue all natural hemp cord that is elastic and comfortable to wear.  This bracelet is a one size fits all but there are also sizes to choose from 5.5 inches to 9 inches.  This shark bracelet comes in a small gift bag when bought.

Hooded Towel Shark

A Really Cute Shark Gifts for the Little Children!

Let bath times be fun by adding some spice to the usual towel through this hooded shark towel.  Any kid who hates bath time would be intrigued because of this design.

When wrapped inside this towel, the kid would feel like it’s been eaten by a shark or it’s the shark itself.

You have the option to print the name on this towel too.


Feed Me Shark Baseball Tee

Cool Shark Shirt for the Ladies!

A shark may be known for its voracious appetite and if you know someone who is similar or shares the same hungriness then this funny baseball tee would come in handy.

This baseball tee features a shark with a wide mouth open with the words “feed me”.  This shirt comes in different sizes and colors to choose from.

EKG Shark Fin Shirt


The fierce and intimidating shark can make your heart skip a beat and this funny EKG shark fin shirt showcases it.  This funny shark shirt features the dorsal fin of a shark as part of the EKG with the usual Jaws sound effects written in words.  This funny shark shirt comes in different sizes and colors to choose from too.

Shark Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker

Shark Gifts for Your Kitchen!

Add some fierceness in your kitchen through this shark glass salt and pepper shaker.

This one of a kind salt and paper shaker features a shark smiling from ear to ear while hugging the dynamic duo of the kitchen.

This can be a great gift for the kitchen goddess who loves sharks too!

Funny Grey Shark Hat

Hilarious Shark Gift, Work as a Gag Gift, Too!

Imagine wearing a shark on your head?  This grey shark hat is a vivid representation of a shark with a wide open mouth ready to devour.

Be the shark’s prey at any time when you get to wear this unique and funny looking hat.

This would be a great gag gift for someone who loves sharks or sees the shark as their spirit animal.

This grey shark hat is made of 100% polyester and although the shark’s teeth appears pointed, please be assured that these are soft and comfortable to wear.

Cute Shark Blanket

Sleep while being swallowed whole by the great ferocious shark through this shark blanket.  This shark blanket is made to the liking and shape of a shark, all complete with its sharp looking teeth, fins and tail.    This shark blanket is 27 inches by 70 that fits most sizes whether it be adults or teens.  This shark blanket is great for your summer camp, sleep overs, movie nights and of course whenever you feel like being eaten by the shark!

Pee Wee Shark Pillow

Although the shark is an intimidating creature, it also has a charming side to it.  But we know that we can’t pet a shark due to safety reasons so for now, might as well take this Pee Wee shark as an alternative.  This shark plush toy is an adorable shark can also be transformed into a cuddly pillow by un-velcroing the strap on the belly part of the shark.  This Pee Wee shark can be machine washed for easy cleaning.

Shark 3-D Socks

Check out this foot traffic 3-D socks, this pair of socks features a gray shark in vivid colors.  When worn, it appears that the gray shark has swallowed your foot up to your leg.  This pair of funny socks is too comfortable to wear and is a one size fits all!