Oh hey, fellas! Have you ever been have to be blunt and mean when talking to obnoxious people? If you are an introvert like me who gets drained on unnecessary social situations, do not worry. Here are some statement shirts for introverts that say something mean and blunt, so you do not have to! Also, these are quite funny… well, because the truth is funny.

Warning: Not a Morning Person

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Goodness gracious! It is 6am! Let people sleep! If you hate the obnoxious morning people who are too loud in the morning, you can just wear this shirt when you are forced to wake up fin the morning for a social event! You do not have to say anything, people will keep away from you.

Hey, Sorry, I'm Late

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Have you ever been invited to a party that you do not want to go but feel obligated to come to? Your shirt can be mean for you! This shirt says, "Hey. Sorry, I'm late. I didn't want to come." Maybe they will get the hint and won't invite you the next time, eh?

I am not Shy

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Oh my god! That is that person you do not like but you cannot shake off! Time to use the shirt! Well, maybe they won't get the hint because you were wearing this the whole time, but at least people will start questioning themselves if you really want to talk to them. Maybe that person you do not like will. If not, then you have this super cool mean shirt.

I do not Even Like the People I Like

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This is a super cool way to answer the always present question, "Why are you so mean?"

Well, let this shirt do the talking. Quite self-contraditory for the extroverts but fellow introverts will kknow the difference. Wear it!

Brains are Awesome

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Has anyone's stupidity ever creep up to you? You can say your frustrations with this shirt. It says, "Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one." This is perfect for introverted people in position, so people will be inspired to think and be productive... so they can have more time for yourself and less time for socializing.

I'd Tell You to Go to Hell

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"I'd tell you to go to hell, but I work there and I do not want to see you everyday."

This is the perfect shirt for meeting people you absolutely do not like. It is like wanting to curse them but you hate them so much and cursing is not enough.

I'm not Insulting You

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It says, "No, no, no. I am not insulting you. I am describing you." Perfect shirt for speaking to someone you absolutely dislike. If they do not get the hint, well at least this cropped shirt will look absolutely gorgeous on you.