Congratulations on your twelfth year of marriage!

Couples who celebrate their wedding anniversary usually give each other themed gifts. The theme of the presents are dependent on on how long the marriage is. On the 12th wedding anniversary, silk is the traditional theme. Just like silk, a marriage that lasted twelve years is so beautiful, elegant and strong.

If you are a man looking for silk wedding anniversary gifts for her, you wife, then this list is for you! I chopped this list into three sections: useful, romantic and fun presents made of silk.

Take note that this list is intended to list gifts intended to be offered to the wife (although you can find ideas on gifts for guys here). If you are a woman looking for silk gifts, you should check out this article on silk gifts for him.

Useful Silk Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Practical Silk Presents for Your Wife

Silk scarves as silk wedding anniversary gifts for her.

Some women like to receive things she can sue everyday. If your woman likes to receive useful gifts, you should check out these ideas:

  1. This hand painted silk scarf is gorgeous and very useful in keeping your lovely wife warm and fashionable!
  2. If she likes unusual things, you can also get her this super cool silk scarf with a tiger print. Rawr!
  3. A silk hand bag. Women love bags that they cannot even go out of the house without it! She will definitely love the silk bag that you will give her!
  4. Silk coin purse for your wife!

    This beautiful handmade silk coin purse will make a nice silken present for a woman. She will love the cute starfish design.
  5. A silk necklace is unusual but it looks great. I’d imagine this will be a really comfy piece of jewelry because of the silken make.
  6. Give her a silk dress and ask her to wear it on your wedding anniversary dinner!
  7. These Indian silk pillows will look really nice on the sofa seats!
  8. Silk pajamas! They are comfortable and cool and will help your lady love get a good night’s sleep. There are many cute silk pajamas online, even on shopping malls!
  9. Silk Peacock Earrings make great silk anniversary gifts for your lady!

    This pair of silk peacock earring are lightweight but looks elegant! She can wear these on days when she can wear casual at work… or when she has a date with you!

  10. This silk wrap bracelet looks cute and will be her favorite casual fashion accessory! (Well, until next year when you give her another accessory gift!)
  11. Another silk wrap bracelet because these look too nice to only have one.
  12. How about a silk sun hat? It looks very retro. This is just too cute!

Romantic Silk Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Silk nightgown

Most women, however, do not care for usefulness of a gift, as long as it is very romantic and will make her blush! Why not check out these very romantic gifts?

  1. Silk nightgown. So sexy! These are very comfy, too because silk is such a breathable fabric.
  2. Or, if she is more daring, this silk lace chemise. Another sexy silk gift for her!
  3. Silk roses. Get her a dozen to represent each year of blissful marriage!
  4. Or, this decorative silk rose from Just Paper Roses! It comes potted so she can put it on display at her work table!
  5. You can also give her this 12th Anniversary Teddy Bear. It also holds a silk rose!

    12th Anniversary Silk Bear!

Fun Silk Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Silk fan

Here are some fun silk gifts you can give your wife!

  1. This silk fan will look good in display. She can actually use it, too!
  2. This silk Kimono robe looks really cute!
  3. Silk Ribbons cologne. Smells nice!