Traditionally, couples who celebrate their wedding anniversaries give each other presents that follow a certain theme. For the twelfth year of marriage, the theme if silk, because silk is so elegant and beautiful but so strong. Just like the twelve beautiful years the couple spent together!

If you are a woman who is celebrating her 12th year of marriage with her husband, you should get a few silk wedding anniversary gifts for him! No idea what to get him? Here is a list. This list is divided into useful, romantic and fun gifts. Take note that while guys can get some ideas in this page, there is a separate and dedicated page for silk anniversary presents for your wives.

Here are some ideas! (Oh, and congratulations!)

Useful Silk Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Silken Stuff Your Husband Can Use!

These silk cuff links make great silk anniversary gifts for him!

Most men love to receive gifts that they can use. Here are some useful silk presents you can give your husband:

  1. These silk neck ties with Japanese wave patterns will surely stand out on his suit.
  2. If ties are not your thing, you can also give him one of these silk bowties. Here is an idea… why not both?
  3. To compliment the silk tie you gave him, you can also give him these silk cuff links. They look really nice and your man will look elegant wearing these.
  4. On cold days, this silk scarf will definitely remind him of the warmth of your love! Also, these look so fashionable!
  5. Silk robe. They look so elegant and luxurious, don’t you think?
  6. Silk polo

    This casual silk polo will look good on your handsome man! Have him wear this on your casual night outs.

  7. If polos are not his thing, you can get him a silk-knit shirt. Now, this is not one of those shiny T-shirts (they look tacky IMHO) but are comfy silk with matte finish. Breathable, comfy and looks nice on a fit guy!
  8. A pair of silk boxers is not only useful and comfortable, they look so sexy too. I bet you won’t be able to take your hands off him when you see him wearing your gift!
  9. Since silk is cool and smooth to the touch, they make great looking and comfy pajamas. Get him one of these silk pajamas and he will always have a great night’s sleep!
  10. For that bohemian look, you can get him this authentic raw silk kurta shirt. (Side note, there is a bit of movie-esque vibe on this shirt that I cannot explain… maybe because I saw Bill from Kill Bill wearing one of these.)

Romantic Silk Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Hidden message silk tie

A few guys like romantic gifts too so here are some romantic (yet masculine) gifts you can give your husband!

  1. Silk boxers with heart prints are fun and romantic at the same time. If he has a playful side, he won’t mind wearing this black boxer shorts with red heart prints.
  2. For variation, here is another heart boxers, this time, white.
  3. How about this silk tie with heart prints all over it?
  4. Or, you can get him this silk tie with a secret love letter compartment at the back.
  5. As an additional themed gift, you can also give him a card made of silk. Like this heart silk greeting card, inspired by silk kimonos. (But make sure to give him something else… just a card is cheap.)

Fun Silk Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Exciting Silk Gifts for Your Man

Suitjama Christmas Gift for Dad

Suitjamas! This silk pajamas look like suit! They make great silk wedding anniversary gifts for your husband!

Here are some fun gifts you can give your husband on your 12th wedding anniversary:

  1. Suitjamas. If you have watched How I Met Your Mother, Barney wears these pajamas that look like a formal suit. Well, you can actually buy your husband one of these cool/sexy/awesome/comfy pajamas, officially licensed! This could be the most awesome gift you can get for your man!
  2. For real suits, though, you can get him this super geeky circuit board neckties. Perfect if your man works with electronics or is addicted to tech.
  3. You can also give him one of these silken samurai kimonos. Sexy!
  4. Silk Comicbooks. She is the female Spiderman. Perfect if your husband is a comic book nerd!
  5. Silk TV Series, which is a courtroom drama that will stimulate his mind.