Wow! Six years! Couples who reach this long have already established a happy relationship and are bound to stay together forever after. Celebrating six years of marriage usually entails the person giving something themed to the spouse. Sixth year calls for candy or iron themed gifts traditionally, but modern gift ideas call for wood. Of course, you can give something else that is not themed.

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This list of sixth wedding anniversary gifts will be a great help if you have trouble looking for a themed gift idea. Check it out!

Giant Gummy Worm

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Wow! What a large gummy worm! This gag gift idea for your sixth anniversary will make your spouse laugh! This giant gummy worm will satisfy even the largest sweet toothed person. But honestly, this humongous piece of candy is not meant to be eaten alone or solo. This is meant for sharing on many different occasions. That is if you do not want to gobble thousands of calories in one sitting!

Box of Chocolates

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The cliche! A box of chocolates is one of the oldest gifts but is tried and tested, A bite of chocolates makes a person feel elated, the same fleeting feeling felt when in love. (Maybe that's why chocolates are given by a lover, right?)
This box of Godiva contain nineteen pieces of delicious, exquisitely rich, high quality Belgian chocolate, a little something you and your spouse can share on your romantic dinner date. So sweet!

Candy Rose

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Men: giving a themed rose gift to your wife is a great gift idea. And if you are following the previous posts, we keep recommending themed roses. This sixth year of wedding is not and exemption. This candy rose is made of a strip of real button candy pieces attached to a floral stem. It measures around seven inches tall, making this a great decor on a table, mantle or (if she works at the office) at the work desk.

Naughty Candy Gift basket

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Naughty candy gift set is a collection of different candies you can use to have some private fun together. This candy set contains naughty candies like a candy underwear, chocolate body topping, candy handcuffs and candy garter plus some candies that can have double meaning, like slo poke (get it?). This a fun traditionally themed gift idea that can give you and your spouse a lot of laughs and a whole lot of (naughty) love.

Doughnut / Cupcake / Candy Pillow

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Doughnuts are sweet as candy, right? These doughnut-shaped pillows are really cute and looks fun when there are lots of them on a sofa or bed. These bright, soft and colorful pillows will certainly cheer up the both of you when these are seen and hugged. This is a great candy-themed present for your sixth wedding anniversary.

Iron Sculpture

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Another traditional theme for presents during sixth wedding anniversary is iron. This iron sculpture that looks like park-bench lovers is a great representation of the couple celebrating the event: still happy and romantic. This Park Bench Sweethearts sculpture are created using recycled bike and automotive parts, making this quite a special piece of art. The clean, rugged finish makes it even more charming. The rustic appeal of this statuette is wonderful.

6th Annviersary Plate

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A decorative anniversary plate is is nothing to scoff at. These good-looking plates can be displayed on a table or a fireplace mantle. You can also mount this on a wall. This will remind the both of you how long you have been together, inspiring to stay strong despite struggles and differences.

Framed Pictures of Both of You

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Here is an idea: find the most beautiful pictures of both of you (preferably starting from you were dating until that picture you took last week) and compile them into this super gorgeous looking frame. Give it to your spouse. This is a really nice gift your spouse can look at even after the event.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

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A hot air balloon is a great experience gift for you and your loved one. This can become the most epic anniversary gift you can give your loved one. The breathtaking top view of the city or mountain ranges or valleys will create the best feeling; and combine it with the rush of the height, it makes for the most romantic feeling ever.

DIY 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Candy Gift Baskets With Tags

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This is a great gift idea! Just buy a bunch of candies and label each with how you love your spouse. Put them in a basket and you have a really sweet gift basket that shows how you feel. Better yet, you can go to Mom on Time Out to check the instructions and to grab the printables she generously offers on the blog post. Have fun!