The video game geek who likes Action RPG’s will definitely have tried any of the Elder Scrolls games. The best of them all, Skyrim must have hooked quite a few players, including me. (Only God knows how many hours were killed playing Skyrim in my room.)

If you know someone who is a huge fan of the Skyrim, then you know the terms Dragonborn, Daedric, Septims or Conjuration. Give them gifts that are Skyrim themed and watch them glee with joy. You might want to take a look at these Skyrim gift ideas, perfect for anyone: boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife or child. Hail Dragonborn!

Imperial Legion Wallet

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Your Skyrim geek must have sided with the Imperial Legion during the cold war. Your geek can show where he sided by using this super cool trifold wallet with the Imperial Legion crest on it. This wallet also does a great job on keeping the Septims (money) inside and keeping them away from the people's prying eyes.

Imperial Legion Necklace

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Truly, your Skyrim geek is a loyal Imperial legion hero, so why not buy him this Imperial crest pendant necklace? This will subtly let him proclaim that he plays Skyrim and in a fashionable way, too. The pendant is silver and about seven centimeter and comes with a 20 inch chain so you do not have to buy a matching string for it. This is perfect for Skyrim geeky guys.

Nord Pack Hoodie

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If you are someone who plays a Nord in the online game or in Skyrim, you might want to get one of these Nord Pact Hoodies. These are super comfy hoodies that have the mark of the Nords all over it. The pauldrons with eyelet detailing are a nice touch, as well as the intricate stitching details. This officially licensed hoodie is a nice gift for those who play the online version of the game. Keeps your Nord warm... or he can let someone of a lesser race borrow it.

"Keep Calm" Skyrim Shirt

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“I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.”
- Random Guard

If you have heard your Skyrim geek joke about this, then you know he is hardcore. Why not give them a statement shirt of the same wavelength? This "Arrow in the Knee" is the Skyrim version of the Keep Calm slogan that is extremely popular these days. This super comfy shirt not only says something funny for Skyrim fans, it is also really comfy with its 100% cotton! It offers zero armor, though.

"We Know" Hand Print Decal

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"We Know". That is the letter, together with the eerie hand mark is the only letter you receive from the Dark Brotherhood during playing. This is an elite force of assassins that accepts member only from personal invite from Astrid, the leader.

This decal is an awesome gift you can give someone who plays Skyrim so he can stick it on his car window or laptop. This is super high quality that it will not peel and fade for many many years.

Stormcloak Symbol Mousepad

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If your Skyrim-playing geek have sided with the Stormcloak Rebellion during the cold war, then you should give them this usper cool black mousepad with the Stormcloak mark. This is a great gift idea he can use wile playing his game of Skyrim. This mousepad is made of high quality neoprene which will not face esily like the cheap mousepads you see in discount stores. That means more nights spent playing Skyrim non-stop!

Daedric Warrior Toy Figure

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The Daedric are a race of demons that the Dragonborn can summon through the Conjuration spells. These powerful beings invented the Daedric weaponry in addition to being capable warriors as well. Your Skyrim geek can have a toy figure of a Daedric warrior, cute version! This is around 8 inches tall and can stand on its own. This is perfect for the video gaming geek who also collects toys.

Dragonborn Toy Figure

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This can easily go together with the Daedric warrior toy figure above! From the same creators, Funko, this Dragonborn figure is the game representation of the Last Dragonborn: blonde muscular Male Nord wearing scaled armor and steel helm. This is also eight inches tall and is also recommended for those who collect toys. Super cool!

Emperor's Guide to Tamriel

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You know what? Skyrim is just a small part of the land of Tamriel. Your Skyrim addict can enjoy a trip to the whole land of Tamriel through this book, Emperor's Guide to Tamriel. This also comes with matching annotations from an Imperial Scholar, Flaccus Terentius. The book is what every Elder Scrolls player would love in an art book for a game lore, with loads of gorgeous artwork that illustrate the provinces in Tamriel, Skyrim included. Makes a really nice coffee table book, as well as a fan collection.