Social workers are one of the most selfless people in this world. Sometimes, a lot of people may even underestimate their job, because of the low salary. But what they do not know is that their job is one of the hardest a person can do. Most of them are helping other people to get through with their lives and letting themselves be involved in other people’s problem in life just to help them. They are giving away their time, energy and attention to those people who needs it even more even though they also have a fair share of their own troubles in life.

Although being a social worker doesn’t make someone rich in an instant, they already feel like they are when they see the happy and contented faces of the people they have helped to see the beauty in life. They are caring for other people, supporting them, understanding and encouraging them to be a better version of themselves, and not everyone can do that. Admit it or not, being a social worker is challenging in many aspects because they are dealing with other people’s feelings. Every day they experience what it is like to be shouted at, shoved out of a house, but never once did they ever complained.

Aside from paying them with money, anyone can also repay their service and commitment by giving them gifts that they will appreciate for sure.

Here are some social worker gifts that they will love to receive.

Ladies’ Knitted Sweater

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This is an oversized knitted sweater made from lightweight material which is ideal for either summer or winter season.

Since it is cold outside, this one will be a perfect gift because it will be useful for them for a long time. It will make them feel that you are always hugging them, even when you’re not around. Plus, it also symbolizes the way they became sweaters for those people they helped who felt emotionally cold in the past.

Cafe Don Pablo Organic Coffee

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This Honduran organic coffee is from the Marcala region. It is especially made to have a deep and rich chocolaty flavor that everyone will surely enjoy.

As they say, coffee is the most effective way to warm someone’s tummy and heart. Therefore our social workers definitely deserve to receive this just like how they used to warm someone else’s hearts.

Social Worker Badge

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This is a customized retractable badge especially designed for our hard-working social workers. It has a phrase in it that says, “I'm a Social Worker. What's your super power?” and also available in six different colors. By giving them this nice badge, you are giving them confidence to be proud of their profession even though they are carrying a lot of loads in their lotions. Because of the catchy phrase, it makes them feel that being a social worker is not just any other jobs.

Motivational Jewelry: "Be a Voice Not an Echo" Bracelet

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This is a nice, thin cuff that is most ideal for our social workers. It is ¼ inches wide and 6 inches long, plus it is also hypoallergenic so rest assured that they will not have any skin irritation while wearing the product.

A motivational jewelry will be perfect for a social worker, especially because of the stamped phrase that says, “Be a voice, not an echo.” It will be useful for them especially when they are having a hard time on their job to remind them of their reason for wanting to become a social worker in the first place.

“Social Worker" Mug

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A customized item is always the ideal gift you can give someone because it denotes the fact that you have carefully taken into consideration what they do in their life. This white mug has a phrase on it that says, “Being A Social Worker is Easy it’s Like Riding a Bike" but with a twist.

A social worker’s job is a tough one. Imagine having to deal with different issues of different people every single day? How hard could that be?

Framed Caricature Picture of Both of You

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This is not your ordinary picture frame because this one is available for customization. You can decide whatever size, color and design you prefer for it.

Now, why should you get this for your loved social worker? Because you can put a picture of the both of you in it, then write a small note beside it that reminds her how wonderful of a person he/she is. After all, it is the thought that makes a gift appreciated.

"Best Social Worker In The Galaxy" Shirt

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An eco-friendly shirt that is especially made for our dearest social workers that says, “Best Social Worker in the Galaxy!”

If you will give this to them, you are making them feel more loved and appreciated because you are implying that you really think that they are the best ones in this world.

Bath Salts

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A bag of natural salts infused with precious ingredients carefully chosen to help calm a person’s body and soul. Everyone knows that a nice and warm bath helps reduce stress, which is why you should consider giving this to your local social worker. It will be a great tool for them to calm their minds and will surely give them time to think carefully and enjoy their bath time even more.

Adult Coloring Book

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This is not your ordinary coloring book that involves a lot of graphics that makes your eyes swirl. This book contains different phrases with designs that anyone can easily relate to.

Coloring books have been a big thing nowadays, because they are indeed a good way to clear someone’s mind off of things. According to studies, it is proven that through coloring illustrations, a person can unconsciously divert their attention away from stressful experiences and environments.

The Shorn Lamb

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A paperback book perfect for the social workers! This is a marvelous piece that will be easy for them to relate with. Also, it can be a good motivation and stress reliever for them as well.

Can You SUggest More Great Social Worker Gifts?

Do you have any other suggestions about the gift ideas we can give for our amazing social workers? We’d love to hear about it!