Some say that Christmas are just for kids. Maybe because most parents notice that their kids tend to get a little more picky when I comes to Christmas gifts as they grow older. This is the reason why parents fret about what to give to their teenager without spending a fortune.

Here are some gift ideas you can give to your teenage girl that she will surely enjoy! Guaranteed hugs and kisses as payback!

School Supplies

These stocking stuffers help the teenage girls survive school

Journals are a good stocking stuffer.

Make your teenage girl enjoy school with these cool items she can use for her studies. Helps her survive high school!

  1. Items with school logo or colors
  2. Art supplies
  3. Mini journal or sketch book.
  4. This super cool nightlight that looks like a book.
  5. Care package for teen girls
  6. Books like a small romance novel, pocket dictionary or a silly mini book.
  7. Pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpies, and silly erasers
  8. Fun school supplies (Cool thumb tacks, paper clips fasteners, etc. I love using this staplerless stapler… you might want to buy her one too.)
  9. Calculator
  10. Peaceable Kingdom Vault Door Lock & Key Diary (Keeps everything a secret!)

Gift Cards

This type of stocking stuffer is as good as cash!

Aside from cash, gift cards to your child’s favorite stores, other promo items are also widely appreciated by teens.

  1. iTunes gift cards
  2. Gift Card to favorite store (like Amazon, Toy R Us, GameStop , etc)
  3. Starbucks gift card
  4. Gasoline gift card
  5. Movie tickets

Knick Knacks, Thingamajigs and Cutesy Stocking Stuffers

I can’t really explain these Christmas gifts… this is a girl thing!

Aww! Cute puppy playing cards!

It’s a girl thing. They love collecting all sorts of things. Cute stuff they just love to have even if they don’t really know what to do with them. Things that could be part of their collection or just something they want to have, like games, memorabilia, etc.

  1. Items for a favorite sports team (pens, hats, etc)
  2. Themed items based on extracurricular activities. (ie swim cap for swimmer, guitar strings for musician, etc.)
  3. Teen magazines or hobby related magazines.
  4. Dog playing cards (These are super cute playing cards that feature puppies that make a girl go awwwwww!)
  5. Glowsticks
  6. Cute candles… Or those that smell really really nice, like this watermelon candle.
  7. Fun cookie stamps
  8. Humor fridge magnets
  9. Tabletopics Teen: Questions to Start Great Conversations
  10. CD of their favorite artist

Stocking Stuffers for Your Girl’s Personal Care

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Girls

Looks too cute to use!

Your teenager is slowly turning into a lady, so it would be nice to present her with these beauty essentials she needs to enhance her looks and build her confidence.

  1. Nail polish… like this Kleancolor Candy Cast.
  2. Glamour Girl Makeup Kit.
  3. Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance Gift Set (My nieces from my husband, Kit, received these from us and they loved them.)
  4. Mango body butter. (Hubby gave me one of these and I love the smell! I smell delicious!)
  5. Konjac Sponge Beauty Sponges. (I used these and I love them!)
  6. Any from this Bacon Lover’s Gift Set (Because bacon is delicious, but not everything from this set will fit into the girl’s Christmas stocking.)

Accessories Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Girls

Super cute socks for teenage girls!

Teenagers love to dress up and experiment with accessories. They enjoy trendy stuff because they make them feel pretty and cool. Don’t forget to include some items on this list in your stocking.

  1. Multi-string bracelets. These are really cute.
  2. These too cute low-ankle socks from Fenti.
  3. Sunglasses.
  4. Glitter headbands.
  5. Wallet iPhone case.
  6. Cute hat.

Accessories For Gadgets

Cool colorful earphones!

Teens hang on to their favorite gadget as if their whole life depends on it. If you think your kid has had enough of these things, you can still light up her Christmas by putting some of these accessories in her stocking.

  1. Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
  2. Painted Tunes Headphone.
  3. iPhone case. Amazon sells handmade iPhone cases. Those are the best.
  4. Game controllers
  5. USB Flash Drive
  6. Portable MP3 Speaker. Something like X-Boom mini speakers.

For Teens Who Love The Outdoors

Alarm clock that attaches to your wrist! Perfect for those who travel a lot!

Teens love to go out. It’s the age when they want to explore and prefer hanging out with their friends than staying at home and watch TV. These stuffers are perfect for outdoor use. Your teenager can find these items useful during camping, sleep-over, swimming, and other activities.

  1. Travel toothpaste
  2. Travel cup with straw
  3. Flashlight
  4. Travel sewing kit
  5. Pre-tied scarf
  6. “Shake-N-Wake” alarm clock

I hope you find this Christmas stocking stuffer list helpful. If you think there is something else you want to add, feel free to do so. Have fun shopping!