So! Did your hubby put up a stocking on the fireplace? Fill it up with some small goodies! If you have no idea what to put in, you can check this list of 87 stocking stuffer ideas for your husband.

A note on stocking stuffers: they should be small. If you have a boxed gift that does not fit into that Christmas stocking, wrap it up and put that under the tree!

Stocking Stuffers for the DIY Man

A small handy dandy flashlight that is powerful enough to blind a cat!

Because the man of the house doubles as the Mr. Fix It.

  1. Credit Card Multitool
  2. Swiss Army Knife
  3. Mini Drill
  4. Screw Driver Set
  5. Small Pliers
  6. Credit Card Knife
  7. Bottle Opener
  8. Mini High-Lumen Flashlight
  9. Gerber Shard
  10. Credit Card Light Bulb

Your Hubby Will Love These Yummy Stocking Stuffers

What can be more manlier than this mint can?

A manĀ  loves to eat, so go get him some edibles! Here are some food stocking stuffer ideas for your husband.

  1. Beef Jerky
  2. Dried Mangoes
  3. Can of Almonds
  4. Bacon Flavored Candy Cane
  5. Retro Candy from Your Husband’s Childhood Years
  6. Astronaut Ice Cream
  7. Tictacs
  8. Super Strong Mint Candy (I like Super Strong Manly Mints)
  9. Very Spicy Candy
  10. Extremely Sour Candy

Booze Stocking Stuffers Because the Men Like Their Drinks

These candies are liquor flavored. Want some tequila candies?

Beer, whiskey, bourbon.

  1. Jack Daniels Filled Chocolate
  2. Whiskey Stones
  3. Single Serve Booze
  4. Beer Can Disguise
  5. Game of Thrones Shot Glasses
  6. Binocular Flasks
  7. Engraved Drinking Flask
  8. Booze Drops (Super cool set of booze-flavored candies. Tequilla, Rum, Absinthe, Brandy, Bourbon… what can I say? Delicious!)
  9. Edible Shot Glasses
  10. Beer Jelly Beans

Dapper Stocking Stuffers to Help Your Man Look Great

A Well Dressed Hubby!

A good necktie clip looks suave.

A well dressed man is a woman’s pride!

  1. Aviator Sunglasses
  2. Slim Necktie
  3. Wooden Watch
  4. Black Dress Socks
  5. Leather Wallet
  6. Money Clip
  7. Reversible Leather Belt
  8. Classic Cuff Links
  9. Shoe Polish

Grooming Stocking Stuffers So Your Husband Looks Clean and Smells Good

The Art of Shaving Set is a super nice gift idea for a man.

Because a man also has to smell good.

  1. Shaving Kit (Try Art of Shaving)
  2. Shaving Cream
  3. Aftershave
  4. Cologne (By the way, aftershave and cologne are two different things. Aftershave is meant to tighten skin after a shave… it smell great, yes, but it won’t last long, unlike cologne.)
  5. Hair Gel
  6. Beard Oil (This makes the man’s beard soft, making kisses and hugs comfy!)
  7. Mouthwash, Tootpaste, Dental Floss
  8. Body, Face and Hair Wash

Manly Man Stocking Stuffers Will Make Him Feel Macho

What can be more manly than a drinking survival tool like Life Straw?

Soon, he will challenge Chuck Norris to a staring contest.

  1. Life Straw
  2. Playing Cards
  3. Wrench Ring
  4. Pocket Watch
  5. Barbecue Set
  6. Tactical Barbecue Apron
  7. Testosterone Boosters
  8. Horny Goat Weed Capsules
  9. Survival Knife
  10. Man Vs. Wild DVD Collection

Sexy Sticking Stuffers Because He Deserves It

Edible massage oil. Go and play!

I guess your hubby is in the naughty list.

  1. Sexy Lingerie (you wear this)
  2. Silk Boxers
  3. Low-Rise Boxer Briefs
  4. Edible Massage Oil
  5. Naughty Coupons
  6. Fuzzy Handcuffs
  7. Condoms

Tech Stocking Stuffers Because Men Just Love Tech

He will play those old SNES games again!

Men love tech, no doubt about it.

  1. No-Tangle Earbuds
  2. Tablet Stylus
  3. Small RC Drone
  4. Apple Watch
  5. Pocket Gaming Console
  6. Portable Speakers
  7. Car Charger
  8. USB Flashdrive
  9. iPhone Lenses
  10. Smartphone Stand