It’s Christmas season and you plan to give the best stocking stuffer for your baby boy. The problem is that he’s too young for LEGOs, gadgets, and toy cars. Worry not. Here are some stocking stuffers for baby boys that are 100% safe, but are equally enjoyable and some are educational, too!

Baby Care Products

Grooming and Wellness Stocking Stuffers for Baby Boys

Funny mustache pacifier!

Before you rack your brains hard in trying to think of toys and clothes for your baby, his personal well-being must always come first. Make sure you include some any of these essentials in his stocking.

  1. Winkel Rattle and Teether –A colorful rattle and teether in one. Very appealing to babies and toxic-free,too!
  2. Nail Clipper with Magnifier – So you can cut baby’s nails with confidence.
  3. Toothbrush – It has a protective ring preventing it from getting too far onto your baby’s mouth.
  4. Pacifiers – The Mustachifier is so cute, your boy looks like he’s wearing a mustache.
  5. Diaper Rash Ointment – Prevent and treat your baby’s rashes.
  6. Nasal Aspirator – When he can’t breathe properly due to nasal congestion.
  7. Anti-Bug Sprays – Keep mosquitoes and other harmful insects away.
  8. Shampoo and Body Wash – Fragrance-free so it is guaranteed mild, just right for baby’s delicate skin.
  9. Colic Drops – Quick relief for colic to lessen crying time.
  10. Cold Packs – Animal-shaped plastic packs to soothe bruises and swelling.

Clothes and Accessories

Clothing Stocking Stuffers for Baby Boys

This toddler suit will surely make the people go “aaaw!”

Who says baby boys don’t need to be fashionable? On the contrary, I found some stylish outfits and accessories that will make your baby boy a certified charmer.

  1. Socks – No-skid socks in charming designs plus baby can run around comfortably.
  2. Sneakers – Fold-down hi-top sneakers for a baby boy, Dad will be envious.
  3. Slippers – Home slippers with no-slip rubber sole for his daily scampering.
  4. Rompers – For casual and everyday outfit.
  5. Beanie Hat with Mittens – Your baby will look so hot even in cold weather with this puppy knitted hat and mittens.
  6. Toddler Suit – A 3-pc suit made for toddlers, oh he’s going to look so handsome in it!
  7. Training Pants – With waterproof lining, durable and washable.
  8. Superman Costume – With a cape so he can go up.. up.. and awayyy!!
  9. Dragon/ Dinosaur Costume – This dinosaur outfit is so lovable! It has an inner leg snap closure for diaper change.
  10. Dapper Snapper – Adjustable belts to hold up their drawers.

Toys and Playthings

Magic Mirror: Super Cool Stocking Stuffers for Baby Boys

Seeing a child playing and laughing ensures a healthy baby. Parents will give everything just to see their baby happy so fill their Christmas stocking with toys!

  1. Plush Toy – A friendly and colorful octopus he can grab and sink his teeth into.
  2. Magic Mirror – It is baby-safe and has more than 30 recorded songs, sounds and phrases.
  3. Rocking Owl Stacker – A multi-colored toy for toddlers to practice their motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination.
  4. Jack-in-the-Box – Will bring out a smile from your child. Just turn the handle and it will play a classical tune until the jester pops out.
  5. Rubber Balls – Little boys love playing balls, perfect for indoor and outdoor play.
  6. 4-pc Baby Band – Just imagine your baby shaking and rocking as he makes music with this.
  7. Push and Pull Toy – Encourages the baby to learn how to walk and play.

Merry Bath Time

Bathtime Stocking Stuffers for Baby Boys!

These cute scrubbers look like bath time plush toys!

Your baby likes his bath – for two minutes – so he can go play or watch TV. Get him interested in bath time with these fun-filled bath toys so you can rub him clean while he enjoys.

  1. Wash Mitts – Wow, yellow duck, blue bear, and green frog, as bath time pals!
  2. Water Squirties – Turn his bath time into a jungle party!
  3. Swimming Fish – A battery-operated fish that moves in realistic motion in the water. Your kid is going to love this!
  4. Fingerpaint Soap – Kids can draw their own art masterpieces on the tub using these soaps in vibrant colors.
  5. Frozen Olaf Hooded Towel – A hooded poncho for a faster way to cover and dry the baby after a bath.

Cheer in Feeding

Face plate lets your child interact with his food.

You want to give him what he likes but you hate the mess and you want to keep him from choking or getting hurt. Here are some items that could make you and your baby share feeding time without hassle.

  1. Rocket Spoon and Fork – Get ready to blast off with this rocket-shaped spoon and fork set!
  2. Sippy Cups – With detachable handles that can be removed as the child grows.
  3. Food Pouches – Reusable food pouches that are easy to fill and clean plus double zippers to ensure against leaks.
  4. Face Plate – Inspires kids to interact with their food.
  5. Num Num Dips – For that first step in self-feeding with very little mess, before your child learns to use spoons.
  6. Fresh Food Feeder  – Now babies can enjoy food without the choking risk.
  7. Bibs – Sleeved bibs for better coverage and has a Velcro strap at the back.

Bedtime Fun

Security blanket

If your baby wants to spend more time playing and refuses to go to bed when told, well, here are some ideas that can make your baby look forward to bedtime.

  1. Finding Nemo Play-A-Sound Book – Story telling with music will easily put him to sleep. Just press the button to hear a song from Finding Nemo.
  2. Finger Puppets – Try this set of 10 animals and 6 family members finger puppets for a more enjoyable storytelling
  3. Sleep Trainer – Helps your baby to sleep and nap at the right time.
  4. Security Blanket – With sewn-in finger puppet holes for added amusement.
  5. Rainmaker – Mesmerize your child as he watch colorful beads cascade gently through the rainmaker while emitting a soothing sound of rain.

Educational Stocking Stuffers for Baby Boys

Drawing Mat!

It is a good idea to start your child’s learning process at an early stage. Arouse his curiosity and help develop his innate talents with these helpful educational materials.

  1. Poke-A-Dot Books – Every page has raised buttons on them so once you start popping, a truly enjoyable way of learning begins
  2. 13-Hole Cube – A shape sorter made of wood to teach baby in determining shapes and colors
  3. ABC Book – Introduces the baby to the alphabet, numbers, and colors
  4. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – Colorful handcrafted wood puzzles that form an elephant when completed
  5. Drawing Mat – Just fill the magic pen with water and leave it up to your kid to draw on this washable and reusable mat.
  6. Audio CD – Toddler favorite songs like “Baa Baa Black Sheep” “Alphabet Song” etc.

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