So your baby girl is about to experience her first Christmas ever. Make this happening a wonderful time for your toddler by filling her stocking with these adorable and enjoyable gifts that will help her grow healthy, increase her knowledge, and develop her skills.

This list include  both toddler and baby girl gift ideas.

Baby Essentials Stocking Stuffers for Baby Girls

Sophie the Giraffe Teether is a really cute stocking stuffer for your baby girl!

Baby’s comfort and everyday needs must always come first.

1. Snotsucker – Doctor recommended to relieve your child from stuffy nose.
2. Pacifiers – A cute animal plush toy and pacifier in one, ensures a good night sleep for your child.
3. Potty Watch – The flashing lights and gentle sounds tell your child when to GO.
4. Sophie the Giraffe Teether – Non-toxic so it is 100% safe and how can you resist this adorable giraffe?
5. Training Pants – Good for potty training and transition to regular panties.
6. Dapper Snappers – Elastic and adjustable your toddler can wear this until she’s 6 years old!
7. Ice Pack – Relieve baby from bumps and bruises with this PVC-Free Turtle cool press.

Stocking Stuffers for Grooming the Baby

Cleaning Stocking Stuffers for Baby Girls

These toothbrush and toothpaste set are nice for a baby’s teeth!

These items are made especially for babies and to keep them neat without the usual worries of hurting them.

8. Tangle Teezer – Gently detangles hair, eliminates tugging and pulling that hurts your little one
9. Hair and Comb Set – Soft bristles that sooths baby’s delicate scalp
10. Baby Banana Toothbrush – The tooth gel is fluoride-free so it is safe to swallow
11. Nail Clippers – Get the clippers that has a magnifier attached to it so you can clip your baby’s nails with confidence

Feeding the Baby

Make feeding the baby less of a challenge and more of an enjoyable experience between moms and children with these cute stuffers. From treats to utensils, and even pouches perfect for the traveling toddler!

12. Baby treats and snacks- The Little Ducks Organics has a variety that contains yummy fruits!

These Squooshi food pouches are just super cute!

13. Reusable Food Pouches – The Squooshi food pouches are so cute your child will surely eat anything out of it!
14. Sippy Cups – Pick the ones with removable handles and training cup lid because they transform as the child grows.
15. Food Face Plate – You can make your picky child enjoy food by making faces on these plates.
16. Personalized Baby Spoons – The baby can slowly identify her name with these.
17. Bandana Drool Bibs – Bandanas instead of the regular bibs, stylish yet practical.

Bath Time Fun

Make Bath Time An Enjoyable Experience With These Stocking Stuffers for Baby Girls

Add some color and excitement to your child’s bath by giving her some of these bath time toys.

Splashimals make bath time fun!

18. Color My Bath Tablets – Isn’t it fun to bathe in yellow water? Or red? Don’t worry, the colors won’t stain your tub or your towels.
19. BAth Sponge/Mitt – Do away with dead skin cells using this soft mitts.
20. Splashimals – because your child shouldn’t stop learning, even during bath time!
21. Stacking Cups – Colorful cups that are fun to link, stack, and pour water from.
22. Bath Toys – Fun characters that rattles, spin, and shine as they float on the water.

Educational Items

First 100 Word will be your baby girl’s favorite book!

Every parent would love to nurture their child’s intelligence. These educational stocking stuffers introduce your child to basic skills and encourage them to explore their talents.

23. The First 100 Words – Contains 100 simple words with pictures, makes learning fun for your kid. This is a very educational stocking stuffer for baby girls!
24. Flash cards – Your child’s first lesson in shapes, animals, and colors, with ring-o-links for added visual simulation.
25. Doodle Mat – Now your child can draw and paint without the usual mess.
26. Lauri Number Express – It is a puzzle, peg set and creative play board all in one.

Toys Stocking Stuffers

Toys for Baby Girls Age Below 3

Hide N Squeek Eggs

What is Christmas without toys? Children will always expect toys of different kinds and sizes so these stuffers will give that extra joy to your kids aside from the usual gifts they find under the Christmas tree.

27. Rattle Stuffed Animals – She may outgrow her teether, but she will never let go of this cute giraffe.
28. Finger Puppets – Add fun to story time with these finger puppets.
29. Play Phone – With pretend apps and can even store your number plus, it’s touch screen!
30. Xylopone – Never forget to put a musical instrument in your baby’s stocking.
31. Infantino Jittery Pals – These will keep your baby preoccupied in her stroller, crib, or car seat.
32. Jellycat Bunny – The Softest and most lovable bunny she’ll ever have!
33. Hide N Squeak Eggs – You can actually crack these eggs to reveal chicks that squeak inside. No batteries needed.

Dress Up Your Baby Girl

Little girls can wear tutu all the time!

It is always fun to dress up you little girls. There is always a variety of clothes and shoes to choose from, and the designs are so adorable that moms usually wish they are also available in adult sizes.

34. Baby Socks – With fun designs and skid-free sole for safe use.
35. Romper – Baby girls wearing fashionable rompers are always a lovely sight.
36. Baby Leg Warmers – Protect your baby’s legs by using these comfortable warmers.
37. Lace Bloomers – A diaper cover and matching headband in different vibrant colors.
38. Baby Mittens/Scarf – With a Sherpa-lined hat to keep baby warm on cold weather.
39. Pajama Set – With a robe, sleeping in style.
40. Tutu Dresses – Only baby girls can wear tutus on a daily basis and still look cute.
41. Mermaid Costume – Fulfill your fantasy and make her your Little Mermaid, this is so dreamy.
42. Shoes – Anything from Stuart Weitzman would be wonderful!
43. Toddler Slippers – For that everyday play time wear.

Accessories And Thingamajigs

Helps you Beautify Your Baby Girl

Bracelets and necklaces for little baby girls!

Dressing up for those cute little misses will not be complete without these lovely accessories. Cool stuff to compliment your baby girl’s cool outfit.

44. Headbands – Different styles and colors to match your baby girl’s outfits.
45. Hair Clips – More pretty hair bows for your pretty little girl.
46. Bracelets and Necklaces – These mini-jewelry is safe for babies, no sharp ends and easy to put on.
47. Sunglasses – Make her look fabulous and protect her eyes from dust heat.
48. Bonnet – Something to complement her summer look.

Other Baby Stuff

Soft photo album!

Here are also some items you can add to your stocking.

49. DVD Of Favorite Show/Cartoon
50. Soft Baby Photo Album – A soft album where she can look at family pictures and herself, too!

More Stuffers

If you are looking for more stocking stuffers for the family, you might want to start with mom, your tween boy or your teenage girl.

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