Christmas is near again! You know that your boyfriend will put up a stocking on the fireplace and you decide to fill it up with goodies. If you do not know what things to put into a man’s Christmas stockings, then you are in luck: this article contains a lot of stocking stuffers a man will love. Here are some stocking stuffers for boyfriends.

What Stocking Stuffers Should Be

Stocking stuffers are what they should be, to be stuffed into the Christmas stockings. Therefore, the gift must be small enough to fit inside the Christmas stockings they put up on the mantle. If you have a large boxed gift, you do not call that a stocking stuffer. Wrap it up and put it under the tree.

The more the merrier! The best Christmas stockings have quite a few items inside it. Go for the inexpensive gift ideas.

TV Shows Fandom

Bazinga shirtWith the rise of novelty fandom collectibles, I am sure your boyfriend has included his geek fandom of choice in his Christmas wish list. Some of the TV shows that have merchandises, prop replica and inspired doodads include Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad,Walking Dead, Superhero Movies and Comics like Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy, Game of Thrones.

Here are some notable stocking stuffers that caught my eye.

  1. Big Bang Theory Sheldon’s Bazinga Shirt
  2. Dr. Who Light Up Pen
  3. Avengers Iron Man Keychain
  4. Breaking Bad Meth Drum Drinking Glass
  5. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg USB Flash Drive
  6. Lord of the Rings / Hobbit Ring Pendant
  7. Dumbledore’s Elder Wand
  8. Hunger Games Mockingjay Pendant
  9. Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Car Charger
  10. Ghost Busters Slimer Figurine
  11. Naruto Kunai or Forehead Protector

Video Game Stocking Stuffers

Some super cool video game stocking stuffers for your boyfriend can be:

  1. Megaman Car Decals (on the image)
  2. Portal 2 PotatOS Plush
  3. Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe Keychain
  4. Street Fighter Chun Li Macbook Decal
  5. Mortal Kombat Quan Chi Figurine
  6. Tetris Heat Changing Mug
  7. Super Mario Bros. Goomba Plush (can double as a stress ball!)
  8. Portable retro gaming emulator
  9. iPhone gaming controller

On a related note, you can check the Geek category of this website for geeky, nerdy, gift ideas.

Tech Stuff Stocking Stuffers

Guys are naturally attracted to technology. You can give your boyfriend a tech Christmas gift that fits into the Christmas stocking that he put up. Tech does not always mean expensive. You can buy cheap alternatives online that are good to use.

  1. Earbuds
  2. USB hub
  3. New optical mouse
  4. Mini speakers
  5. Smart phone cleaning kit
  6. Tile (this is a key-finding tech device, on the picture)
  7. Powerbank
  8. Solar charger

Food and Beverage Stocking Stuffers

Guys love to eat! You can add a food or drink inside his Christmas stocking and he will surely love you for it. Just make sure the food you are giving does not expire before he opens the contents of his stockings.

  1. Gummy worms
  2. Gummy bears
  3. Extremely sour candies
  4. Bertie Bott’s All Flavored Beans
  5. A bar of Toblerone
  6. Bacon candy cane
  7. Whiskey stones
  8. spicy chocolate
  9. Misfortune cookies
  10. Small bottle of booze
  11. Wasabi gum
  12. Milk Straw
  13. Jack Daniels chocolate

Macho Manly Stocking Stuffers

These are things that give a man facial hair, deeper voice, anchor tattoos on arms and the willingness to challenge Chuck Norris to a game of red hands. These macho stocking stuffers are very nice to have if you are a man.

  1. Lifestraw
  2. Tactical flashlight
  3. Credit Card bottle opener
  4. Shaving razor and shaving cream
  5. Pocket knife
  6. Butterfly-style steel comb
  7. Survival kit in a can

Other Fun Stocking Stuffers for Your Boyfriend

Other weird, wonderful and cool stuff you can stuff into the Christmas stocking of your boyfriend.

  1. Naughty coupons
  2. Edible underwear (you can wear… wink wink)
  3. Bacon soap
  4. Black playing cards
  5. 007 Cologne
  6. Sex Panther Cologne
  7. Funny mousepad
  8. Introvert shirt
  9. Steel Matchcase

What Not To Put Into Your Boyfriend’s Christmas Stockings

Obligatory discussion because some ladies just do not get it. Or, you can just zoom into our guide on how to choose gifts for men for full details!

  • love fern!
  • cute plush animals
  • heart plush that says, “I <3 U”
  • gym membership (not unless he asked)
  • a kitten or a hamster
  • that lovely, sweet and very romantic handmade gift you saw at Pinterest
  • couple’s shirt