So your little boy is becoming quite a handful. He’s the typical naughty and nice kid and you adore him to bits. You don’t want to dampen his spirits and make his Christmas an epic fail. To make the holidays special for him, why don’t you fill his Christmas stocking with some of these gifts?

Here are some excellent stocking stuffer ideas for your son.

Accessories for Your Little Boy

We all want our boys to look good, so even if they do not really into fashion like girls, they can appear cuter and more adorable if we add these accessories to their simple attire.

Aviator Hats

1. Aviator Hats – Soft hat and goggles to keep our child warm and looking fabulous.
2. Bracelets
3. Suspenders – Bring back that classic little boy look. It somehow reminds me of Tom Sawyer.
4. Retro Eyeglasses – Oversized clear lens eyeglasses for that good boy nerd look.
5. Aviator Sunglasses – Not just to look good, also to protect your boy’s eyes from harmful UVA.
6. Belt – No more falling pants! He can wear it with his school uniform or with everyday wear.
7. Socks – Made of no-slip materials for your active boy.

Toys Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Tumbling Robot Set

Boys love their toys more than clothes, books, and even food. It is a fact so just make their Christmas super special by filling their stockings with these wonderful toys.

8. Toy Car Set – A set of pull back and let go race cars, it’s every boy’s favorite toy.
9. Laser Tops – Just push the button on the winder to launch the top and off it goes! It also plays music as it spins.
10. Mini Dinosaurs -Miniature dinosaurs of different kinds for that Jurassic themed games.
11. Kites for Kids – So easy to assemble and great for picnics, or bonding time with Dad.
12. Tumbling Robot – It dances, stomps, somersaults and picks himself up when he falls.
13. Transformers – Transform yellow sports car into Bumblebee in just one simple step.
14. Money Maze – The player has to succeed in getting all 3 pinballs into a specific hole before he can get his money. Cool!

Heroes, Mutants, Fantasy Jobs

Super Hero Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Iron Man Wrist Repulsor

Even adults dream of having special powers to defeat the odds in their lives. More so with kids who believe that superheroes always save the day.

15. Batman Costume – Be the Dark Knight and fight evil! Perfect for Halloween parties, too.
16. Bow & Arrow Set – He can choose to be Hawkeye today or Legolas the next day, either way, this set will bring so much action and it is safe to play with.
17. Lightsaber – Battery operated that gives off a purple light when activated. May the force be with you.
18. Harry Potter’s Wand – This wand lights up once our young wizard decides to cast a spell.
19. Iron Man Wrist Repulsor – Strap it to your wrist and be like the armored avenger, makes sounds and lights up for a more realistic effect.
20. Spiderman Tin Bank – Spidey can teach your child to save his money.

For the Little Spy

Spy Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Undercover Spy Night Scope

Aside from possessing super powers, boys love to solve mysteries once in awhile. They love playing secret agent because they are smart and resourceful.

21. Secret Messages Kit – He can encode and conceal secret messages and communicate in a top secret way even James Bond will admire!
22. Micro Super Ear – It has a powerful microphone so you can listen to far away conversations.
23. Undercover Spy Night Scope – Has 3x the power of ordinary binoculars and has a light switch for night visibility.

Sports Fan

For the Sporty Little Boy

Squeeze balls

Because Dad has somehow got him hooked into some kind of sport and now he wants to be like the famous sports icon he looks up to.

24. Jerseys – A replica of Kobe Bryant’s basketball uniform will make his day
25. Lakers Beanie – Winter hat with embroidered logo of his favorite NBA team
26. Mini Foam Balls –6 mini basketball and soccer balls he can squeeze as stress-reliever
27. Baseball
28. Baseball Cards – A perfect starting kit for a beginning collector

Develop His Young Mind

Educational Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Magnetic levitator

Your boy is at the age in which his curiosity is at its peak. He wants to learn and explore. Give him gifts that will help develop and nurture his young mind.

29. View-Master –  Enter a world of virtual reality using this once popular toy. With 2 reels that feature space discovery.
30. Magnetic Levitator – Teach your child about the effects of magnetism as the levitator floats. No batteries needed.
31. Insect Cage – Comes with tools so your boy can catch bugs and put them in this cage.
32. Micro Blocks – An alternative to expensive building blocks. Develop you future builder’s mind and introduce him to micro blocks. I’m sure even dad can’t wait to help out!
33. Rubik’s Cube – He may be able to solve the world-famous cube puzzle by himself.

Electronic Gizmos

Gadgets and Gizmos

Electronic Hangman Game

Aside from toys, it’s hard to keep boys from gadgets. Here are more electronic stuff to add to his collection.

34. Electronic Hangman Game – This game is so addicting he will enjoy it and learn new words as well. It contains over 6,000 words from different categories.
35. Silicone Wristwatch – Colorful mini wristwatch made of very light material, shake-proof making it ideal for active boys.
36. Headphones – Custom designed to fit children 2 years and older, works well with most audio devices.
37. iPad Case Cover – Shockproof, slip-proof, and scratchproof silicone cover for his iPad mini.

Retro Stuff

Classic water game

Most kids nowadays are more into gadgets, but isn’t it a good idea to share the kind of wholesome fun you used to enjoy when you are younger?

38. Water Game – Before PSP, kids shoot rings in this water game.
39. Wooden Catch Ball – Make your child enjoy this retro game of flipping the ball into the air then catching it with the wooden cup attached to it.
40. Etch A Sketch – Enjoy sketching anywhere using this magic screen.
41. Paddle Ball – Fun game at the beach, park, or at the backyard.
42. Slinky – Kids still enjoy it watching it stretch, bounce, and walk down the steps.

Gag Gifts

Funny Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Flying Screaming Monkey

Boys will be boys and let’s live with the fact that they get a kick in playing a good joke on anyone – with sisters, friends, and even with Mom and Dad. Just be a good sport and enjoy!

43. Silly Putty – Mold it into a ball and let it bounce until it breaks.
44. Flying Screaming Monkey – You have to try this slingshot flying monkey which gives out a scream everytime it shoots into the air. Outrageous!
45. Prank Set – A box of practical jokes such as squirt ring, nail through finger, etc.
46. Tiny Hands Set – Whoo, creepy and hilarious!
47. Monkey Bandages – With one look on these funny monkey faces, he can easily forget about his pain.

Treats and Edible Stocking Stuffers

Chocolate Tool Kit

Add some sweetness to your stuffers by putting in some of these irresistible yummy treats.

48. Quick Milk Magic Straws – Chocolate milk for the active kid who is always on the go!
49. TV Dinner Gumballs – Gumballs with flavors like roast beef, buttered corn, it’s like having dinner while busy playing or watching TV
50. Tool Kit Chocolate – Edible screwdriver, wrench, and hammer! Yummy milk chocolate disguised as tools!

On a related note, you might want to take a look at these edible stocking stuffers. You can find more edibles you can put into a boy’s Christmas stockings!

More Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you ahve a little girl too, I also made a stocking stuffer list for girls. Also, why not take a look at these gifts for mom, dad and grandma? I am sure they will love these.