Christmas is coming up fast and you are wondering what kind of gift you’ll be giving to your college pals. Probably, you’re thinking of something that they can use every day. Or maybe, you’re closing in to giving them something that might relieve them from the stress of studying. Regardless of what it may be, you’re undecided of what you’ll be getting them. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider before you select a present.

Here is our list of awesome stocking stuffers for college guys.


Clothes Stocking Stuffer Ideas for College Dudes

Light up bow tie

Appropriate clothes must be worn especially during Christmas season. Tank tops would be great, but there are other items that may be more suitable for the cold days. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Neck Tie – To help you defend your thesis while feeling like Harry Potter
  2. Light up bow ties – For the trendsetters
  3. Jack Daniel’s Label T-Shirt – Perfect for a night out after an exam
  4. Beanie – Just in time for the Christmas weather. Beanies provide you style, and at the same time, comfort.
  5. Bearded face mask – For those who wants to feel what it’s like to have a beard like Santa Claus
  6. Aviator shades
  7. Ear warmers
  8. Manchester United scarf – Football fans will love this, specifically those who root for the Red Devils

Novelty Items

Some Things That Look Weird and Wonderful

These novelty items will surely amuse them while working on their school papers, projects or any other activities.

  1. Gryffindor Tie – To help you defend your thesis while feeling like Harry Potter
  2. Talking guy stress ball – The bearer of this stress ball will surely be relieved of all the pressure that they’re dealing with just one squeeze!
  3. Phone flask – A sneaky smart phone that may contain booze
  4. Hip hop trooper pin – Star Wars fanatics will surely enjoy this gift!
  5. Novelty Comb – This novelty comb will surely bring out the inner James Bond within them!
  6. Black playing cards
  7. Dragon Stapler – A stapler from the lair of the dragons that is very useful for all the paper works that are needed to be submitted
  8. Urinal shot glass – Probably they won’t be drinking anymore after being reminded that their next possible destination would the urinal by that shot glass
  9. Pikachu cap – A Pokémon trainer’s must have, especially while going outdoors
  10. Beanie money clip – Clip the cash to avoid seeing them in the trash!
  11. Superman belt

Personal Gift Ideas

Personal Stocking Stuffers for College Guys

These gifts may just be the thing that need during their vacant time. Depending on their use, it may give them the break that they need or help them a lot especially if they don’t have the enough time to go to a nearby store to purchase one. The following suggestion includes:

  1. Fitness band – Keep them moving amidst their hectic schedule by giving them this fitness band
  2. A one-month subscription to Netflix
  3. Perfume or cologne or aftershave.
  4. A sign pen with their name engraved on it – This thing might serve as their symbol of being a good and hard-working man
  5. Phone case
  6. Sticky notes – For those people who needs a reminder for them, a handy sticky note might just be effective for them in college
  7. Stainless Steel Multi-Tool – One tool with a bunch of purpose
  8. A ticket to a local sporting event
  9. Discount coupons at a local joint – Everybody needs this, especially when you’re running on a tight budget
  10. Hip hop pieces / necklaces

School-Related Materials

Christmas Gifts for His Studies

Digital wrist watch

Anything that may be used inside the classroom that will enable a student to learn more and to study effectively is a good choice for a Christmas present. Some of which may include:

  1. Key chains – Keeping locker keys and other important tools may be held with a key chain
  2. A book related to their degree – Although books may be presented nowadays through the use of gadgets, we cannot deny that the physical copy of the book helps a lot a person
  3. Digital watch – Equipped with some functions like stopwatch, digital watches have some advantages that may help a student from using an analog watch.
  4. Planner
  5. Lanyards – Look up for a design that is suitable for the recipient


Tech Stocking Stuffers for College Guys

Smart pens like the Livescribe make great stocking stuffers for college guys!

Advancements in technology occurs so fast that some of the items may be out dated. Providing some of the suggested gifts below may help them as they finish college.

  1. Smart pen – A handy device that can record your professor’s lecture while taking down notes
  2. Earphones – Studies show that listening to music while studying increases one’s productivity so an earphones is not a bad idea
  3. Wallet multitool – A sleek wallet that has a built-in bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler among other thing a man on the go needs.
  4. Scientific Calculator – An out dated calculator may lack some of the functions a student need in a math class, thus, providing a new one and updated one might bail out a student during his class
  5. A USB flash drive for all their digital files
  6. Mouse pad

Looking for More Stocking Stuffers for College Guys?

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