With their elegant moves and impossibly immaculate grace, it’s easy to be amazed by a dancer’s skills. This holiday season, give your fellow dancers or dancers you look up to these essential but amazing stocking stuffers!

For Cheerleaders

Rah-mazing Stocking Stuffers for Dancers

Give me an A! Cheerleaders are definitely on their A-game everyday to  cheer on their teams and lift the crowd’s spirits.

  1. Cheer leader charm – It’s no mystery that cheerleaders capture everyone’s attention. Boost your cheerleader’s confidence with this beautiful charm.
  2. Megaphone pendant – Along with the charm, this pendant will also goes along with every cheerleader’s bright and positive aura.
  3. Cheer leader dangling earrings – Speaking of accessories, these dangling earrings will also surely whip and strut with every twirl your cheerleader will make!
  4. A box of chocolates – What better way into a cheerleader’s heart and mind than a box of chocolates? Not only will this make for a sweet treat, but an energy-boosting one at that!
  5. Crew socks

For Hip Hop Dancers

Donning their pops, locks, and jams, hip hop dancers are definitely the ones to groove to classic hip-shaking jams with.

  1. Hip hop dancer vinyl sign
  2. Jay-Z dog tag –Everyone who is in the hip-hop scene knows Jay-Z as one of the most influential artists. With that, dancers will definitely love donning a dog tag celebrating the famous icon.
  3. Frank Ocean coaster cup mats – With Frank Ocean’s Blond gaining notoriety and love daily, he has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of hip-hop. These coaster mats will definitely be enjoyed by dancers after a tiring dance session.
  4. Bandanas
  5. Dreamville athletic socks – Fans would be proud to rock these athletic socks while dancing to the tunes produced by Dreamville records!
  6. Rihanna pins – Serving as the reigning queen of all things hip, Rihanna has a strong and constant hold in the hip-hop fashion scene. These pins are perfect for grooving to one of her many hit songs.
  7. Hip hop chokers – The 90s chokers have been revived. Check out these modernized chokers for your fashionable and savvy dancer friends!

For Ballet Dancers

Stocking Stuffers for Dancers of the Artsy Ballet

Whether in the studio or out and about outside, a ballet dancer always has the easygoing poise that amaze many. Check out these stocking stuffers for the elegant ballerinas!

  1. Half-toe ballet socks – These half-toe socks will definitely keep ballet dancers precious feet protected as they perform their many complicated steps.
  2. Ballerina pendant – An pendant that’s as beautiful as the ballet dancers that will don them.
  3. Resistance bands – For flexibility and strength resistance exercises of those ballet lovers and aficionados
  4. Foot stretchers – Consistent stretching develops the foot flexibility, thus maintaining the arch of the dancer
  5. Gel toe pads
  6. Turnboard – The ultimate tool for ballet dancers who wishes to improve their posture, dexterity and ballet techniques.

For Ballroom Dancers

Stocking Stuffers for Dancing Couples

There’s more to ballroom dancing than many might think. Their complicated steps and flawless outfits often stand out among other dancers.

  1. Handkerchief – For the males counterparts to always look prepared for a swear and looking neat with a simple handkerchief.
  2. Hair clip for girls – For the female counterparts however, it’s equally important to keep their hair as presentable as their dance moves. A loose strand of hair could distract and off-balance an entire routine.
  3. Gloves – It might seem a touch too formal, but because ballroom dancers are often seen as the elite, immacultely clean gloves are always welcome on the dancefloor.
  4. Dancing cufflinks – As ballroom dancers tend to wear crisp and polished outfits, cufflinks are most welcome for men opting for a dapper look.

For Folk Dancers

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Dancers of the Old Arts

Celebrating both homegrown culture with a twist of modernity, folk dancers definitely deserve both appreciation and these stocking stuffers for the holidays!

  1. Performance dancing fans – With their vivid outfits and colorful steps, fans are just a step toward folk dancers many used props.
  2. Indian folk ribbons – For women to keep their hair nice and tidy, all while maintaining the façade of culture appropriation.
  3. Spanish dancer wig – When someone truly wants to experience and immerse themselves into a culture’s original form, outrageous wigs are the perfect costume for that authentic feel.
  4. Luggage tag for folk dancers – More often than not, folk dancers wish to experience the world and its many cultures. This luggage tag is just the perfect travelling accessory for jetsetting folk dancers!

For Aerobic Dancers

Stocking Stuffers for Zumba Enthusiasts

Whether it’s for fitness oriented or simply for Zumba enthusiasts, aerobic dancers definitely shine— both with perspiration and perseverance.

  1. Face towel
  2. Small water bottle
  3. Aerobics necklace – Something to accessorize with after changing out of their aerobic clothes that both celebrate and immortalize their love for aerobics!
  4. Head worn microphone – No matter how many lunges or bends the dancers make, these head worn and durable headphones/microphone will stay put and keep the action coming along.
  5. Sweatband
  6. Pain relievers/patches

For Every Dancer

Gifts for Every Kind of Dancer!

Whether we admit it or not, there will always be a dancer in each of us. Let’s all celebrate our hidden dancer this holiday season with these tiny but equally quirky necessities!

  1. Bluetooth speakers
  2. Spotify account – One of the most used and loved applications for a dancer, Spotify has numerous playlists wherein all kinds of dancers can explore different genres that they might just find their knack in. It might be pricey, but this will be well appreciated!
  3. Compact mirror – This “Keep Calm and Dance” mirror will keep sure dancers will still look their best even while doing what they love!
  4. Dri-fit shirts for dancing
  5. Slippers – Perfect for a tiring routine, warm and comfy slippers are the best friends of every dancer’s restless feet.
  6. Cologne/Perfume
  7. Personalized mixtape – There will always be something more special receiving a personalized gift. Making a personal mixtape CD filled with a dancer’s favorite tracks will make you have a unique place in their hearts.
  8. Protein bars – For the extra strength and nutrition all dancers need before and after a session.

Looking for More Stocking Stuffers for Dancers?

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