Check out these forty stocking stuffers for doctors that you love and trust.

Whether if it’s for a simple check-up or a bothersome cold, doctors are always a constant and reliable source for our needs. With that, we mustn’t forget the modern-day superheroes themselves this holiday season.

Items for the Clinic

Stocking Stuffers for Doctors’ Daily Routine

These quirky yet equally essential items will definitely spice up your doctor’s otherwise dreary clinic!

  1. Bone ballpoint pen – For doctors, writing prescriptions are already a normal ritual. Get them these bone-shaped pens to not only entertain them—but their patients as well.
  2. Medical crew socks – These stylish socks are perfect for your doctor’s days off and even during duty—remember to keep them hidden though… or not, sometimes doctors can have a little bit of fun too, right?
  3. Doctor and Patient cardholder – With the medicine field being constantly on the go, doctors also need to keep up with the demands of patients. With that, calling cards with matching cardholders are necessary to remind them of their profession.
  4. Medical bookmark – a really cool thing that reminds them of their profession whenever they stop reading to continue reading — be it for leisure (novels FTW!) or for the expansion of their professional lives (like medical journals).
  5. Doctor USB – The medical field is growing techy as well these days as most doctors nowadays need to update certain files. These doctor-shaped USBs will certainly serve as an adorable miniature version of your doctor!
  6. Syringe highlighters – Much like students, doctors also need constant brushing up on their knowledge. These syringe-shaped highlighters are quirky necessities for every learning doctor.
  7. Sticky notes/Post-its – something to help them do research, grunt paperwork, scut work, and other clerical things that are less exciting, but a doctor must do to do his job well.
  8. Syringe ball pen Alongside the bone ballpoint pen is the syringe pen which also illuminates the fun side of every doctors’ job.
  9. Medical charms – Perfect for female doctors, these charms are sure to go with their outfits in and out of the clinic.

Doctor-Related Items

These stocking stuffers will definitely provide doctors with much-needed help with their everyday workloads.

  1. Caduceus medical pendant – Any doctor will surely be proud to don the classic medical symbol under their white gowns.
  2. Stethoscope tie clip – Stethoscopes are one of the doctor’s best friend. This tie clip will keep their faithful companion safe and free from any damage.
  3. Medical doctor neck tie – In times of check-ups and meetings, looking professional is a must for doctors. This necktie with a design specifically for doctors will certainly give them a clean vibe.
  4. Doctor figurine – Perfect for both clinic and home display, adorable doctor figurines are sure to keep their passion burning for their profession.
  5. Skeletal system coasters – To keep from getting their workspace and clinic dirty, these coasters with skeletal system designs are sure to entertain and at the same time educate patients.
  6. Stethoscope cuff links –For the formal side of being a doctor, such as attending events and galas. These stethoscope designed cuff links are sure to catch anyone’s attention.
  7. Personalized key chain for doctors – Whether it’s for their house keys, car keys, or clinic keys, doctors definitely won’t forget to bring their keys when it comes with these personalized keychains!
  8. Spinal tape – This handy scotch tap donned with the spinal cord can be used for both clinic designs and paperwork — all while certainly entertaining doctors and their patients.
  9. Stethoscope covers – These warm and brightly- colored stethoscope blankets will surely provide their much-used and beloved accessory the protection it needs.
  10. Medical lapel pin – Just like the cuff links, these lapel pins will capture attention!
  11. Microbe plush toy – Perfect for kiddie patients who normally get queasy visiting the doctor, a plush toy will calm childrens’ nerves.
  12. Anatomy tile coaster – Much like the skeletal system coaster, the virus tile coaster will also entertain and clean up the doctor’s clinic!
  13. Medical symbol mouse pad – To truly complete the medicine-inspired equipment, this mouse pad’s classic design will add a touch of medicinal modernity to the doctor’s techy items.

Personal Items

Stocking Stuffers for Doctors’ Personal Use!

Everyday knick-knacks for a  doctor’s daily necessities.

  1. Pantone cup – This is perfect because a doctor’s job is super exhausting and a swig of coffee or juice is in order whenever they can grab a few moments of break.
  2. Wallet – to replace that old and broken down wallet.
  3. Personalized sign pen – A quality sign pen donning a doctor’s name will definitely be their go-to pen for writing prescriptions and other signatories.
  4. Cancer awareness tote bag – a little something to help them carry their stuff and to help further a very important agenda!
  5. Wristwatch – super cool jewelry for doctors. They can wear them whenever they are off duty!
  6. Selfie stick – for fun of course!
  7. Scented incense sticks – The ideal gift for those still working after a long day like doctors, these incense sticks will calm down a room—and relax anyone’s mind.
  8. Checkbook covers
  9. Camera bag
  10. Candleholders
  11. Pocket notebook
  12. Kindle – With thick books packing weight on doctors’ already heavy work bags, e-Books will definitely be of great help for bookworm doctors.

Other Stocking Stuffers for Doctors: Gift Cards

Gifts a Doctor Would Love to Receive, But Will Not Buy for Himself

Even doctors need a little spoiling every now and then. These gifts might be pricey but goes a long way for our hardworking and always reliable doctors.

  1. Audible Gift Card – With a doctor’s packed schedule, sometimes there’s no more time to sit down and rest with a good book. Luckily, Audible provides its members with a wide array of audiobooks comprising of different genres. Get your doctor a membership and they will certainly appreciate it!
  2. Subscription to any Medical Magazine – Numerous medical magazines are available at hospitals, however, if your doctor is eyeing a certain edition that he/she hasn’t gotten yet, a subscription would be a great gift idea!
  3. Netflix Gift Card – Sometimes doctors can no longer catch up with their favorite shows due to their busy nighttime schedules, a Netflix account will certainly be of great help for them to relax on their rest days!
  4. Tickets To A Theater Play
  5. Spa and Massage Gift Card
  6. A Hotel Accommodation Gift Card – May it be a simple hotel accommodation nearby or somewhere far, this extravagant gift for their much-needed rest days is sure to be highly appreciated!

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