It’s that time of the year again when kids get excited to receive their gifts from the good deeds they’ve done throughout the year. On the other hand, each year grown-ups are having a harder time in choosing the perfect present for the little ones. May it be for a boy or girl, finding a gift for an elementary student–within the age range of 6 to 12 years of age is quite tedious because of their playful nature, not to mention with the technological advancements serving as a competition for their restless minds. So to make Christmas shopping easier, here are some stocking stuffers for elementary students — and kids-at-heart.

Toy Time

Toys and Games Stocking Stuffers for Elementary Students

Funko Pop Keychain: Harley Quinn

Playtime’s not over yet. You can never go wrong with the classic toy gift, so prepare to unleash your inner child as you scour various toy stores for these much-loved goodies.

  1. Lego – these classic building blocks of fun can truly test a child’s ability to design and construct–not to mention Legos are a classic determiner if your child has the potential to become an excellent engineer.
  2. Stuffed toys – these little toys have been around since 1880’s and has helped keep children entertained. May I suggest these neon stuffed dogs?
  3. Funko Pop keychains – Too cute! I love this new Harley Quinn Keychain.
  4. Play-doh – a treat for the artists-at-heart
  5. Hot Wheels – perfect choice for the young car enthusiasts and aspiring racers

Apparel and Accessories

Clothes as Christmas Gifts for Young Boys and Girls

Superman socks as stocking stuffers!

The next runway model could be sitting right next to you, so go out there and pick these for your future fashion icon!

  1. Caps – Though caps can become an overused gift, finding out what kind of design kids enjoy will definitely make them feel like a king (or queen) with a crown.
  2. Funny eye masks – for those kids who have trouble sleeping at night. Try this cute and funny red panda eye mask.
  3. Fun socks – Sold by various stores around the country, socks are usually a go-to gift, depending on the design of the socks. So choose wisely! Here is a unisex Superman socks you can get.
  4. Statement shirts – Let them speak through their shirts!
  5. Mickey Mouse gloves – They could wear the famous gloves that the Disney’s famous mouse is wearing!

Food Street

Edible Stocking Stuffers, Anyone?

Dried strawberry candies. Yum!

Pastries, sweets, and the likes usually do the trick for a child’s sweet tooth. Take note: good only for the holidays to avoid any dental problems!

  1. Christmas cookies – perfect gift for those who have been hungry (literally and figuratively) for holiday food
  2. Chocolate bars
  3. Homemade candy
  4. Doughnuts in packs
  5. Dried Strawberry Candies – A healthy fruit and at the same time a treat that will be enjoyed by anybody this Christmas.

Brain Busters

Toys and Games that Boost Thinking

Giving them something that will tease their brain at a young age will help them to be more critical and analytical of their surroundings. From the simple card and board games to educational materials, here are some things that might just help them:

  1. Jenga blocks – A block stacking game that requires hand-eye coordination and focus which will develop their decision-making.
  2. Memory Card Games
  3. Miniature magnetic chess set – for those who are trying to be one of the world’s chess grandmasters
  4. Rubik’s Cube – a real test for the brain.
  5. Jigsaw puzzles – test their memory and let them finish one!

Sports for Your Rising Star

Sports Stocking Stuffers for Elementary Students

Sports bobble head

Got a kid who is very passionate about sports? Maybe your kid has the potential to be a “Most Valuable Player” in the near future! Show your support by equipping your mini MVPs with the strength and power they need.

  1. Jersey – show your full support and let them wear their favorite player’s jersey!
  2. Sports Bobble head – Not only are they adorable desk decorators, these cute little figurines of your child’s favorite athlete might just be the fuel for your little MVP to strive harder in his sports and academics
  3. Baseball
  4. Jump rope – having fun and working out your muscles all together at the same time!
  5. Player cards – Memorabilia are a fan’s prized possession, so why don’t you get them one?

Techy Twists

Tech Gifts for Elementary Students

Food-shaped flash drives. These stocking stuffers for elementary students are useful and fun!

As much as we’d love to stick to the traditional classic Christmas gifts, there’s no escaping how technology is capturing our young one’s eyes and hearts nowadays. Instead of going against the flow, ride the new technological wave with these techy and useful modern presents.

  1. Ear pods – for his music!
  2. Wrist watch – fashionable and useful!
  3. Novelty flash drive – depending on the design, kids will sure be happy saving their files with this gift! Try getting him one of these food-shaped flash drives.
  4. Selfie stick – taking photos with friends and family won’t be hard with this gadget!
  5. A CD of their favorite show/movie or music.

Practicality Matters

Practical Presents for the Kids

Coca cola bottle coin bank

Going practical? Do you want to give something that would be used every day? Here are some options that might help their day-to-day living.

  1. Coin bank – teaching them to save money at an early age helps them to be responsible. Bulk ones won’t fit the stocking, so get him this coke bottle shaped coin bank.
  2. Stationery – a surefire aid in their academic track
  3. Handkerchief – a must have especially when kids are outdoors
  4. Water bottles
  5. A new shirt – Try this funny and clever shirt about Math.

For the Jetsetters

Travel Gift Ideas for the Children!

Boonie hat

Adventure is out there! Kid explorers love to learn on their own as they dare to discover the world with their own two feet.

  1. Binoculars
  2. Sling bag – a multi-purpose bag that varies on design, but very useful when travelling
  3. Boonie hat – a wide hat that shields the eyes from sunlight
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Kiddie planner – teach them to be organized by giving them a planner that will serve as their reminder notebook.

Looking for More Stocking Stuffers for Elementary Students?

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