Employees usually get their much-needed break from work during the holidays, and the best way to make their vacation much sweeter is by giving them something that will not only inspire them to work better but little-known office essentials as well.

Here is a list of great stocking stuffers for employees.

Novelty Items

Weird and Wonderful Stocking Stuffers for Employees

Entertain your fellow employees with these quirky and fun gifts!

  1. “Thank you” key chain – Nothing beats a good old appreciation for someone who has done you right and what better way to show them that your gratitude by giving them this key chain
  2. Motivational rubber ducks – A step ahead from the classic rubber ducks that belong in the bathroom, these adorable rubber ducks come with a motivational quote attached so each worker will not only be delighted by the designs but inspired as well.
  3. “Make a difference” pin – A friendly reminder to everyone that changing for the better helps our world to become a better place!
  4. Novelty warning sign – A humorous sign for those who do not want to be distracted while doing their tasks, this can be a perfect gift from bosses to their employees!
  5. Grip Master hand exerciser – A handy tool that can be used as a stress reliever during working hours, especially if an employee has been typing or been in his cubicle the whole day.

Office Items to Use at Work

These essential and equally important items will boost any employee’s productivity.

  1. Pen light with stylus tip – Perfect for those people who are always called up to do presentations and reports in front of several people, the stylus tip is perfect for capturing viewers’ attention and making sure they’re keeping up with the information.
  2. Funny Paperweight – It’s no mystery that the workplace will eventually drown employees in paperwork. For that reason, a simple but significant paperweight will definitely keep all their paperwork in one place.
  3. Coffee mug warmer – Coffee is one of the holy grails for employees and cold coffee is undoubtedly a problem, especially because coffee is often left behind by most workers. But never fear, because the coffee mug warmer will always be prepared to keep your coffee piping hot for energy throughout the day.
  4. Cardholder – Sometimes a wallet just isn’t enough when it comes to holding all of an employee’s calling cards, thankfully card holders are available for ready-to-go calling cards for future employers!
  5. Desk calendar – An employee’s cubicle wouldn’t be complete with a classic desk calendar. Perfect for counting down for the weekend and keeping track of holidays!
  6. Executive planner – No worker is complete without the proper organization tools. An executive planner is the perfect gift for busy workers with packed schedules that always need to be sorted.
  7. Digital alarm clock – With the demands of employee life, oversleeping can become a huge problem and will definitely leave a mark on one’s punctuality. The digital alarm clock may be tiny, but its alarm packs a punch.
  8. Pencil cups – An oldie but definitely a goodie, pencil cups are perfect for keeping pens, pencils, highlighters, and just about any writing tools one may need!
  9. Power bank – A must-have for employees, Power banks are nifty for last-minute meetings and even lunch breaks when the battery goes on low.
  10. USB hub – In the workplace, sending and receiving important files is inevitable. Keep your files safe and sound for fast sending through this handy USB hub that can hold up to four USBs all at the same time!
  11. Key tags – Keys are one of the most essential objects of any employee, along with their phone and wallet its value is definitely of great importance. So key tags are the best way to brighten one’s key and make sure they never forget it before leaving their home or the office.
  12. Organizer with calling card slots and a pen – The ideal gift for employees with a lot of work in their hands—and on their desks.
  13. Bag clip – For female employees to have a portable hanger for their handbags. Perfect for restaurants, meetings, or whenever extra table space is needed!

Housekeeping and Daily Supplies

Everyday home essentials for after-work errands around the house.

  1. A gift check entitled to a full tank at a gas station. You can also go for an Amazon gift card.
  2. Curtains or bath towels.
  3. Toiletries.
  4. Corkscrew – When the time for a pay raise or a promotion arrives, a celebration is always mandatory. So best to prepare your employees and motivate them to pop the champagne by giving them a corkscrew!
  5. Shower gel and body lotion – A necessity for any employee wanting to make a good impression to his coworkers. The best part is many stores offer these items as a duo!
  6. Starbucks travelling cup – A must-have for all coffee lovers out there!
  7. Silverwares – Commonly given to people who are starting out with their own individual lives, these utensils would definitely help them in their household.
  8. Grocery shopping vouchers.
  9. Furniture shopping vouchers.

Accessories And Other Stocking Stuffers for Employees

Miscellaneous gifts that will definitely be beneficial for every employee!

  1. A subscription to Spotify – Treat someone with a premium subscription to Spotify and give them their much-needed relaxation and motivation!
  2. Survival card tool – An undoubtedly essential gift, especially for night-shift workers or those working overtime, the survival card tool is a handy weapon and all-in-one Swiss Army Knife that fits in the comfort of one’s wallet.
  3. Passport holder – A must-have for all employees who love to travel abroad! Keep your items safe and intact with this passport holder.
  4. A ticket to a concert – Concerts may serve as a bonding time with your peers and this is also good to develop your relationships with them while having fun and listening to good music
  5. Wireless Bluetooth earpiece – A classic gift for the employees on the go! A Wireless Bluetooth earpiece is perfect while driving, walking, and basically any multitasker.
  6. Key chain breathalyzer– A key chain that may be used to detect the presence of alcohol within your system before an officer does! Careful!
  7. Camera lenses for smartphones – People who love using Instagram will surely enjoy this gift! Different effects can be made using these lenses for your phone!
  8. Shoe cleaner – For the people who always want to keep their shoes neat and tidy. After all, no employee wants to give the impression of having bad hygiene.
  9. Plain white shirt – One can never go wrong with an elegant but simple white shirt! The shirts can look good with anything without comprising the office dress code.
  10. Restaurant gift card
  11. Portable wireless speaker – A little music always goes a long way, especially for an employee deep in his work. A portable wireless speaker is a perfect gift for music junkies on the go!
  12. A gift certificate for a spa treatment – Treat someone with some spa time! Some rest and relaxation usually give a person the much-needed breather they need from all the work that they have done.
  13. Christmas bonus – For sure, any employee that would receive this as their gift would be very happy. Make a small note and put it in their stockings. Probably the best stocking stuffer for employees ever!

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