Everyone can admit that babies are truly a gift from God, especially with their sweet cherub faces and the silky smooth skin we all love to pinch. But beyond the adorable qualities of babies are the mothers who bravely carried them for nine months. This Christmas season, let’s honor the brave expecting mothers with these 40 essential and interesting stocking stuffers for expectant mothers.

For the First Time Moms

Stocking Stuffers for First Time Expecting Moms

For first-time mommies, both anxiety and excitement normally plague their feelings throughout the pregnancy. These stocking stuffers might just help them calm down themselves and the baby.

  1. Diaper Duty Survival Kit – Pretty self-explanatory and equally essential. The kit can also be used by both first-time mommies and daddies as well who are yet to get used to the diaper changing grind.
  2. The Book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting – The classic anthology is a go-to book for all expecting mommies. Now on it’s 5th edition, What to Expect is definitely a must-have for all expecting mothers.
  3. Mum Bub Soothing ointment – More often than not, scars and pains go along the pains of a first time pregnancy. Soothing ointments will do the trick—or at least until the 9 months has passed.
  4. Luxe scarf – Expecting mommies need pampering every now and then. This luxe scarf will definitely become a part of their nightly relaxing routine.
  5. Pregnancy journal – A pregnancy journal is a surefire way to keep expecting mommies on track of their 9 month journey.
  6. “Mom Life” Adult Coloring Book – What better way to relax and hone their creativity than to relish in an adult coloring book? This particular coloring book is targeted for all types of moms.
  7. Kimono robe – With its soft material and comfortable size, kimonos are paving the way for maternal fashion and comfort.
  8. Bath bombs – Perfect for relaxation all in the comfort of one’s bathtub. Just don’t forget to keep the water lukewarm though!
  9. Pre-natal vitamins

For Every Mommy

Stocking Stuffers for Expectant Mothers… And Those Who Have Their Baby Already

During pregnancy, mommies often focus too much on their babies that they neglect their own well-being. Make sure expecting mothers remember to take care of themselves with these stocking stuffers.

  1. Silver pendant necklace – The perfect way to commemorate the 9 months of love and labor that the mommies are going through!
  2. Acupressure wristbands – A subtle yet soft way of massaging tired mommies-to-be.
  3. Soundwave bracelet – Though this might come at a price, these type of bracelets capture the soundwaves of a baby’s first heartbeat even before birth and engrave it into a sterling bracelet! Any expecting mommy will truly appreciate this sweet and amazing present.
  4. Skincare set
  5. Pre-natal juice
  6. Mix book for pregnant women – Who says expecting mothers can’t have a little fun? This mixology book for pregnant women holds hundreds of recipes for non-alcoholic yet fun to make drinks!
  7. Bath soak – Much like a bath bomb, bath soaks are like heaven on earth for expecting mommies who just want to relax in the comfort of their homes.
  8. Facial cleanser – Pregnancy can make one’s skin rough and soar, natural facial cleansers can do the trick without hurting mommies’ sensitive skin.
  9. Virgin coconut oil – Though mommies can’t get a massage during their pregnancy, lathering them with virgin coconut oil will surely make them feel relaxed and invigorated before sleeping.
  10. Body oil
  11. Baby wrap – Sometimes classic cribs just won’t cut it, especially when you want to feel close to your baby. This adorable baby wrap will comfortable cuddle in your little bundles of joy, especially the smaller babies.

For the Baby

Stocking Stuffers for the Baby

Nothing can prepare you for the stress and challenging of an adorable yet equally demanding baby. However difficult it may be, these miniature stocking stuffers will surely help expecting mother on their way to being the best mommy they can be.

  1. Cloth diapers
  2. Baby shampoo and wash
  3. Infant formula
  4. Baby bottle
  5. Cutlery for babies – Let’s face it, mo one would cut up small carrots or bananas. with a regular kitchen knife. These adorable and essential cutlery for babies will easily slice and dice any soft food that your baby will enjoy.
  6. Rattle and maracas – For the expecting mothers who would love to entertain their babies with a jingle. Who knows, your baby could even become a future musician?
  7. Trainer cups
  8. Teething keys – For when the big challenge of teething comes, expecting mothers will be prepared for their babies adorable teeth to come in.
  9. Suction bowls – More often than not, babies love to play not only with their food but their plates as well. Expecting mommies can make sure their babies’ bowls stay safe and away from the floor with these handy suction bowls.
  10. Reusable food pouch – A handy case for mommies put in the baby’s leftovers for future use because, let’s face, babies often make a mess and don’t always finish their food.

Everyday Essentials

With the demands of pregnancy, it can only be natural to forget certain knick-knacks that make up every day life. With these stocking stuffers, you can make sure expecting mothers always keep these necessities handy.

  1. Headache ease balm – When those annoying headaches and pains come in, a portable balm to remedy the unexpected.
  2. Digital thermometer – When the immune system is down, expecting mommies can experience a great hassle. Make sure you’re always prepared for incoming colds with this quick in results digital thermometer.
  3. Baby wipes – Even with the baby not arriving just yet, baby wipes are an essential for expecting moms.
  4. Skin care lotion
  5. Baby powder
  6. Food jar – With the unusual appetites of expecting mothers all ranging from different varieties, bringing in a food jar might just be the remedy for ravenous and incessant cravings.
  7. Stove knob covers – Baby-proofing is an important element of being an expecting mother. These stove knob covers will make sure your incoming baby will be kept safe from any burns out of curiosity.
  8. Corner guards – Another way of baby-proofing is having corner guards to avoid boo-boos and accidents. Surely, expecting mothers will breathe a sigh of relief once everything has been baby-proofed.
  9. Replacement nipple
  10. Baby bottle brush