While we are busily shopping for our children, we usually forget to hang stockings for our grandparents, thinking a nicely wrapped gift under the Christmas tree will be enough. That will be okay, but wouldn’t it be more fun to make our grandparents relive their childhood by having their stockings filled with gifts, too? How wonderful it is to see them laugh and be really merry this Christmas! Here are 54 cool stocking stuffers for grandfathers!

Clothing Accessories

Wearable Stocking Stuffers for Grandfathers

newsboy Cap

Newsboy cap

Looking good is not limited to the young. These accessories will enhance his looks so he can grow old in style.

  1. Herringbone Driving Cap – I love this newsboy cap and your gramps can wear it all year round!
  2. Beanie – A classic fold-over beanie will be a nice gift, you can have it personalized if you want.
  3. Handkerchiefs – The Permanent Press Handkerchiefs is wrinkle-free so no need to iron.
  4. Socks – Monkey Socks are ideal for Grandpa because they are more comfortable and he can wear it on any occasion.
  5. Suspenders – A fashionable way to keep his pants in place!

Grooming Items

Badger hair shaving brush.

Make Grandpa looking smooth and suave with these classic grooming aids.

  1. Hair Grooming Cream – Because Grandpa looks cool with his hair swept back and styled.
  2. Comb – Handmade combs that are gentle to the scalp.
  3. Badger Hair Shaving Brush – Made of badger hair that creates a rich lather.
  4. Mustache Care Set – If he doesn’t like shaving, here’s a mustache cream, comb, and switchblade to keep that facial hair slick.
  5. Soap-on-a-Rope – A convenient gift especially for men who showers away from home plus I always love that clean manly scent.
  6. Shoe Polish Kit– Everything he needs to keep his shoes shiny.
  7. Bacon Toothpaste – Because he can’t enjoy bacon as much as he wants to for health reasons.

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Hobbies and Recreation

3D Wooden Puzzle

A collection of puzzles and games are usually inexpensive, but always a welcome gift. These are very useful in helping an elderly person retain cognitive functions.

  1. 3D Wooden Puzzle – 6 pieces of different Kong Ming locks, a superb exercise for the brain
  2. Playing Cards – Bicycle created low-vision playing cards for the elders so they can continue to enjoy a game of cards despite their age
  3. Board Game – Chess, checkers, and backgammon, all in one magnetic board.
  4. Game Books – Pencil games like crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Word Search have always been a good way to pass the time.


Great outdoors stocking stuffers for grandfathers

Lifestraw. This is a really nice great outdoors stocking stuffer for grandfathers who love to camp out!

For the not too old grandpas who are still fit enough to go camping and fishing.

  1. Survival Kit in a Can – This innocent-looking sardine can contains emergency medical supplies, navigational aids, plus you can cook in it!
  2. Pocket Handwarmer –For somebody who spends a lot of time in the cold.
  3. Tactical Matchcase – Aside from matches, you can also put your meds, batteries, and notes in this waterproof case.
  4. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter – A handy water filter to make sure he’s drinking clean and safe water.
  5. Fishing Lure – A personalized lure will be appreciated by any fisherman.


Home and gardening gift ideas for grandpa

Bamboo gardening gloves

He’s still the man of the house, even if he’s getting old. He still prefers to handle minor repairs at home by himself. But things can be a little strenuous so here are some tools that can be a lot of help.

  1. Comforter Clips – To keep comforters from slipping, make his life easier.
  2. Bottle and Jar Opener – Those feeble hands can’t open jars and pull tabs without straining. Grandpa will be grateful if you give him this.
  3. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool – an all-around key chain, so useful in most outdoor situations.
  4. Miniature Flashlight – Led flashlight for optimum beam performance
  5. Gardening Gloves – Protect your hands from splinters and dirt. Fit like second skin for easy movement and comfort
  6. Knife Sharpening Kit – A small tool but does the job quickly and efficiently.
  7. 9-hour Candles – Perfect for power failures and lantern use. Citronella is mixed into the paraffin to serve as an insect-repellant.


Traveling stocking stuffers for grandfathers: travel pill case!

Grandpa has decided to spend his remaining years traveling and visiting places. Here are some practical things that can be very handy for his trips.

  1. Tactical Pocket Notebooks – Grandpa tends to be a little forgetful so a notebook where he can write his ideas and tasks will be very helpful
  2. Travel Waist Bag – A slim waist wallet that can be worn under the shirt. Very useful for holding money, travel documents, and other important items.
  3. Money Clip – Tired of sitting on bulky wallets? Try this!
  4. Luggage Tag – A personalized tag will be great. You can customize it with a photo of your pet or family members.
  5. Travel Pill Fob – A tiny pill holder that fits right in his keychain. Very handy.


Super awesome lighter!

If he’s healthy enough to enjoy a good smoke once in a while, and you know he can’t give it up, just give in to his heart’s desire.

  1. Cigar Cutter –Made of stainless steel and self-sharpening blades to cut cigars cleanly.
  2. Tri-Flame Lighter – This butane lighter has a protective cap that opens automatically with a touch of the slide switch. It also has a cigar punch tool.
  3. Cigar Save It – If he can’t finish his smoke, and he wants to save the rest, here’s the solution.
  4. Humidifier- An essential for every humidor, has metal tape and magnet for easy attachment.
  5. Lighter Belt Clip – Easily clips on belt, waistband, pocket, or sun visor.
  6. Tobacco Pipe – Compact and leak-free so he can use it for a long time.


Personalized credit cad bottle opener!

An occasional drink won’t hurt so if his heart can take it, why not? Just make sure he’s not overdoing his drinks.

  1. Credit Card Bottle Opener – Fits inside your wallet so it’s easy to carry around. Can also be personalized.
  2. Can Koozies – Keeps drink cooler for a longer time. Funny, too!
  3. Reusable Bottle Caps – Washable silicone caps to save your favorite beer.
  4. Drinking Flask – Made of stainless steel, comes with a funnel to prevent spills.

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Assistive Items

Stocking stuffers for an easier life!

Button hooks

Grandpa is obviously getting old and he can’t do things like he used to. Instead of making him feel incapable, let him do things on his own with these helpful tools made especially for the elderly.

  1. Folding Cane – Comes with a carrying pouch and strap so he can carry it everywhere.
  2. Headlamp – So he can have his hands free to read, or do other tasks.
  3. Button Hook – So he can button his shirt effortlessly.
  4. Grabber – Helps him grab items from hard to reach places.
  5. Sock Aid – No need to bend while putting on socks.
  6. Eyewear Retainer – Keeps his glasses safe and in place.
  7. Sore Muscle Ointment – Soothes and relax sore muscles.


Moldy Sandwich Bag

Moldy sandwich bag

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Keep Grandpa’s heart and mind young and healthy with these hilarious gifts.

  1. Salt and Pepper Shakers –D-sized battery designed shakers. A fun way to pass salt and pepper around the table
  2. Talking Stress Reliever – Just give it a squeeze and it will cheer you up with “All Right! Way to Go!”
  3. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags – Sandwich bags with green splotches printed on it that will make your food look spoiled. Nobody’s going to steal your sandwich again!
  4. Telemarketer Repellant – A funny way to get a telemarketer off the phone without you having to say anything.

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