Working out and staying in shape is what these gym rats love to do. Lifting weights, running on a treadmill and doing a bunch of repetitive push ups are just some of the things that they do perhaps on a daily basis. But what if they are on their free time and away from their beloved gyms? One thing’s for sure: They would miss the feeling of getting their bodies fit. Here are some suggestions that you might want to consider as stocking stuffers for gym rats.

Apparel and Gym Clothes

Clothing Stocking Stuffers for Gym Rats!

Grab these items before going to a gym for a better performance!

  1. “Gym Rat” Tank top – Allow them to show off their muscles by giving them this tank top. A comfortable upper garment that will enable them to perform their work outs to the best of their abilities.
  2. Running socks – Keep a pair of running socks in your closet that may aid you in your performance.
  3. Performance underwear – Made for extra support and comfort, this underwear gives you a trouble-free experience at the gym.
  4. Compression shirt – Get yourself a compression shirt for greater mobility while exercising.
  5. Gym rat cap – Let the people know that you love to stay in a gym by getting this cap. Fits any person as this cap is very adjustable.

Accessories for His Workouts

These handy items will surely help you and your exercise at the gym!

  1. She is wearing a Flipbelt!

    Flip belt – Cop this flip belt as this handy tool stashes your must-have items around your waist while your exercise.

  2. Knee supports – Avoid the risk of getting injured while working out with a pair of knee supports. Made from sturdy neoprene material, this knee supports guarantees the user’s satisfaction while enhancing their athletic performance.
  3. Face towel – A handy towel around keeps you cool and clean after a sweaty session at the gym.
  4. Bandanas – Stay nippy with a pair of cooling bandanas.
  5. Waist trimmer belt – A belt that raises body temperature over the abdominal area to burn calories while exercising.
  6. Ear warmer – Keeps not only your ear warm but it also keeps hair out of your face to avoid any distraction while having your work outs.
  7. Wrist wallet – Avoid misplacing any of your important belongings in the gym by getting this wrist watch. It ensures to keep all of our valuables including your keys, cards, and cash in one, safe and compact wallet.
  8. Running arm band – Want to listen music while running? Place your gadget in this nifty arm band to have a hassle-free experience as you energize yourself.
  9. Weightlifting gloves – Make it a habit to prioritize your safety at all cost. Get a pair of weightlifting gloves for extra grip and protection as well as to avoid any injury.
  10. Nonslip headbands – Prevent hair from falling to your face with a nonslip headband.

Gadgets for a Modern Day Gym Rat!

Gadget Stocking Stuffers for Gym Rats

These modern-day items will help you keep track of your progress!

  1. Digital jump rope – A modern take on the conventional jump rope. Assembled with new features, this jump rope while make your exercise a lot easier and more convenient
  2. Sports watch – A multi-function watch that includes different features like a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor and a GPS to keep track of some important data for your progress.
  3. Head phones – Keep a set of head phones with you for that extra motivation while working out.
  4. Up Move by Jawbone Activity + Sleep Tracker – A gadget that tracks your steps, exercise, calories burned, hours slept and the quality of sleep. A perfect tool for those who are particular of their fitness data.

Personal Care And Fitness

Stay Clean and Fit With These Gift Ideas

Help yourself to stay in shape with these items.

  1. Cleansing oil – Designed to remove any impurities from your skin, this cleansing oil will keep your skin smooth after a strenuous work out.
  2. Protein powder – An appendage to your diet, this powder will help you boost your body to your desired shape!
  3. Pain relief gel – This handy pain reliever will soothe any muscle and joint pain caused by a tedious work out.
  4. “Maybe You Touched Your Genitals” Hand sanitizer – Store a hand sanitizer within your reach before going to a gym to keep your hands clean and germ free before and after hitting the gym. Funny too!
  5. Super detox drinks – A compilation of detoxifying drinking recipes that serves as a compliment to those who are working out and wants to keep a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Detox dry shampoo – Loosen up and hit the showers after working out with a detox shampoo.
  7. Deodorants – Stay fresh and smell good even after a work out by having a handy deodorant in your disposal.
  8. Hydration tablets – Packed with electrolytes to replenish the ones you lose during your work outs, these hydration tablets feature better performance.
  9. Energy bars – These munchies are a source of protein and a handy snack that you can have in after your work outs.

Other Items

Miscellaneous Stuff a Gym Rat Will Love to Receive as a Gift

  1. Muscles key ring – Buff up your keys and other valuables with this muscular key ring.
  2. Gym unicorn notebook – A novelty gift that converts you from a gym rat to a gym unicorn.
  3. Gym rat pendant – Keep up with the fashion trend with this stylish necklace! Fits both men and women, this accessory will surely be the center of attraction inside the gym!
  4. Tote bag – Perfect item to keep your dirty clothes after hitting the gym.
  5. Water bottle – Don’t forget to hydrate yourself in between your work outs. This water bottle may also store different energy drinks to boost you in your activities.
  6. Work out journal – Keep track of your progress with this fitness log book so that you can determine what works for you to achieve your goal.
  7. Coreplus reformer – A resistance band to help you strengthen and develop your abdominal area.
  8. Shoe pouch – Made for storing your fitness trackers in your shoes.
  9. Clean Soups: Simple, Nourishing Recipes for Health and Vitality – A guide for making healthy soups to help you detoxify your body and keep you energized.
  10. Self-massage tool – Relieve yourself from a back pain with this self-massage tool. It is accurately placed with different knobs that allows you to access your body’s pressure points.
  11. Yoga mat carrier – A streamlined carrier that is fit to carry nearly any size of a yoga mat. Designed to be machine washable and made with an outer pocket, this mat carrier is definitely be a must-have not only for gym rats, but to those people who loves to exercise.
  12. Hand therapy stress ball – Strengthen your muscles and joints with this stress ball.