Around this time of the year, plans are made for possible gifts that you will give to your kids. Making a Christmas list can be a lot of work and children of all ages always expect to receive something special from Santa. In this era of modern technology, children still look forward to those stockings filled with all sorts of things. Indeed, Santa’s stockings are now not limited to candies and toys. Nowadays, there are a lot of gift options to choose from to make Christmas more fun-filled not only for the kids but also for the young at heart.

Here are our picks for stocking stuffers for little girls.

Beauty and Grooming Items

Stocking Stuffers for Little Girls: Grooming Stuff!

Piggy polish! Colorful nail polish for girls.

Your baby is slowly turning into a little lady and she may be beginning to be conscious of her appearance. These gift suggestions may help her gain confidence as she grows.

  1. Piggy Polish – Non-toxic and hypoallergenic nail polish for young girls.
  2. Barbie Toothbrush – With soft bristles for her and it’s Barbie inspired.
  3. Foam Rollers – Turn her straight hair into lovely curls, easy and safe to use.
  4. Flavored Lip Gloss – Keep her dainty lips moist and pretty.
  5. Pony Holders – Keep hair in a clean pony, in various colors.
  6. Headbands- Adjustable, no-slip headbands to match her outfits.
  7. Vanity Set – A mini vanity set with combs and stickers so she can design it according to her taste.

Playtime Items

Light Up Spiky Balls

Like any typical child, your girl would love to receive toys for Christmas. Anything she can play with and share among her siblings and friends.

  1. Tetris Magnets – 49 Tetris magnets she can play and make figures with.
  2. Play- Doh – Your child can enjoy molding various shapes using this non-toxic clay.
  3. Light-Up Spiky Balls – Squeezable, bouncy balls that lights up!
  4. Jack stones and pick up sticks set!
  5. Barbie Chelsea Doll – Because almost all girls want a Barbie Doll.
  6. Stuffed Toy – Aside from dolls, a girl also needs a bedtime companion, and this super cute pink cat is just wonderful!

Learning Materials

This is a puzzle where you assemble a human girl, bones, insides and all!

Your child is now in school and she is gradually learning quite a bunch of facts and it may be a little difficult for her at this stage. As parents it is your responsibility to make education a less stressful activity to your girl. Here are a few learning materials that you can consider as a stocking stuffers for little girls.

  1. Children’s Books – Choose something that will tickle her curiosity, anything from science, fairy tales, or kiddie paperbacks.
  2. Wooden Abacus – Teach your child math skills with this traditional calculator.
  3. Leap Frog Frozen Reading Games – Leap Frog offers a number of learning games that teaches math, spelling, handwriting, etc.
  4. Your Body Wooden Puzzle – With five layers that focuses on the different body systems.

For the Future Artist

Arts and Supplies Stocking Stuffers for Baby Girls!

Dot-a-dot helps young artists express themselves!

Your kid loves to doodle and draw, encourage her further by giving her art materials so she can develop her talents

  1. Do-A-Dot Markers – Fascinating way to make art projects. No cups and brushes needed, and they don’t have to worry with missing a dot, the ink is washable.
  2. Doodle Mat – Lets her draw and paint without mess, convenient for both of you.
  3. Sidewalk Chalk – Have fun in the front yard and make a statement.
  4. Coloring Books – The Mini-Princess Coloring Set comes with a box of non-toxic crayons.
  5. How to Draw Book– A beginner’s guide on how to draw pets.

Musical Instruments

Ocarina + More Legend of Zelda Stocking StuffersIf you think your child has developed a keen interest in music and has the talent to be a musician or singer when she grows up, a musical instrument will be a great gift idea.

  1. Handheld Karaoke Player – Sing along to the tune of 25 pre-loaded Disney songs with pitch perfect features so she will never sing out of tune.
  2. Soprano Saxophone Recorder – Perfect for beginners with a recorder and bag included.
  3. Flutes – Learn to make beautiful sounds that is pleasant to the ears.
  4. Harmonica – the size is made for our little budding harmonica players

For the Young Adventurer

Dora the Explorer Backpack (With Map!)

So your girl loves the outdoors and enjoys kiddie adventures with her friends, gifts that will get her equipped in exploring what is out there.

  1. Dora the Explorer Backpack – It actually comes with a map. Cool!
  2. Flashlight – It has a nylon cord so she can wear it on her neck.
  3. Neon Compass – Colorful compasses she can take on walks, bike rides, or treasure hunting games.
  4. Magnifying Glass- It really works well in finding hidden clues and solving mysteries.
  5. Kidnoculars – Binoculars designed especially for kids so they can see things from afar.


Fun Stocking Stuffers for Little Girls

Candy Cane Socks

Girls love to pretend and dream of becoming a princess. So let her experience her fantasy by allowing her to dress up like her favorite princess, or character. She will surely attract attention on parties!

  1. Tutu Skirts – Available in various colors and sizes. You can also cut them to desired length without worry of fraying.
  2. Candy Cane Socks – No-skid knee-high socks for clown or Santa Claus costume.
  3. Dress Up Shoes – Shoes fit for a princess, a pop star, or a beauty queen.
  4. Frozen Cosplay Accessories – Dress up like Queen Elsa and wear her famous long braid, plus a matching wand and tiara to complete the look.

Disney Princess

Disney Princess Figurines

Disney has introduced lots of characters that children and adults alike have grown to love. Make Christmas more memorable with these adorable gifts inspired by our favorite Disney characters.

  1. Disney Princess Figurines – Fill her playtime with fun and fantasy with these miniature princesses, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, etc.
  2. Frozen Magnetic Paper Dolls – Just like the old paper dolls but slightly better.
  3. Disney Fork and Spoon – She will feel like a princess as she eats using these Disney flatwares.
  4. Olaf Coin Bank – Teach your children the importance of saving money.
  5. Lanyard with Coin Purse – She needs a coin purse and lanyard will keep her from losing it.
  6. Disney Underwear – Minnie Mouse designed cotton panties for girls.

Hello Kitty Items

Hello Kitty tin purse

The world’s most famous and fashionable kitty, and your child just has to have at least one of these adorable Sanrio items.

  1. Raincoat – What a cute way to stay dry!
  2. Laplander Hat – Protect your child from the cold and make her wear this beautiful knitted white winter hat from Sanrio!
  3. Tin Purse – Has a beaded handle and made of quality materials, perfect for storing snacks and other accessories.
  4. Watch and Jewelry Set – Includes a projection watch, wallet, necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings, fun but elegant, just like your baby.

Other Stuff

Rainbow Projector

If her tastes are a little different from the ones mentioned above, here are more gift ideas that could help.

  1. Stickers – Fun stickers she can put anywhere she wants.
  2. Musical Hand Wash Timers – Teaches your child how to wash their hands properly.
  3. Rainbow Projector – Fill her room with colors and make a rainbow come to life.
  4. Kid’s Camera – Make your child feel like a grown up with this Princess 2.1 MP digicam, she may turn out to be a photographer someday.
  5. Music Box – Features affront and side drawers plus a cute ballerina that dances to the tune of “Swan Lake”.

More Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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