These people love the outdoors more than anything else. May it be climbing up a mountain, setting up a camp in a field, or being one with nature and out in the wilderness are just some of the things that these outdoorsmen live for. But staying out in the wild is no ordinary task. You need to have the proper equipment to ensure your safety and the success of the task at hand. This Christmas, check out these cool stocking stuffers for outdoorsmen that you may give to someone who loves to spend their time outside!

Tools And Equipment

Gears Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsmen

Keep in mind these tools that you might want to give—or receive—this Christmas.

  1. Glow in the dark can holder – Made from the finest materials, this can holder ensures the user’s satisfaction and benefits for outdoor usage.
  2. Candle lantern – Bring ambience and illuminate your camp site with this candle lantern.
  3. Head lamp – A handy tool for trekking or hiking especially when your trail lacks the proper guide.
  4. Camping brass hammer – This equipment will help you drive steel pegs and it can also be used to set up or disassemble camp sites.
  5. Travelling hammock – Small when packed, this portable hammock will come in handy for some rest and relaxation at any given place when going outdoors.
  6. Aviator sunglasses – Protect your eyes from the sunlight while looking sharp and dapper with these classic Aviator sunglasses.
  7. Hooks – For multiple applications that will help you in your activities.
  8. Survival pod – Includes different basic tools that are small and compact to be always with you and an essential part of your outdoor gear.
  9. Steel knife – Made from durable materials, this steel knife is definitely an ally to all outdoorsmen and also can be used in various ways.
  10. Binoculars – May it be for hunting, or simply looking at magnificent and breathtaking views, a pair of binoculars is the best friend of the outdoor enthusiasts.
  11. Loop rope – A great utility tool that can be used outdoors or at home, depending on its usage.
  12. Bottle opener – More than what name already suggests, this bottle opener also has the insigna saying “Let the adventure begin.”
  13. Hobo knife – Packed with a spoon and fork, this hobo knife is your indispensable and durable outdoor silverware.


Check out these stylish apparel and consider to put them on your priority lists during this gift-giving season!

  1. Sun hat – A lightweight hat is useful in times of intense heat and humidity.
  2. Visor – Not only used in sports, this visor can also be used for outdoor activities as well.
  3. Barn coat – A versatile jacket that is built with many pockets for storing anything the user may need.
  4. Outdoor vest – Keep your valuables within reach with this durable and stylish vest.
  5. Outdoor gloves – Perfect for handling any foreign objects that can be found in the wilderness.
  6. Dive watch – A must have for those people  regularly spending time in bodies of water. Designed to be resistant to a hundred meter deep water, surely this watch can be helpful to both swimmers and spontaneous outdoor swimming activities.
  7. Knit hats – Keep yourself warm and comfortable with a stylish knit hat.
  8. Hiker socks – Made from materials that will keep your feet clean and smelling fresh all day.
  9. Leather belt – A unisex belt that will keep you comfortable.


These stocking stuffers for outdoorsmen will never go out of style.

  1. Walky talky – Cellphones may render useless when you are outdoors. This pair of two-way radios ensures a stable communication line to your peers and anyone else useful if you are going out in the wild.
  2. Phone pockets – Used as an alternative for your wallets. Applied on the back of any cellular phone, these pockets will keep all of your valuables together.
  3. Leather camera strap – A durable strap that will ensure the safety of your camera even in the outdoors.
  4. Bluetooth speaker – Listen to your favorite music or radio on the road or on the campsite by connecting your gadgets to this Bluetooth speaker.
  5. Go Pro – Perhaps one of the best video capturing gadgets that can be found in the market. Albeit pricey, it ensures to record every single event that you are going to have with excellent high-definition quality and with the assurance of durability.

Must-Haves For Every Outdoorsman

Some important items for that every outdoorsman must have:

  1. Multi tool – Packed with everything you need out of a single object, this multi tool pocket knife is your one stop equipment outdoors. It also comes with a handy little flashlight.
  2. Coil lighter – Not just your ordinary lighter, this wind proof lighter that can be used up to 300 uses.
  3. Carabiner – One of the essentials for an outdoorsman. Used to secure your items in one convenient area.
  4. Military compass – A heavy duty compass designed and perfected for outdoor use.
  5. Army knife – Must have for those people who are fond of exploring the wild.
  6. Fire steel – In case of emergency, this fire steel is made to create a spark that will readily start a fire at any condition.

Miscelleous Items

  1. Rubber band gun – An outdoor recreational item that is non-lethal and safe for kids ages 4 and above.
  2. Mini espresso maker – Jump start your day in the wilderness by having a cup of coffee with this mini espresso maker perfect at cabins or even at home.
  3. Epic bar variety pack – No time to cook your favorite meal? This flavored bar will guarantee to fill in the needs of your hungry stomach while satisfying your cravings!
  4. Adventure shot glass set – For you and your friends to have a good time while enjoying the great outdoors. Remember to drink responsiblty though.
  5. Life straw – A personalized water filter that allows you to drink at any source without having the fear of being contaminated by different bacteria.
  6. eCycle flask – Take a sip of the good stuff with this eCycle flask! Durable, sturdy, and spill proof, this flask will definitely help out any person at any time.
  7. Glow sticks – Commonly used in parties, glow sticks are also an outdoorsman’s choice for recreational purposes and a handy tool in case of light emergencies.

More Gift Idas for Outdoorsmen?

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