Despite the negative connotation of the term “rednecks”, this word actually doesn’t mean the stereotype that we’ve all been accustomed to. In actuality, rednecks are those that prefer things the old fashioned way, and never let their beliefs waver; surely we all have friends that have a little bit of a redneck in them! This holiday season, let us be generous and include our redneck friends!

Here are our picks for funny, useful and cool stocking stuffers for rednecks.

Apparel and Clothing for Rednecks

Clothing Stocking Stuffers for Rednecks

Check out these apparel that you can give this Christmas!

  1. Redneck father shirt – A comfortable and simple shirt that will definitely capture anyone’s attention.
  2. Zombie slash shirt – A horde of zombies are coming to a redneck’s house, what do they do? Fight back, of course! This zombie slashed shirt is sure to capture attention and make one look like a real zombie fighter!
  3. “My truck that’s all that matters – Maybe two people” hoodie – A humorous hoodie perfect for all rednecks, since it’s available in many sizes!
  4. Beer/Jeep shirt – A “Beer” shirt that says “Jeep” when turned upside down—enough said!
  5. Wig skull cap – Perfect for the upcoming sunny days or when they’re just having a bad redneck hair day.
  6. Trucker baseball cap – Though not all rednecks are truckers, this cap is sure to protect their eyes and hair for the upcoming heat!

Household Items

Gifts a Redneck Can Use Around the House!

These stuff will go a long way inside your own home!

  1. Camouflage toilet paper – A fun little sarcastic gift for a few laughs in the bathroom setting.
  2. 2017 redneck calendar – For rednecks to be prepared and keep note of their activities for the year to come.
  3. Novelty salt and pepper shaker – This quirky little cooking necessity will surely spice up any kitchen—no pun intended!
  4. One handed plate – Compacted with several compartments for different kinds of food, this handy one-handed plate is ideal for party scenarios or just when there’s no available table in the house!
  5. Redneck food pyramid apron – For those barbeque cook-out nights with redneck neighbors and friends!
  6. Shotgun shell corkscrew – You’ll never know when you need a corkscrew handy, this shotgun shell shaped corkscrew is perfect for those emergency redneck scenarios!
  7. Country chicken ceiling fan pull design – For those hot summer days when the ceiling fan is a must-need! Bonus points for the classic check design!

Gag Gifts for Rednecks

Gag Stuffers for a Good Laugh

A good laugh through these items will surely be appreciated this Christmas!

  1. Hillbilly metal commandment sign – A fun decoration that showcases the so-called “10 Commandments” for hillbillies.
  2. Hillbilly toothbrush gag gift – This prank present will surely keep rednecks teeth pearly white and even poke a little fun at the stereotypical perspective on them!
  3. Country hillbilly ornament – Perfect for the holiday season and a cute little addition to the Christmas decorations.
  4. Donald Trump tissue – Perhaps not all rednecks are Donald Trump fans, as these tissue paper is designed for those who may not favor the Republican candidate.
  5. Big Cletus Billy Bob teeth – Whether or not rednecks dress up for Halloween, this pranking teeth will pack a punch when they’re trying to prank someone.
  6. 101 redneck jokes – A joke book targeted for rednecks—by rednecks!
  7. Donald Trump pen holder – Being the incoming president of the United States, rednecks are sure to be aware of Donald Trump’s reign, with this pen holder all their office supplies will be held intact.
  8. Novelty bandages – In case of unwanted health emergencies, these novelty bandages are sure to be handy for the family.
  9. Billy Bob pranking teeth – Another Billy Bob inspired pranking teeth that is sure to be ideal in prank making.


Booze Stocking Stuffers for Rednecks

Rednecks will surely benefit a lot from these warm cozy “drinkers” this Christmas season.

  1. Cowboy flask – No redneck is complete without handy alcohol on the go, this cowboy inspired flask will make sure that their thirst need is always fulfilled!
  2. Bullet hole coffee mug – Like the toilet shaped mug, this bullet hole designed mug pokes fun at the idea of rednecks.
  3. Personalized Mason jar – Since Mason jars are very in right now, why not give a special personalized one this holidays? Rednecks will surely enjoy on!
  4. Plastic shotgun shells shot glass – A safe alternative to the usual sensitive shot glass that are prone to breakage, this plastic shot glass will definitely receive a warm welcome at any party.
  5. Toilet mug – Perfect for either the morning cup of coffee or midnight cup of cocoa, this toilet shaped mug is a cute albeit unusual gift for your redneck friends!
  6. ‘Murica mug – A classic mug take on the land rednecks tend to flock to—America itself.

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Other Stocking Stuffers for Rednecks

These are some other cool gift ideas.

  1. Camouflage Beer holster belt – Perfect for the beer-loving rednecks who can’t be without a beer in their hands—or in their belts!
  2. Redneck dog collar – Rednecks are sure to own a dog or two, this collar will make sure that their furry friends don’t stray away.
  3. Stainless steel survival knife – You don’t have to be a redneck to keep a survival knife handy, this stainless steel necessity will delight others as well!
  4. ‘Merica Fanny pack – For rednecks who’d rather not worry about their items nor carry a big bag, a fanny pack will surely do!
  5. Redneck Romeo and Juliet bracelet for two – For couples to immortalize their love—in a modern fashion of Romeo and Juliet!
  6. Redneck ice cleats – Ideal for the ice rink when winter comes!
  7. Redneck 4th of July audio CD – Despite July being a far seven months away, this audio CD will excite all rednecks of all ages!
  8. Bullet cufflinks – For formal events—without losing one’s style.
  9. “It’s hard to be humble when you’re a redneck” tote bag  – Women will sure find this handy tote bag useful, as it can hold many items of various sizes!
  10. Can coolie – Beer can sleeves that fit nice and snug within the confines of the can, perfect for too-cold cans and bottles alike!
  11. Fish hook key chain – Reminiscent of one of a redneck’s stereotypically favorite activities, this fish hook is bound to be handy for any occasion.
  12. Fake tattoo sleeves – Ideal for either costumes or to just dress up for the day, these fake tattoo sleeves are sure to really make one feel like a redneck!