We may be often amazed by the explorers and adventurers that excel in the field of rock climbing, but we should also remember that in order for them to quench their thirst for thrill, a few handy things should be involved. This holiday season, consider these miniature gifts that pack a punch for rock climbers.

Books and Readables

Book Stocking Stuffers for Rock Climbers

Check out these awesome reading materials that will surely help you reach the summit!

  1. The rock warrior’s way: Mental training for climbers – An informative and entertaining book that all rock climbers will enjoy reading and will help them earn knowledge.
  2. The rock climber’s training manual – Another informative manual to keep in every rock climber’s bookshelf.
  3. Rock Climber’s Guide to South Platte – Tackles about the 1400 routes in the foothills west of Denver.
  4. Traditional Lead Climbing: A Rock Climber’s Guide to Taking the Sharp End of the Rope – The perfect present for both novices and experts who wish to further their knowledge on the art of rock climbing.
  5. Trad Climber’s Bible (How to climb series) – Truly a rock climber’s bible, this series will evoke serious and honest events of being a rock climber.
  6. Pilgrims of the Vertical: Yosemite Rock Climbers and Nature at Risk – This book makes an introduction to the origins of climbing and Yosemite’s contribution to its development.

Equipment for Rock Climbing

These tools will aid you in your outdoor adventures!

  1. Belay device – Automatically catches the climber in case of the event wherein the person falls
  2. Eat, sleep, climb bottle – A handy yet motivational go-to water bottle with for that quick spurt of energy.
  3. Loose chalk – Every rock climbers’ hidden best friend for those days when their hands just get too sweaty.
  4. Polarized sunglasses for climbers – Keep a rock climbers’ precious eyes safe with these tight-holding and polarized sunglasses.
  5. Hand and foot balm – This handy balm will keep them from being sore fast.
  6. Harness
  7. Small Grappling Hook For Gear Retrieval – Since this is a pretty inexpensive hook, one should use it for retrieving gears from below and not to support human body weight.
  8. Treatment cream – From small to big itches and pains that rock climbers may have.
  9. Chalk bag – A handy and reliable bag to hold any climbers’ got-to soothing item.
  10. Chalk balls
  11. Climbing brush – In order to clean holds and make for a better grip for our rock climber friends that can be used either in the gym or on the field.
  12. Finger exerciser and hand strengthener – No matter how strong rock climbers are, it still pays a lot to exercise their hand and finger muscles. This small exercise tool will surely make for a better climb with each use!
  13. Pocket LED flashlight – This pocket flashlight will surely shine their way to the summit!

Accessories And Ornaments

Small Trinkets as Christmas Gifts for Rock Climbers

Pick any of these cool knick-knacks to keep a climber inspired to go the extra mile!

  1. Male rock climber Christmas ornament – For the fellas out there who want to both decorate for the holidays and show off their rock climbing passion.
  2. Rock climbing pendant – For a rock climber’s off days when they just want to make their fashion foot forward.
  3. Climber carabiner key chain – To keep their keys and other personal knick-knacks handy while on the trail.
  4. Climbing Button Pin – Perfect for every rock climber to proudly proclaim their passion.
  5. American ninja warrior eye mask – With ANJ being the go-to show for those seeking for a thrill, this eye mask is also perfect for rock climbers who wish to rest while still remaining with the hype.
  6. Female climbing Christmas ornament – For the ladies who wish to do the same this holiday season.
  7. Lego mini figures: Rock climber – The kind within every rock climber is sure to enjoy these Lego figurines commemorating their passion and enjoyment.
  8. Eat, sleep, climb snowflake – Another adorable addition for decoration this holiday season!

Shirts for Rock Climbers

Wearable Stocking Stuffers for Rock Climbers

Rock these amazing tops to show everybody that you love rock climbing!

  1. Rock Climber Evolution Shirt – One for the rock climbers who wish to strut their stuff and proclaim their love for rock climbing.
  2. Climber and belayer shirt – This gender neutral tee is bound to turn heads in a rock climber’s off day.
  3. Will Belay for Food – A humorous take on a rock climbers’ everyday tee.

Other Items

Miscellaneous Rock Climbing Stocking Stuffers

  1. Rock climber oval sticker – This stickers can be put in any surface and can be handy fora rock climbers’ utilities
  2. Rock climber mug – Perfect for coffee boosts in the morning before a climb.
  3. Thera cane massager – This cane shaped massager will sooth the pains and aches that rock climbers encounter every day.
  4. 2017 climbing calendar – To keep schedules on track and serving as a reminder for their rock climbing activities
  5. North Face Blu-ray DVD – Even better now that the film is in Blu-ray, North Face is sure to make rock climbers captivated with the visual portrayal of the extreme trials and triumphs of rock climbing.
  6. Keep calm and climb on notebook – Ideal for keeping track of their rock climbing experiences and just to take down notes on everyday life as well.
  7. Keep calm and climb on flag – The flag all rock climbers are sure to fly.
  8. Rock Climber Car window decal – Any rock climbing decal is perfect for on the road adventures and out of town thrill trips.
  9. Compression socks – Socks perfect for any weather to keep their feet and toes snug.
  10. Better than coffee energy bars