From our beloved grandparents to the adorable elderly men and women in our lives, it is evident that the elderly are also in need this holiday season. This holiday, check out these suggested stocking stuffers for our beloved elder people.

Personal Care Stocking Stuffers

Everyday usage stocking stuffers for the elderly

Check out these handy items that will help the elderly in their everyday lives.

  • Antifungal soap – This soap will ward off any unwanted bacteria and eventually any disease to reach the elderly.
  • Soapy Soles – This handy and useful item thoroughly washes feet while eliminating awkward bending and balancing. A foot-shaped suction pad adheres to the shower floor.
  • Bathroom balance bar – This bathroom balance bar will make bath times more convenient, without anyone’s help.
  • Smart Caregiver Bed Alarm and Sensor Pad –  For the modern elderly people who have a caregiver, the sensor pad will also make their caregiver more aware of their troubles.
  • The Hope of Glory – A Devotional Guide for Older Adults – The inspirational novel fit for older adults and the elderly alike, Hope of Glory is one book that should not be missed!
  • Adult cloth diapers
  • Fingertip pulse oximeter – This durable and handy pulse oximeter is useful for any daily medical situation.
  • Foot and body brush – This foot and body brush will provide comfort during their bath times and cleaning days.
  • MediChoice Skin Cleanser – This no-rinse needed and perfectly pH balanced cream cleanser is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants that are perfect for the elderly’ skin and body hygiene.

Home Items for the Elderly’s Home

These gift ideas will definitely make your house shine this Christmas!

  • KeyRinger key finder – Ideal for the elderly who often misplace and lose their items—sometimes for our forgetful friends as well. Probably one of the most useful stocking stuffers for the elderly there is.
  • Medical alert system – Including a Necklace Panic Button and waterproof wrist wireless help buttons, this Elderly Home Help Alarm Life Monitor will be of great help in case of unwanted emergencies and unplanned alarms.
  • Magnifying glass –With LED light and a folding stand coming with it, this magnifying glass will make them prepared for any instance they need a closer look at something.
  • Elderly couple key chains – For grandma and grandpa who just proves that love can conquer anything!
  • Wheelchair/walker cup holder – This cup holder is perfect for the elderly who want to keep their hands free! Can also be used for any food cup!
  • Buttonhook – A heavy-duty steel wire thin enough to navigate through the smallest buttonholes without snagging, this tool is for those struggling with Arthritis who still wish to have a dapper-looking outfit.
  • Infrared thermometer – This non-contact infrared thermometer will be truly helpful to the elderly who are feeling ill and red, with no family around.
  • Stander HandyBar – This HandyBar will guide the elderly as they travel and do multiple tasks throughout the day.

Gadgets Stocking Stuffers for the Elderly

Who said the elderly cannot be techy?

Who said that the elderly can’t be techy enough? Sure they can, with these gift ideas!

  • Atomic full calendar clock – This calendar clock will adhere to any elderly’s planning and year-journeying throughout the entire year.
  • Motion sensor and pager – Reminiscent of the old days when pagers were the main thing, the additional motion sensor is perfect for home and self-protection around the elderly.
  • Smartwatch – With SOS call and real-time communication, this Smartwatch will be of great communication help to the elderly.
  • Electric can opener – To prevent hand aches and bone problems, this electric can opener will make the woes of the elderly much easier and faster to boot.
  • Needle threader – An automatic needle threader for the old ladies who prefer to spend their days making crafts for their friends and family.

Apparel for the Elderly

Cool clothing stocking stuffers for the elderly to appreciate!

Elderly people can still be styling and profiling with these awesome choices!

  • Men’s thermal socks – These thermal socks will provide warmth and comfort to an elderly man and his nights in.
  • Women’s slipper socks – These slipper socks will keep elderly women’s feet steady and ready for staying-in or quick trips outside the house.
  • Knee sleeve support brace – Custom made for the elderly with arthritis, this knee support brace will be the perfect bone protection for our elderly family and friends
  • Scarf –Perfect for the holiday season and the cold holidays about to plague our geriatric friends and family.
  • Men’s slipper socks – These comfortable and easily fit slipper socks will definitely relieve any elderly’s feet for those rest days and sleepy nights.
  • “I’m retired” shirt – A humorous T-shirt for the retired men and women who just want to relax with their family and are ready to take a break with life.
  • Winter gloves – Goes great for the scarf as these gloves also provide warmth and protection.

Other Gift Ideas This Christmas season

  • Vintage sheet music Christmas ornament – Reminiscent of their earlier years, this vintage holiday ornament will definitely make them remember their olden days while also making their days much brighter.
  • Antique bible Christmas ornament – Ideal for the religious elderly people and an addition to their holiday decorations.
  • Word search puzzles for the elderly – Like Sudoku and the classic crossword puzzles, these word puzzles will make the elderly’s time move faster while keeping their minds sharp.
  • Toenail Soft – This Aloe Vera gel will make any toenail softer and easier to endure and cut.
  • Women’s Cozy Pocket Cape Fleece Shawl – This shawl for older women will keep them comfy and warm for the approaching warmness of the holidays.
  • Short curly wig – For the elderly woman who wishes to still keep their youthful flowing hair.
  • Waterproof bib – This waterproof bib is to avoid those messy eating situations.
  • Locket – Whether it be a picture of them in their youth or a loved one, this locket will surely be loved and appreciated by the elderly—and their families.
  • Grandfather hand puppet – For the grandfathers who wish to keep their grandchildren entertained and remain in their hearts forever. Effective for cute tiny babies as well.
  • Younger Next Year: A Guide to Living like 50 until you’re 80 and beyond – A how-to book with suggestions on how to live the golden years of fifty-plus that will surely make their years gleam and shine.
  • Memory journal – This Memory Journal is perfectly entwined and handmade for the elderly who wish to recollect and keep their memories intact throughout the years. It’s kind of like a diary but for older people!

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