If you are not yet done looking for stocking stuffers for women, then you would need to look at this list. We added stocking stuffers for all the women in your life, like your wife (or girlfriend), mom, and grandma!

This list contains:

  1. Inexpensive, and Less than $10
  2. For Young and Expectant Moms
  3. Candies and Foods Stuffers
  4. Decorative Stocking Stuffers
  5. Personal Effects for Wife
  6. Grandma’s Kitchen (Or Wife’s)
  7. Fashion Stocking Stuffers
  8. Jewelry Stuffers
  9. R&R Christmas Gifts

Inexpensive, and Less than $10

If you would want to give stocking stuffers that are relatively inexpensive, then you should take a look at these. With just a few bucks, you get stocking stuffers for women in your life! Spoil your wife, girlfriend, mom or grandma with these inexpensive yet wonderful stocking stuffers. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Rosebud Salve

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This rosebud salve soothes burns, rashes or even chaffed lips. Huge benefits and remedies form a small tube of salve. Pretty inexpensive, too.

Vintage Butterfly Jewelry Box

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A pretty little box where she can store her precious little treasures. Can fit rings, earrings and necklaces in its surprisingly small size. Too cute!

Small Cosmetics Bag

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She’ll love this cosmetic bag and purse set, plus the butterfly design if just too pretty. Now she can bring the necessary makeup and touch-up kits without having to clutter and mess up the inside of her hand bag.

Bag Hook

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Speaking of hand bags, sometimes ladies cannot find something to nestle their bags on. The solution is a bag hook that conveniently hangs purses from a table, chair or other surfaces so it won’t touch the floor

Flameless Candles

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They are made of real wax minus the usual smoke and drips! They emit a faint, romantic light, too. Super cool for women who like to meditate.

Nutrition Facts Mom Mug

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Nothing like a mug that expresses your thoughts to say how much you appreciate her. This Nutrition Facts Mom Mug is going to be her favorite whenever she rises early to do her mom chores.

Stocking Stuffers for Young and Expectant Moms

Stocking Stuffers for new moms and those who are pregnant! Make her feel loved!

“I Love You To The Moon and Back” Pendant Necklace

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If words are not enough, express your love through this sterling silver necklace. This necklace can be for a mother, a wife, sister, or grandma, as there are variations depending on your relationship with the recipient.

Nursing Cover

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This is a great stocking stuffer for a new mom. This nursing cover allows her to feed her baby in public without social pressure, or exposing her breasts.

Mother and Baby Birds Necklace

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This is a sweet reminder of how great motherhood can be! This stocking stuffer is perfect for moms and grandmothers, reminding them that they possess the noblest profession of all — parenthood.

Aromatherapy Necklace

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Aromatherapy necklaces may sound weird, but this is one of the best inventions ever! Just imagine, relaxing smell hanging from her neck! She and people who are close to her will always smell whatever scent she puts in these aromatherapy necklaces — and associate good smells with her.

High Waist Maternity Undies

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Of course, this is for the expectant mother. This pronounces her tummy and making her feel good and proud of her baby bump.

Candies and Foods Stocking

The ladies who love to eat will appreciate you inserting a small snack or two into their Christmas stockings. Here are some ideas for edible stocking stuffers for women.

Organic Jam

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Perk up her sandwiches and snacks with organic jams. Choose the ones that are a bit unique, like this fig jam! Sweet and honey-like, with a bit of berry tang.

Floral Honeystix

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These are literally packaged honey in convenient sticks. These sticks satisfy sweet cravings without too many calories and with a bit of nutrition. There are lots of varieties to choose from, like wildflower, buckwheat, and clover.

Liquor Filled Chocolate

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A little zing won’t hurt! In fact, this makes these little chocolate truffles so unique and enticing! The taste of the chocolate mixes well with the liquor. Warning, not for kids!

Tea Sampler Set

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You can give her her favorite tea or you can give her Tazo Assorted Tea Sampler so she can try other varieties. What’s great about this tea set is that Tazo does not just stick to the common tea types like green, earl grey, or chamomile. They have a variety of new teas that are going to be new to the palate.

Dark Chocolate

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No more guilt, yes it’s dark chocolate, with very little sugar and milk, and most of all, it’s organic! Indulge! This chocolate is healthy!

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

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Chocolates are always a welcome treat for women. This set of chocolate wedges has a kick in them though! The spice is so good, she will want to stock two more boxes, or three.

Jalapeno Peanuts Tin

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Something to nibble on while watching TV or in front of the computer! These peanut tins are small enough to fit inside Christmas stockings but will give her enough snacks for a long time. These are hoooot!

Decorative Stocking Stuffers

In addition to being tidy, her house should also represent her good taste. Some of these small but charming pieces can add to her home’s elegance.

Comfort Candles

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Tea light holder with an inspiring message written across it. They look nice when unlit but look even better when lit.

Dream Catcher

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Do not worry! This dream catcher is small, that it fits inside a Christmas stocking.  Dream catchers are so pretty and they hold significance in native American culture. Get one and spruce up the patio or bedroom with these!

Hummingbird Ceiling Fan Pull

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The hummingbird will be an attractive tool to turn the ceiling fan into action. The colorful design is so beautiful and adds a touch of life into the living room.

Musical Water Globe

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This is a classically designed water globe, with the inscription “A grandmother’s love is a precious gift.” This gift is perfect for grandmothers. This is so exquisite and it plays “Wind Beneath My Wings”.

Sun Catcher

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Beautiful hanging butterfly with “grandma” engraved at the bottom and has real flowers pressed between the glass wings.

Personal Effects Stocking Stuffers for Wife

If you are looking for more personal stocking stuffers, like clothes or things she can use for herself, here are some.

Holy Cow Towel Wrap

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Easily attaches itself so it is absolutely hassle-free! This dries up the hair faster than blow-drying alone, or just using plain towels! If the woman in your life has long, beautiful locks, then this is the gift to give.

Scunci Hair Emergency Kit

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Yes, a bad hair day is an emergency case and this pack provides first aid! With clips, pins, and elastics.

Accoutrements Cupcake Dental Floss

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How about some frost-flavoured floss for a change? Make flossing a fun and addictive routine. This stocking stuffer is for women who have a sweet tooth and cannot get enough candy.

Callus Remover

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Gets rid of those feet calluses! These feel so good to use when used together with a foot spa set. Give her this so she can go barefoot or wear flip-flops with confidence.

Hair Flat Iron

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Don’t have time to visit a salon and her curls need a little taming? This hair flat iron will do the job! This little gadget softens out wild curls into gorgeous soft waves. Perfect for women who have naturally curled hair and would want to mix it up a little.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Brazilian Nut

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Give your wife an experience of intense exfoliation with a sweet smell of Brazilian Nut. Hmmm! These smell so good, and they feel even better on the skin! Talk about moisturizing and cologne at the same time!

Public Toilet Survival Kit

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You’ll never know when you’re going to encounter a public toilet with sanitary issues. Your wife will definitely thank you for this.

Emergency Underpants Dispenser

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– Show you really care, more emergency kits, and it’s unisex! It can also come as a great gag gift. :)

"I Love You" Message Seed

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If you want something a bit more mysterious and fun, you can give her this beautiful message seed! As it grows, she will see the message on the seed more clearer: “I love you”

She will love this!

Grandma's Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

Our sweet Granny always exerts extra effort to make Christmas special for all. This time, wouldn’t it be great to present her with a Christmas stocking filled with delightful articles she will love to have? A sweet gesture in return for the unconditional love and care she gave us from the beginning. This is one of the many ways you can show how much you love and appreciate her.

Grandmothers usually possess territorial authority over the kitchen. This is where she concocts her specialties and bakes goodies to the delight of her children and grandchildren.

* These stocking stuffers for women are for any kind of woman who loves to cook, actually!

Monsters Bag Clips

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The monster bag clips are so crazy-looking but so useful in holding plastics and even clothes! This is a great and cute way to clip leftovers inside baggies, as well as packing lunch!

Owlet Kitchen Timer

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Every kitchen needs a timer so that food will cook at the correct time! This wide-eyed owl will help watch and time your food, cutely. Superb and cute kitchen gadget.

Cloud Fried Egg Shaper

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Pop the egg white into the cloud and the egg yolk into the sun, what a fun way to eat an egg! This is perfect for grandmothers with grandchildren or moms with tiny kids! This is a great way to encourage preschool children to eat their breakfast.

Hedgehog Dryer Balls

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Dryer balls make clothes go softer and they collect lint too! This is a cute and economical way to make clothes comfier to wear.

Bear Paw Cooking Gloves

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Oven mitts will protect her hands from burns while cooking, roasting, or grilling! There are oven mitts that look like animal paws and these bear paw mitts look the best!

Garlic Rocker

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Garlic is such a versatile ingredient! It is needed in almost any dish and most of them need minced garlic. Enter garlic press! An innovative way to mince garlic. Just place it over a clove and rock back and forth. Too easy and so much fun!

Manatea Infuser

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Tea infusers make it easier to brew loose leaf tea leaves (and loose leaves tea are much more economical). This manatea infuser helps her enjoy her tea better. Cute tea infuser!

Silicone Spatula

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An ordinary kitchen utensil but with the words “Grandma Rues” written on it. Super cute and the shape is super clever. You can scrape the sides of the pan with it!

Piano Toothpick Dispenser

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Toothpick dispensers are nice to have on the table! A piano-shaped one? Classy! This is a fun way to dispense toothpicks.

Fashion Stocking Stuffers for Women

Clothes and accessories and scents also make great stocking stuffers for women! Here are some fashion ideas you can give as Christmas gifts!

Wonder Woman Apron

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We all know she is a superhero with the things she does, so validate it with this Wonerwoman apron! This makes her feel like the superhero she really is!

Leg Warmers

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When you roll the leg warmers tightly these will fit in Christmas stockings! These are very fashionable to wear with boots, booties, over stockings, or for joggers.

Shawl or Scarf 

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Choose a scarf with beautiful feminine colors like this one and she can match this lightweight scarf on any clothes or occasion.

Tank Tops

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It’s not always “dress-up” time. Women also like to wear those simple and comfy clothes while relaxing.

Tankini Swimwear

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This tankini swimwear looks really really nice. No ties, no wraps, not too revealing but still fashionable!

Reb’L Fleur by Rihanna

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A mixture of Hibiscus, plum, and vanilla for casual wear.

Fragrance Samplers

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If buying her a perfume is such a task because she can’t make up her mind, let her have a taste of Chloe, Marc Jacobs, and Armani with these samplers.

Jewelry Stocking Stuffers

Jewelry makes perfect stocking stuffers. They are small and they make people who receive them really happy. Jewelry makes people look better and lastly, there are lots of inexpensive but really pretty jewelry out there if you are willing to look.

Want to include a piece of jewelry inside her Christmas stocking? Then check this list of my jewelry stocking stuffers for her. “Her” can be your wife, fiancee, girlfriend, mother, grandma, or child.

BUtterfly anklet

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Give her simple and sweet foot jewelry like this butterfly anklet as a stocking stuffer!

Cat Charm Necklace

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A Charm Necklace – Make her beauty stand out with a charm necklace. This cat charm necklace is an elegant piece of jewelry she will love especially if she loves cats.

Multicolor Cuff Bracelet

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Multicolored crystals suits every eye color, clothes, and occasion. Beautiful!

Charm Bracelet

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Looks nice and the theme of the charms can be catered to the age and your relationship to the recipient. For example, a charm bracelet with ice creams and leafs and suns can be a bracelet for tweens, while charm bracelets with hearts can be given to a lover.

Crystal Drop Earrings.

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These earrings look very nice and dressy. Looks stunning, the looks of this kind of earrings suit perfectly the ears of a young woman… your lover, your child, or your mom.

Wrap Bracelet

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This is perfect for a female friend, whether you are a guy or a girl. Very cute and definitely implies friendship. It also does not hurt that most wrap bracelets are inexpensive.

R&R Stocking Stuffers

If she was stressed or tired lately, here are some stocking stuffers for her R&R (rest and relaxation)!

Hand Held Scalp Head Massager

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Nothing like a relaxing head massage to get rid of fatigue and stress.

Eye Gel Mask

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After a massage, these gel eye masks will relieve her of any remaining head ache or stress

Back Scratcher

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Isn’t it great to be able to reach an itchy spot back there? Back scratching is so much relaxing!

Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Set

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It’s either eucalyptus to relax tired muscles or lavender for a restful sleep, or she can have both!

Suflower Massage Oils

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I love back massages, cannot get enough of them. I and my wife take turns every week on who is giving a massage and who is receiving it. We love sunflower oil on our skin. Not too oily and sticky and it does the job. Plus, we found sunflower oil helps hasten the healing process.

The Body Shop Body Butter

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You can also put some good quality lotion or body butter in her Christmas stocking. She can try The Body Shop Body Butter… it smells like a delicious bag of fruits!

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

If you want to see more stocking stuffers for women, check out our colored gifts like yellow, red, blue, black, and white.