The teenage boys, ages 14 to 19 are now very young men. They start to take interest in the opposite sex, make bonds (that last) with other guys and most importantly, have needs different from the children they used to be.

If your teenage guy (or boyfriend) is hanging a Christmas stocking on the mantlepiece, you have to put some goodies in it! No idea what to add? You can look at this long list of 61 stocking stuffer ideas for teenage boys.

What Should a Stocking Stuffer for Teenage Boys Should Be?

Glad you asked! Teenage boys are obviously not children anymore, so do not add boy toys in there. They are interested in gadgets, music and sports. Teenage boys are also starting to take interest in girls, so anything that will make them cool and more confident to the opposite sex is a welcome gift.

What you should avoid is getting him stuff that baby him, so goodbye, “Mama’s Boy” shirt!

Also, a stocking stuffer is something you shove into his Christmas stocking. Therefore, big, bulky gifts are not stocking stuffers. These fall into the gift-wrapped present to be put under the Christmas tree.

You should add multiple gifts inside the teenage guy’s Christmas stocking, too. I think that the best stockings have quite a few items in it so, feel free to take a very detailed look on this list.

Electronic Gadgets

This super cool solar charger that sticks to windows is a great stocking stuffer for teenagers who love to go outside as this can be used on a car!

Because guys love electronic gadgets, you should give your teenage boy the present that he wants! There are many cool electronic gadgets that can fit into his Christmas stocking. Good useful gift ideas include music, smartphone and toy gadgets. Here are a few that caught my eyes. These are perfect stocking stuffers for teenage boys who love tech!

  1. Fun USB Flash Drive, like this super cool watermelon flash drive
  2. Non-Tangle Earbuds
  3. Tile (This is a key or phone finding device, perfect if the guy keeps losing the house keys or his iPhone)
  4. Chargelight (This is a 3-in-1 Smartphone gadget. Too cool.)
  5. Cable organizer
  6. Window solar charger for smartphones
  7. Mini Tactical Flashlight
  8. Nano Quadcopter
  9. Hexbug Crab (This is a really small robotic crab… cool toy for the big boys.)
  10. Hexbug Ant (Same as above, only it is an ant.)
  11. Mini powerbank
  12. evoMouse (This is the mouse of the future, folks!)
  13. Micro Bluetooth Speakers
  14. MP3 Player
  15. Inexpensive cellphone

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Cool Non-Electronic Gadgets

This Hedgehog multitool includes a comb, bottle opener, hex wrenches and screws. This is a really cool tool for a teenage boy.

This Hedgehog multitool includes a comb, bottle opener, hex wrenches and screws. This is a really cool tool for a teenage boy.

Of course there are also non-electronic gadgets he would love. Boys at this age start to love multitools, folding knives and just about anything they see macho.

I just love tools that fit in my wallet, so the list includes two!

  1. Pocket multitool
  2. Credit card multitool
  3. Tactical folding knife
  4. Wallet comb multitool (Makes a him look manlier!)
  5. Hand warmers

Geek: Fandom

This Baby Groot statue dances! Really! I wish this image was a gif, but you can check the item for yourself and the customer feedback are overwhelmingly positive.

If your teenage boy is a part of a fandom of a TV series or or a movie, you can get him a stocking stuffer that is themed by that particular show. A fanatic will really appreciate finding action figures, shirts and other wearables from the shows he loves watching.

Get your geek on!

  1. Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver
  2. Big Bang Theory Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty Shirt (Pur, pur, pur!)
  3. Star Wars Darth Vader Tie (because he gotta dress up sometimes, right? Make it quirky and geeky!)
  4. Marvel’s Captain America Shield Keychain
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot (Pictured on the right. this is bags of awesome.)
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy Starlord’s Mixtape Pendant
  7. Harry Potter House Scarf (You can choose from the houses available, but I like Slytherin. Go Slytherin!)
  8. Game of Thrones Hand of King Pin

Geek: Video Games

Looks like it came out directly from Portal 2! This is also a functioning flashlight, so it is quite useful!

Guys love video games, no doubt about that. He also likes stuff that is themed on his favorite video game. Why not add some video game themed stuff to his Christmas stucking? Popular video games that have novelty items include Minecraft, Zelda and some classic NES games.

  1. Minecraft Pickaxe Stylus (This is cuper cool. You get to poke your smartphone with a pickaxe and not destroy it!)
  2. Minecraft Sword Keychain (Wont keep Creepers away, but looks nice!)
  3. Zelda Hyrule Crest Shirt
  4. Portal 2 Wheatley LED Flashlight
  5. Megaman and Protoman Action Figure
  6. Pokeball Bouncing Balls
  7. Gameboy Cufflinks

Other Fun, Geeky Stuff

Here are some cool stuff that are so cool, he would like them!

  1. Dismemberable Zombie Plush
  2. How to Poop on a Date
  3. iPad gaming controllers
  4. Magic: The Gathering Card Decks

Weird and Wonderful Food

Obama Mints! Yes we can... dy.

Obama Mints! Yes we can… dy.

When adding a lot of items in your teenage guy’s Christmas stocking, you should add some cool, weird candy and drinks. These are awesome, I tell you!

  1. Astronaut Ice Cream (This is sooo cool! It does not need refrigerating but tastes quite good.)
  2. Weird Kitkat Flavors (Try giving him the red bean Kitkat!)
  3. Bacon Flavored Candy
  4. Bacon Soda (Because everything is more delicious with bacon.)
  5. Obama Mints (yes, we can….dy)
  6. Thanksgiving Gumballs (Because Thanksgiving last year did not require stocking stuffers! This is turkey, cranberry and pumpkin pie flavored gumballs. Weird but cool!)
  7. Pickle Candy Canes
  8. Machismo Manly Mints (Really! Are these guys who name these candies high when they brainstormed for candy names? So funny! The Machismo Manly Mints are super strong mints, suirable for manly men.)
  9. Foie Gras Bubble Gum (Gum in fine dining! Super fun!)

Other Stuff Your Teenage Guy Needs

Manly man soap! made with hops, the same ingredient used to make beer!

Other things your teen age guy needs and wants.

  1. Manly Soap
  2. Shaving Razor
  3. Electric toothbrush
  4. An Amazon or iTunes gift card
  5. Starbucks card
  6. Sports equipment
  7. How to Pick Up Girls! Book (Many guys swear by this book, so I am taking their words for it… That being said, this is for the older teen age guys.)
  8. Exfoliating face wash
  9. Gift certificates to a massage (clean, please!)
  10. Grooming kit
  11. Magazine subscriptions