Oh you have a Super Mario Bros. geek? Tell them to grow up! :mushroom:

Who would have thought that staring at the screen, mashing buttons for the whole day could entertain someone so well? Make them happier this Christmas by giving them Super Mario themed gifts. Those that fit inside their Christmas stockings, that is.

Wanting to fill a video game geek’s Christmas stocking with video game goodness? Check this list list of Super Mario Bros. Stocking Stuffers.

Fusebead Mario Goomba Shoe Keychain

Fusebead Mario Goomba Shoe Keychain + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

Super cool! This features Mario in a freshly stolen goomba shoe, SMB 3 style pixel artwork.

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Lemmy Koopa Plush

Lemmy Koopa Plush + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

If you ever fought this little guy in SMB3, you know how annoying those balance balls are. But this plush is super cute and is, thankfully, quite accurate.

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Super Mario Bros. Wall Decals

Super Mario Wall Decals + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

Help make a gamer geek’s room even more geekier with these Super Mario Bros. themed wall decals. The set comes with many decals, so you might want to remove them from the packaging to fit the stocking.

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Super Mario Bros. Mini Figures

Super Mario Mini Figures + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

If your gamer geek also collects toys and action figures, then he will be delighted to receive these small figures of Mario, Luigi, Goomba and others. Your gamer geek can place it on his play/work station or use it as ornament.

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Piranha Plant Earrings

Piranha Plant Earrings + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

Those annoying pipe plants started from pesky looking on the first game to quite cute on later installments. Maybe that is the reason why your gamer girl would want it to chomp on her earlobes? These piranha plant earrings are really cute and a nice way to tell the world one’s gamer girl status.

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Chain Chomp Earrings

Chain Chomp Earrings + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

Same geekiness level as the piranha plant earrings above. You might want to get this other Super Mario critter jewelry for your gamer girl.

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Goomba Necklace

Goomba Necklace + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

This is a super nice necklace for any gender of a Super Mario fan. Because the goomba is the very first critter oneĀ  see in the very first Super Mario game, the goomba holds a special place in a gamer’s heart and that is the reason why it should rest on his chest. *tear*

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Fire Flower Cuff Links

Fire Flower Cuff Links + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

The fire flower must be the most awesome power up in the Super Mario universe. It can even dispose of Bowser in the earlier games. If you want your gamer guy to power up his business suit, you might want to grab this fire flower cuff links set for him.

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1Up Mushroom Badge Pin

1Up Mushroom Badge Pin + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

Guys can wear this as a geeky brooch on his formal wear. I have seen a geeky wedding where the groomsmen wore one of these each and it was glorious.

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Super Mario T-Shirt

Super Mario T-Shirt + More Mario Stocking Stuffers

I do not think a Christmas stocking (for guys, that is) is complete without an article of clothing. You can roll this super geeky Mario T-shirt and stick it into your geeky guy’s Christmas stocking.

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