A lot of manly dudes like to hunt, fish or camp in the great outdoors. You can help them make their lives easier out there by giving them some of these manly survival tools for the great outdoors.

I mean really! Nothing says “I love you” like the a gadget that helps them increase their odds of survival out there. These items can also be used in case a zombie apocalypse starts and you and your man are in the middle of an exile, starving and freezing.

Here are some ideas:


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Clean water is essential for life. Most of our bodies are made of it (except that hairy dude at work - he is 80% hair) and we need it to survive. Only five days without water and the average person kicks the bucket.

So this is why Lifestraw is very useful! It eliminates the need to bring a water bottle because this straw of life purifies any source of water - a puddle, a stream, a river, rain - out of physical, chemical and microbial contaminants. Yep, this small thing is useful alright.

A Multitool

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A pocket knife is good, but a man will need more than just cutting things. This is why a multitool is just very useful. Take this Leatherman pocket multitool for example. It also has screwdrivers (to fix the screws of a broken fishing rod), a toothpick (to remove thorns from a wound), scissors (for cutting bandages), a saw and a pair of pliers. Maybe this cannot cure mushroom poisoning, but it can do a lot of things in case of emergencies.

Survival Kit in a Can

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This tiny little can has a lot of things inside it that one can use in case of emergency.It has a compass, whistle, matches, first aid instructions, razor blade, pencil, non-aspirin pain reliever, fire starter cube, adhesive bandage, energy nugget, reflective signal surface, fish hook & line, duct tape, wire clip, note paper, tea, sugar, salt, gum, watertight bag, safety pin, antibiotic ointment and alcohol prep pad. You can even use the can to collect water and cook with it. This little can is amazingly lightweight, floats in water and is waterproof. Now, if it can only just promote world peace, this will be perfect.

Lamp That Collapses into a Flashlight

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The creators of this little nifty tool might have been confused when they were making this lamp. The result is amazing, though. It has an accordion body that you can compress so that it can turn into a flashlight. This is very useful for those who like camping on the beach and spear fishing at night.

Go Sun Solar Cooker

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Forgot your flint at home? Can't build a fire? Do not starve to death! You can still cook that wild hog you killed with this solar cooker! This solar cooker can boil, fry and bake using the power of sunlight. If there is sun, this little gizmo can cook... yep, even in winter! This eco-gift idea also saves gas and electricity whenever you use it at home. Aside from wilderness cooking, this is also perfect for picnics.

Matador Pocket Blanket

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You know, it gets real cold outside at night. I know that there are blankets that can be folded into small little bundles, but this one takes it further... it folds into the size of a wallet. Now that is small and I am sure your outdoors man can spare room in one of the many pockets that he has on that jacket. The blanket measure 63" x 44" in size.

Biolite Camp Stove and Charger

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What is the most abundant fuel in the forest? Wood of course. This is what Biolite uses - it uses wood to make a fire you can cook on AND charge your phone via its USB slot. This is perfect for technophiles who also love getting lost in the wilderness. On full burn, this little gadget can boil water in five minutes and give you charge enough for an hour of talk time. Isn't that amazing? To be honest this is one of the most amazing survival tools for the great outdoors I have ever seen.

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