Sometimes, simple is the most beautiful. This also applies to wrapping gifts. You do not need colorful ribbons, laces and expensive wrapping paper; you just need your gift to look rustic, natural, untouched by artificiality. I happened to come across three rustic gift wrap ideas. I want to try them this coming holiday season, and you should too.

Add a Splash of Elegance With Fresh Flowers

Flower Rustic Gift Wrapping Ideas

The first gift idea that caught my eye uses flowers and leaves. (The image uses artificial ones, but I am very positive you can achive the same look by picking a real flower from your garden.) Since flowers are naturally beautiful, attaching one to a gift gives it a nice, fresh touch to an otherwise plain brown paper wrapping. You can layer it over earth-toned paper or cloth, tie it with fiber rope. Super nice find by Honestly WTF.

Burlap + Feather = Brings Me Back to Nature

Burlap and Feather Rustic Gift Wrapping Ideas

Reuse that burlap sack that used to hold your potatoes! With this, you can wrap the entire gift with a burlap net and tie it with hemp or uncolored paper sting. Tie or glue the feather on the center. Magic! My Old Blue Suitcase says that it gives a package a Bohemian feel. I agree!

Recycle Sweatshirts This Christmas!

Cashmere Rustic Gift Wrapping Ideas

And lastly, Christmas is less than a hundred days from now. If you want to give away edible goodies like cookies, muffins or sweet, you might want to use old (but clean!) sweaters, particularly the sleeves, to hold goodies inside. I figure you can also use this to hold other (inedible) gift ideas inside, but for me, gift bags just scream delicious stuff inside. Good stuff from With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart.