Wow! You are on your tenth year? Congratulations! Ten years is such a long time and it is established that you both love and respect each other so much, even through thick and thin. Time to celebrate! On the tenth year of marriage, the couples traditionally give each other tin or aluminum gifts to each other.

If you are a man looking tin or aluminum wedding anniversary gifts for her, you have to check this list out. Note that this list is for gift ideas for a woman (although you can still pick up ideas for a man here) and if you are looking for gift ideas for tin or aluminum presents for a man, you should check this article out.

Aluminum Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Aluminum is very malleable. However, when mixed with other metals such as copper or magnesium, it becomes very strong, holding up to twenty times it could when alone. This is a refection of each of the couples, making each other strong through the marriage and time.

Aluminum cuff jewellery as 10th wedding anniversary gift for her.

Aluminum cuff jewellery as 10th wedding anniversary gift for her.

1. This super cute aluminum cuff bracelet. The texture is simply stunning, just like your wife.

2. Another aluminum piece of jewellery that captured my attention is this “God Gave Me You” aluminum heart necklace. Super sweet!

3. An aluminum ring is also a good idea. This spiral aluminum ring has the words “His Queen” inscribed on it, which will flatter your queen.

4. You can also find other aluminum jewellery such as aluminum anklets or aluminum earrings at artisan stores, if you wish to shop offline.

5. This celebratory keychain, a dime with a heart stamp and with an added aluminum base is just one of the most creative I have ever seen.

Spooning key chain. the pun is too cute!

6. “Spooning” keychain. Super cute! You can customize this by giving the year of your marriage. Super cute aluminum key chain.

7. You like puns, eh? How about this “My Favorite Catch” keychain? It features a fish. Especially sweet of you love to reel in fish.

Plus, many more cure aluminum keychains online, if you are willing to look!

8. How about giving your wife a brand-spanking new make-up kit? Most premium make up kits come in an aluminum carrying case, so this one counts.

Aluminum rose. You can now give her flowers made of metal!

9. How about an aluminum rose? It is decorative and can stand on its own, making this a nice decor to her work desk, if she works at an office.

10. Hammered aluminum artwork! these are flat sheets of aluminum with embossed images. You can find these art stores.

11. Many other hammered aluminum decors like:

Tin Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Just like aluminum, tin is very malleable, very soft. It strengthens when mixed with other metals to become strong, too.

Tin can earrings. Who would have thought that recycled tin cans can be so cute?

12. Funky, chic, retro earrings like these. Look glamorous, right? They were made from upcycled tin cans. :)

13. How about tin rings? They look very nice too! Shiny!

14. This hammered tin heart necklace is simply stunning. Who would have thought this is tin and not sterling silver?

15. Other jewellery made of tin like:

  • Hammered tin bracelets
  • Tin brooch
  • Hammered tin anklets

16. Treats in tin cans are also a good idea. Something like this delicious belgian chocolate cookies in tin can! Yum!

Chocolate truffles in round tin can.

17. Or this chocolate truffles in round tin can. Double yum!

18. Or cookies, biscuits and other sweet stuff in tin cans. She will love them!

19. You can also give her tea and coffee in tin.

20. Upcycled tin can keepsake boxes, like this peacock tin can box. So pretty! She can use this as either a jewellery box or as a trinket box where she can store miscellaneous small stuff.

21. How about a tin rose? It even comes with a tin container! So beautiful!

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