If you are looking for presents for someone whose name starts with the letter R, then it only makes sense to give gifts that begin with the letter R, too, right? This is great because we compiled a list!

The clock is ticking and the gifting season is coming shortly. You might be one of those people who are cramming because their gifts are not yet bought.

First of all, you need to stay calm and focused. Make your gift-giving list so that you’ll have an idea of how much you will spend and the budget you will set for each. Next is to choose your gift wisely and that is by knowing your recipients’ interests at least two would do.

A little something would mean so much since gifts are naturally tokens of appreciation that anyone would love to receive no matter how much it is worth.

Check out our prepared list of the one hundred gifts that begin with the letter R for your reference.

  1. Refreshing Food to Eat and Share
  2. Rich Candies and Snacks to Munch On
  3. Radiant Toys to Play With
  4. Readable Books for Kids
  5. Relevant Books for Young Adults and Grownups
  6. Reliable Electronics, Gadgets and Hobbies
  7. Robust Gifts Around the House and Garden
  8. Ravishing Fashion and Accessories
  9. Other Gifts That Start with the Letter P

Refreshing Food to Eat and Share

Most of us do have a huge circle of family and friends. If you want to give something special without hurting anyone’s feelings because you have forgotten them then you can give a group gift by giving them something to eat and share this coming holidays. Prepare some scrumptious feast that the whole family can enjoy and share together. Check out our suggestions of dishes and desserts that you can gift this coming holiday season to your friends and family.

Red Velvet Cake

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When it comes to gifting food as a gift, I could say that it is more economical and safe to give that is if you are giving food that will not cause allergy or any irritation to your recipient.  Of course, we know our recipients well so when we know that our giftee is a foodie, we know by heart the munchkins that would make our recipient happy.  If you have the baking skills, why not explore your baking prowess and create some mouth-watering red velvet cupcakes for your recipients.  You can even make it personalized by putting your recipient’s name on the icing or even spelling out your message. This kind of gift idea would be perfect for any occasion there is!

Russian Roulette Hot Sauce

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This Russian roulette hot sauce is a set of very spicy sauces with a roulette. You can use this in a (very)) drunken bout of games. While this is technically a game for the grown-ups, you can also just use the delicious hot sauces on meat, dishes and snacks.

Red Bean Mochi

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This is just too good! Imagine sweet sticky rice buns with red bean filling inside. Wow! When I first tasted this in South Korea, I could not have enough of it (though I later found out the origin of this is Japan). This would be a great stocking stuffer for Koreanatics, Japan-aholics, or those who went and could not stop raving about it.

Righteous Felon Jerky Set

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IF you know someone who is trying to keep healthy, working out, or is upping their protein intake (or all of the above) then this set of jerkies will surely delight them! The Righteous Felon jerky set is a set of eight (or fourteen) jerkies of different flavors. Superb gift for dads.

Rich Candies and Snacks to Munch On

Edible Gifts That Begin With The Letter R

Snacking is one of the favorite past times of many. Not only because it gives us instant gratification but it’s also a way to bring close friends and loved ones nearby. Candies and snacks to munch are mostly the favored munchies of all time so in order to let your loved ones indulge in these favorites, this coming holiday season why not fill their stockings with candies and snacks to munch on. See our listing of our hand-picked favorites from the selections below for you.

Relatively Strong Mints

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Do you relatively like Einstein? Then you will relatively like the Relatively String Mints by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild! These mints relatively taste good and should be eaten after every meal!

Raccoon Shit Chocolates

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Do not worry! This is not real raccoon shit, this is chocolate! This would be a great gag gift for anyone who appreciates a good laugh.

Rocky Candies on a Stick

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Don’t these look gorgeous? These rock candies on a stick are just plain rock candies made to look pretty for parties and gatherings. The fab little candies will make awesome edible stocking stuffers for kids!

Raspberry Licorice

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This raspberry licorice is not like other chewy licorice. These are soft and easy to eat, making them a good gift for older persons and for children!


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Those who lived in the ’60s will love Razzles. Nostalgia. Those who watched the movie 13 Going on 30 will also recognize this candy. Remember, first it is a candy, then it is a gum!


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This cute little lollipop comes in a cool rattler-shaped casing, hence the name, Ratterz! This is an awesome idea to be given away to children at parties. You can also include these in stocking stuffers!


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Runts candies! These fruit-shaped candies taste like the fruit they took the shape of (obviously). Nothing much about Runts can be said, except that they are notoriously delicious and addictive.

Red Hots

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Amazing! These are spicy candies that taste like cinnamon. Those who are used to tasting cinnamon as sweet will be surprised! If you know someone who likes their food hot, then this would be an amazing gift.

Reindeer Nuts Snack

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This funny sack of nuts (pun intended) is just a pack of mixed nuts. They are quite spicy, though, so it is not for everyone. People who love spicy nuts will love it, though, along with the funny label.

Radiant Toys to Play With

Kids are the most excited for this holiday season because they are well aware that they are the topmost recipients of gifts this holiday season. And as we all know, their wish list does have numerous items listed and usually the top ranking on their list are toys to play with. If you are not into kids or not aware of the latest craze of toys for the kids then you need to worry no more since we have gathered the top finds of toys to play with for the kids on your gift-giving list.

Rubik's Cube

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There came a time when the Rubik’s cube has taken the world by storm.  We can simply see in every corner that there’s a child or even an adult playing this mysterious cube and can take long hours of endless play trying to solve this puzzle.  For someone who has a passion for solving Rubik’s cubes, there would be no other gifts that could counter a Rubik’s cube.  With the Rubik’s cube, one can enjoy solving analytical problems, or even challenge oneself and beat one’s time in solving the cube.


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These cute little unicorns are so funny! Whenever you press their button and say something, they say it back in a squeaky, tiny voice! Cool gift for young girls. They will definitely find these toys entertaining.

Rubber Chicken

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These rubber chickens are meant to annoy! It is so loud and quite obnoxious which makes it the perfect gift idea for those who love pranks.

Realistic Rubber Snake

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Another great gift idea for pranksters! These rubber snakes are not kidding, they do look like the real thing! Another good use for these is adding these into the vegetable garden or fruit trees. Watch the birds get spooked, so you can finally get whole produce for yourself!

Rainbow Gyroscopes

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These spin on the stand in a way they might fall, but don’t! It is the magic of physics!

Russian Nesting Dolls

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These are cool! The Russian Nesting Dolls are little dolls that have identical copies of themselves inside, who have more identical copies inside, and so on! Russian nesting dolls make a cool traditional gift for little girls.

Robot Dinosaur Action Figure

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These dinos turn into robots with a few adjustments! If you are looking for gifts that begin with the letter R for little boys, then robot dinosaurs will be a great hit!

Readable Books for Kids

Children’s Gifts That Begin With The Letter R

Books are one of the great gifts that you can give to kids this coming holiday season. We as adults should encourage the little ones to read and use their time wisely by reading books. We have prepared great books to read for the little ones up to the teenagers. Check out our favorite books for kids to read on the list below for your reference.

She may have very long locks and this worked for the prince. Let your little ones enjoy the astounding story of Rapunzel and be mesmerized by the turnout of events.


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This book is about the beauty of rain and the colors that it brings when it happens.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

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This board book will certainly catch the attention of your pre-schooler!

Rain Reign

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This is a homonyms-filled book that your kids will surely enjoy reading!

Rattletrap Car

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This is a fun-filled book with silly rhymes that will entertain the kids.

Red Riding Hood

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This is the story of red riding hood as told in a goofy fashion that will make kids laugh and enjoy the story even more.

Red Sky in the Morning

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This is a feel-good story about coping up with the family.

Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth!

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Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth! is an interesting story about a rabbit named Roselyn.


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This is an all-time favorite story with great illustrations that will keep your young ones posted and wait until the reading finishes.

Relevant Books for Young Adults and Grownups

Alone time is such a very rewarding time for some although it would only mean few minutes or even an hour. Most of us do take this time to catch up on our reading. If you have a significant other who is a book lover then a best-selling book would certainly top your recipient’s wish list for this holiday season. We have listed the most sought-after book gifts that begin with the letter R in the list seen below.

Rain Must Fall

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This book is a zombie-themed story with a twist of romance that your teenager would love to read.

Red Shift

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Imagine the people living around you whom you are living within a parallel universe. This book is as interesting as that concept and will keep your little curious teenager reading some more.

Radical Evolution

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This non-fiction book is an insight on how tech has affected our lives in a positive way and how it improved us as a species.

R is for Ricochet

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Another one from Sue Grafton! Ricochet tells the story of Kinsey Milhone and her fate getting intertwined with a lady of privilege and her dirty laundry after getting parole from jail.

Reliable Electronics, Gadgets and Hobbies

Electronics: Technology is a friend for us all since it has given us such progress and lightened up our workload. It does not take a tech-savvy person to love some gadgets and electronics since this stuff is already considered one of the necessities of our time. If you are looking for some gadgets, electronics, or accessories to give this coming holiday season then you need to check out our highly suggested items under this category from the list below.

Hobbies: Hobbies are not just time killers for some these hobbies are great for enhancing one’s skills and even encourage to gain more knowledge on the acquired skills that we have. If you have some relatives or friends that have certain hobbies that you would like to support then you need to check out our listed items of tools or hobbies that would be very useful for your recipient. See them all below for your reference.

RAT PRO Gaming Mouse

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For serious gamers, there is RAT PRO gaming mouse! This mouse looks like it came from the future with its transformers-like design. This gaming mouse makes the movements super accurate which we know is super important for lots of high0adrenaline games, like DOTa!

Reese's Candy Airpod Case

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Too cute to not have! Reese’s Candy Airpods case is… you guessed it, an airpods casing disguised as candy. This is great for the techy, geeky ones, especially those who like sweets.


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RESQ Me is a keychain that can shatter any glass! This is meant to let you escape any car without any effort at all, in case you get trapped inside for whatever reason. Aside from cars, it can shatter windows, too. Just about any glass, really.

RipStik Brights Caster Board

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These are what one would call “snake boards” from what I came from because you would have to mimic how a snake moves in order to move, but these are really called caster boards in the US. When it comes to caster boards, RipStik is one of the bigger brands to look out for and since this brand begins with the letter R, give them this!

Roku Streaming Stick

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This nifty little dongle will catch the streams of your favorite… er streamers so you can enjoy them anywhere in the house, even if it is far away from the router! A cool device that is a perfect gift for those who own a large house.

Resistance Bands

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If Covid taught us one thing, it is that we do not need special equipment to do our jobs, exercise, and entertain ourselves at home. For exercising at home, one can replace weights with resistance bands. These bands replicate the weights, without the danger of it shattering the home flooring. Perfect for the fitness buffs out there!

Robust Gifts Around the House and Garden

Looking for useful gifts that begin with the letter R? You can look around the house and get inspiration. Here are some examples!

Rice Cooker

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Rice is delicious and rice is life! If you have been to an Asian home, you will see that rice cookers are present in the kitchen because they value rice so much.

On the other hand, caucasians who love rice and have no rice cookers are quite an anomaly, so if they are missing one in their home, get them this rice cooker to avoid burning, undercooking, or mismeasuring water when cooking rice. Oh, and to avoid the ire of Uncle Roger.

Rotating Pizza Maker

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Got someone who loves pizza? Then this pizza oven, which I may add, looks so unique, is a great gift idea. It rotates while cooking the pizza, ensuring even cooking. The design actually saves electricity, by around 60%

Rhino Knife Sharpener Set

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This rhino knife sharpener set lets you keep sharp knives and keep a cute countertop when it is not in use. I mean look at it, it’s just too adorable! This is perfect for your geeky little animal-themed kitchen, don’t you think!?

Rainbow Kitchen Knife Set

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These look like what a unicorn’s kitchen would have! You have the rhino knife sharpener, you can also give an interesting knife set, like this! This will definitely wow the recipient. It is just so unique!

Rainbow Measuring Cup and Spoons Set

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If you liked the rainbow knives from above, you can also get the rainbow measuring cups and spoons set. like the knife set, these look just so unique, for one of a kind kitchen.

Route 66 Sign

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This makes a great accent to any room or garage! The rustic design and the fact that it is a road-themed sign make it very masculine. Great gift for teen guys!


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A handy dandy robot that cleans the house without getting tired or complaining! The vacuum robot even tucks itself away to recharge when it is done cleaning up the floor. Smart enough to stop falling down the stairs, too!

Rooster Novelty Lamp

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This fun unique rooster lamp can become a gag gift or a nice little farm decoration, however the recipient likes it!

Rabbit Garden Decor

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WHat a super nice garden decoration! This cute rabbit sits on a turtle and holds an umbrella. It also has solar-powered string lights, so they are as funcitonal as they are cute. Perfect housewarming gifts, as well as something you can keep for yourself.

Rooster Garden Decor

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This rooster garden decor is something you can give to someone who likes animals in the garden but HOA does not want them. Cute and quite realistic from afar.

Ravishing Fashion and Accessories

Fashion and accessories are a great gift idea if you know their style and what they love. Here are some ideas.

Revlon Makeup Kit

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Having a beautiful face may all be attributed to our genes but you can make your face look glam and more attractive by putting on fine makeup such as Revlon. With Revlon makeup, you are assured that it is safe to use and doesn’t have paraben that could harm your skin. You can choose the right shade of lipstick or eye shadow that would work best to suit the complexion of your recipient.

Retro Apron

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If you have seen the pinup posters of the ’50s and ’60s, then I am sure you have seen retry-style aprons like these. These are perfect for those who appreciate old art and cook in the kitchen.

R Necklace

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If you are gifting alphabet letters, then letter jewelry must be the most perfect! Take this letter R necklace for example. The cursive style must be perfect for young women!

Ruby Ring

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A great gemstone that begins with the letter R is ruby. A ruby ring would be a great gift idea. Ruby is also the birthstone of July, so it is also a great gift if your giftee is also born in the month of July.

Ruby Cufflinks

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If men would wear gemstones, it would probably be on a cufflink! Cufflinks make dressy attires even dressier and more elegant! If he is a dude who wears formal clothes quite often, cufflinks can get him started on his jewelry collection!

Rabbit Types Shirt

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IF you are looking for a kawaii gift, then this rabbit types shirt is a great gift idea! This would be a great gift idea for veterinarians, especially those who specialize in rabbits and bunnies.

Rooster Pun Shirt

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Zero Clucks Given! Genius!

This rooster pun shirt is something a man with a sense of humor would wear! The rooster wearing a shades is a nice touch too!

Other Gifts That Begin with the Letter P

Here are some more gifts that begin with the letter R but we could not fit somewhere else!

Rachel Getting Married

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How about a movie? Rachel Getting Married would be a great fit.

You can enjoy this holiday season by getting some warm drinks and nice company while enjoying some great films to watch. Your favorite movie buddy would be more than delighted to receive some movies to watch this coming holiday season as a gift to make up for the time lost and the movies missed throughout the year. We have prepared some all-time favorites from the past and present of the films to watch on your movie marathon this holiday season.


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For someone who seems to have everything in life, it may be difficult to think of the perfect gift to give. For people who seem to have everything on your list, we do suggest for you give a charming rose as a gift. A rose can brighten up someone’s day as it is a universal gift as a form of endearment with the color of the rose as a sign of your intention. Red roses signify love while yellow signifies friendship and white as purity or even a sign that you are mourning with the recipient. Gifting the color of the rose depends on the occasion and the recipient that you would give the rose to.

Rainbow Poop Emoji Stress Ball

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This is a funny stress ball that will make you laugh and relieve a bit of stress from the challenges of the office. This could become a nice conversation started at the office, too!

This Set of Gifts That Begin with the Letter R is a Part of Our Alphabet Series!

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